I love stories where moms overcome great odds to have amazing births!  So when I read this birth story of The Crafty Work at Home Momma I knew I had to share it!

She was planning a VBA2c (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans) and had found a supportive care provider and a supportive hospital, hired a doula and prepared with Hypnobabies.  Well her doula was looking for typical benchmarks in determining how far along mom was (looking for discomfort, etc) and mom was much further along then she thought.  When mom needed to push before leaving for the hospital, they realized they would never make it to the VBAC supportive hospital (30 minutes away) so they had to divert to the VBAC banned hospital.

Well, she managed to have an awesome un-medicated vaginal birth there!  Horray for her!

Please go read her story, it is very inspirational!