Hypnobabies Helps Expectant Mom to Avoid a “Pain in the Butt”
Thanks to Gloria a mom from the Moms Forum for sharing her experience with us.

Hey there Hypnomoms! 

I just have to share some exciting news with you all.  I get weekly injections of progesterone which are p**nful. The liquid being injected is a gel. These injections are applied intramuscular (on my buttocks). Every week the injection site alternates. Since starting these injections I have noticed that the left buttock hurts more than the right.

I usually dread those days…until Hypnobabies and the finger-drop technique as well as the Peace cue. I used my finger-drop technique today and my Peace cue and it was painless. I felt the injection but there was no pain associated with it. If I started to feel slight pain I would just say the word “Peace” and instantly the mild discomfort subsided.


If ever I had doubt on if this actually works….I can clearly say that all doubt is GONE.