I had a slightly similar experience that was SO COOL for me.  I’ve  always struggled with fear and often have nightmares where someone (usually with a very evil feeling) is trying to scare me out of my mind.  Well, during the late stages of my last pregnancy I did a lot of  listening to Hypnobabies scripts while falling asleep at night and one night during one of these dreams, I suddenly said to myself, “This is stupid!  I don’t have to take this anymore.”  And I woke up. 

I didn’t feel scared or creepy like I usually do after waking up from one of those dreams.  As I got up to go to the bathroom I said over and over, “I am not a victim!  I am not afraid!”  LOL!  I realized then that it is my choice as to whether or not I let myself be a victim.  I totally credit the Hypnobabies scripts and affirmations getting into my consious and subconsious mind giving me this empowering change of attitude.  I haven’t had another dream like that since this experience.  Hypnobabies has made me a more confident woman in lots of other areas.  How’s that for a great side benefit??