Hypnobabies Class Enrollment Info

Welcome to our Hypnobabies Class Enrollment information page – we’re so glad that you have chosen to attend a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis class! Please read the  information below, and when you’re ready you can click on the Hypnobabies Class Enrollment link below and complete your online enrollment. If you have any questions, please contact us at 714-894-BABY, or contact your Hypnobabies Instructor.

I understand that the Hypnobabies Class I am enrolling in is 6 weeks long, I will attend only one class per week and I should attend all 6 Hypnobabies classes for me to attain the full benefits.

I understand that Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course and there is no need for Hypnobabies students to take any other childbirth classes.

I understand that hypnosis is generally not recommended for people with a history of mental disorders such as psychosis, certain mood disorders, or seizures and that if I or my birth partner have a history of any of these medical or mental issues, I should not undergo hypnosis without first talking to my mental health care professional or physician and acquiring his/her approval.

I understand that I (and my birth partner) will learn self-hypnosis sessions in each Hypnobabies class and that there will be additional hypnosis script practice for us to do as a couple during the week at home. There is also daily individual hypnosis practice for me (the pregnant student) to complete as well as reading homework.

I understand that after my Hypnobabies course is over, I will continue on a Hypnobabies maintenance routine of one main Hypnobabies hypnosis script or one Hypnobabies hypnosis audio track per day until my baby is born, so that my Hypnobabies hypnosis comfort techniques will be more likely to remain deeply within my inner mind.

I hereby state that I am enrolling in the Hypnobabies Hypnobirthing Course of my own free will and with the understanding that this is a program designed to teach me to use my own natural abilities to bring my mind and body into a state of hypnosis and relaxation.

I further understand that the content of these classes and materials is in no way intended to be represented as medical advice nor as a prescription for medical procedure. I am aware that I should seek the advice of a medical doctor or midwife to answer any health-related or pregnancy-related issues surrounding my pregnancy, my labor, or my delivery.

I also understand that neither my Hypnobabies instructor nor Hypnobabies Inc. can guarantee a specific outcome for any Hypnobabies student’s birth. I understand that my Hypnobabies Instructor will educate me with the Hypnobabies Hypnobirthing method , which has success in easier, more comfortable birth outcomes, but because complications occasionally occur and each situation is different, they cannot promise any birthing couple a drug-free, pain-free natural birth.

I therefore agree that I will in no way hold the instructor of my Hypnobabies Hypnobirthing Course, or Hypnobabies Inc., its owner or its representatives, responsible for any complications that could arise regarding my pregnancy, labor or the delivery of my child; and I agree that neither I nor any member of my family will make any claim or initiate any suit against any of the above-named parties now or at any time in the future.

COVID-19 WAIVER, for Hypnobabies students attending a “live”, in person Hypnobabies class or class series:

I acknowledge the contagious nature of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, its variants and subvariants.

I further acknowledge that neither my Hypnobabies instructor nor Hypnobabies Inc. can guarantee that I will not become infected with the Coronavirus/Covid-19 while attending a Hypnobabies class in person. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 may result from me/us attending this in person Hypnobabies class.

I further acknowledge that in attending this Hypnobabies class or class series in person, I do so completely voluntarily, and acknowledge that I may be increasing my and my family’s risk to exposure to the Coronavirus/COVID-19, its variants and subvariants, as well as other illnesses.

I fully understand that it is my Hypnobabies Instructor’s decision whether to require Hypnobabies students – me/us to wear a face mask while attending their Hypnobabies classes in person, and that I/we will wear one if asked to by my instructor. I take full responsibility for these decisions/actions, and I understand that Hypnobabies Inc. and its representatives takes no responsibility or liability.

I attest that: For at least 3 days before I attend any Hypnobabies class of any kind:

* Neither I nor any of my family members will have been experiencing any symptom of illness such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.

* Neither I nor any of my family members will have traveled internationally within the past 14 days.

* Neither I nor any of my family members will have traveled to a highly impacted area within the United States of America within the past 14 days.

* Neither I nor any of my family members will have been exposed to someone with a suspected and/or confirmed case of the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

* Neither I nor any of my family members will have been diagnosed with Coronavirus/Covid-19 and not yet cleared as non-contagious by state or local public health authorities.

* I understand that I cannot attend a Hypnobabies class in person if any of the above has been experienced by me or any of my family, and I will be required to attend remotely to protect my fellow students and my instructor.

* I am following all CDC recommended guidelines as much as possible and limiting my exposure to the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

I hereby release and agree to hold Hypnobabies Inc. and its representatives harmless from, and waive on behalf of myself, my heirs, and any personal representatives any and all causes of action, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses and compensation for damage or loss to myself and/or property that may be caused by any act, or failure to act of Hypnobabies Inc. and its representatives, or that may otherwise arise in any way in connection with MY attending Hypnobabies classes in person. I understand that this release discharges Hypnobabies Inc. and its representatives from any liability or claim that I, my heirs, or any personal representatives may have against Hypnobabies Inc. and it representatives with respect to any bodily injury, illness, death, medical treatment, or property damage that may arise from, or in connection to MY choice to attend Hypnobabies classes in person. This liability waiver and release extends to Hypnobabies Inc. with all owners, partners, representatives, and employees.

Please note: by clicking below, you are signifying that you have read, understood, and fully agree with the information above.

Ready to enroll in your Hypnobabies class? Please click on the Hypnobabies-Classes enrollment link below and it will take you to your online enrollment forms. You will need the following information ready for your online enrollment:

  1. Your Hypnobabies Instructor’s FULL name and e-mail address
  2. Your FULL Name and e-mail address
  3. Your Birth Partner’s FULL name and e-mail address
  4. The date that your Hypnobabies class starts

Please remember that all Hypnobabies pregnant students and their Birth Partners will fill out online class enrollment forms, and you’ll both need to follow the directions for your electronic signing. Once you’ve both completed signing your forms online, we can forward it on to your Hypnobabies Instructor who will complete the enrollment process with you.

Enjoy your Hypnobabies class!

Pregnant Student ONLY: Click here to complete your Hypnobabies Class Pregnant Student’s Enrollment Form

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