Welcome to our Hypnobabies Class Enrollment information page – we’re so glad that you have chosen to attend a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis class! Feel free to watch our short video and/or read the additional information below, and when you’re ready you can click on the Hypnobabies Class Enrollment link below and complete your online enrollment. If you have any questions, please contact us at 714-894-BABY, or contact your Hypnobabies Instructor.

What IS Hypnobabies?

Hypnobabies is a 6 week complete childbirth education course, covering Nutrition, Prenatal Exercise, Staying Healthy and Low Risk, Birth Plans, Comfort in Pregnancy, Consumer issues (Birthing Choices), New Baby Care and much more.

Instead of doing patterned breathing or simple relaxation exercises, our pregnant Hypno-students and their Birth Partners learn self-hypnosis sessions in class so that they can work towards enjoying an easier, more comfortable birth.

We do a different hypnosis session in most of our 6 classes, and each hypno-couple takes home a modified script of that same session to work with, learning a new part of the program each week for 6 weeks.

How long is the class?

All Hypnobabies Classes are 6 weeks long, one class per week, 3 – 3½ hours each class, and can only be taught by certified Hypnobabies Instructors.

Hypnobabies Practice

Working together on scripts is fun and relaxing and gives you both an opportunity to do something very positive together towards having a wonderful birthing.

You, as the pregnant student get to relax in a comfortable position while your birth partner reads positive messages about childbirth to you with soft music on in the background. Easy!

You also get to listen to a special audio track each week on the alternate days by yourself, and this allows you to have some time to yourself at least every other day to relax and feel great.

There is also daily individual brief hypnosis practice for you to complete and some reading homework for you and your Birth Partner each week.

What should I expect?

After the course is over, you’ll continue on a Hypnobabies maintenance routine of one script or one audio track per day until your baby is born, so that the messages will stay firmly embedded in your inner mind, and then your Hypnobabies techniques will be right there for you when you give birth.

You’ll need about 45 -55 minutes a day for your maintenance practice.

Hypnobabies Class Materials

The materials you will receive in Hypnobabies Class are: Your Hypnobabies Workbook, your Home-Play/Scripts booklet, 20 MP3 audio tracks for the pregnant student, your Quick Reference Guide, your Birth Partner’s Guide, the Birth Partner’s audio track MP3 download, and many important handouts.

Please note:

Please be aware that while we very much respect differences in personal needs, we do not accept Hypnobabies students who are also taking another form of childbirth education course. Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course and no other education is necessary.

In addition, the pain-coping philosophies of the other courses are in direct conflict with the belief system our Hypnobabies students need to create an easier and more comfortable hypnotic birth. Our Hypno-students who have fully embraced Hypnobabies without confusing or conflicting information and techniques have enjoyed the easiest births.

They have understood and immersed themselves in our Hypnobabies philosophy that with the best “hypno-tools” your mind and body can work together to create your comfortable Hypnobabies birth experience and there will be no need for any other methods’ “pain-coping”. The childbirth education, deep hypnosis and relaxation skills you learn in Hypnobabies are all that you will ever need.

If you have any questions about our policy, please see the article link, “Why only Hypnobabies?” below for more information

Why ONLY Hypnobabies

Unfortunately, although (hospital-type or generic) prepared childbirth classes usually teach an excellent amount of the basics about “labor and delivery”, they also generally provide fewer comfort techniques than are needed for natural childbirth birthers. They can also focus on the benefits and ease of procurement of medical “labor pain-relief” such as drugs and epidurals, which can be very detrimental for a Hypnobabies student and her Birth Partner to hear throughout the childbirth series. The videos shown can also provide messages and imagery that is in direct conflict with the goals of having an unmedicated, easier and more comfortable Hypnobabies birth. (See below for more information on visual programming.)
In addition, all natural childbirth classes show videos depicting unmedicated (non-hypnosis) people journeying through labor in whatever way they can; moaning, crying, etc. due to the pain they are experiencing. For most Hypnobabies students, this can be very frightening and the images shown remain visually imprinted as an example for an expectant person’s inner mind of what childbirth is. These imprints can be brought forth into the conscious mind every time expectant people think of childbirth after that, as well as *programming the inner mind* for that same birthing scenario. The same is true of the “birth” shows on TLC’s Baby Story, etc.

Anytime we are watching a screen of any kind; TV, movies, computer screen etc., we are *in hypnosis* and these images become a part of our inner programming about that subject matter. In the case of these negative shows and videos about childbirth, the negative messages of painful labor and drugged, induced, C-sectioned people in childbirth that are becoming imprinted can have a serious effect on *anyone* who is pregnant’s confidence level and belief system about having an easier and more comfortable birthing, which is why Hypnobabies students are using a hypnotic childbirth program in the first place. Which brings us to this:

2)   The philosophies of other childbirth classes can be very much in opposition to Hypnobabies, which means that expectant hypno-students can have an extremely challenging time maintaining their positive belief systems about childbirth. Childbirth hypnosis success is all about belief systems, so when there is a conflict about what to believe, the older and more ingrained philosophies easily become dominant.

Belief system # 1 – Hypnobabies: Childbirth is a normal event and can actually be easy, comfortable and empowering by learning, practicing and using Hypnobabies self-hypnosis techniques.

Belief system # 2 – Other programs: Childbirth is inevitably and inherently painful, and ”pain-management” techniques are necessary for the pain our students will undoubtedly have.

Because of the way our minds work, in belief system # 2,  the “pain-coping” techniques and constant mention of the word, “pain” along with the videos shown can actually *program an expectant person* that not only will there will be pain, there may be a great deal of it. In addition, they learn in class that they need to “accept the pain”, “make pain your friend”, think of it as “positive pain”, “pain with a purpose”, and learn to cope with it. Some (non-Hypnobabies) childbirth educators make “accepting the inevitable pain of childbirth” a main focus of their classes. Although these childbirth education classes may have some excellent qualities, that cannot and does not make up for *training* women to experience pain and ”cope” with it as best they can. The subconscious is always listening and taking all messages literally.

Example: The Bradley Method; an excellent childbirth class – students will receive an invaluable education in natural childbirth, pregnancy nutrition, prenatal exercises, consumer issues, staying healthy and low risk, etc. There are also many “pain with a purpose” messages that need to be avoided by all expectant people who want a natural birth since the inner mind accepts this message as a “Catch-22”: In order to get your prize (your sweet baby), there needs to be, and will be, a fair amount pain! This is just not true for most Hypnobabies students, and they need to avoid that kind of programming.

The Bradley Method breathing and relaxation techniques are excellent for “avoiding unnecessary pain”. They are however, very limited compared to using our Hypnobabies repetitive, somnambulistic, medical-grade, deeply absorbed by the subconscious mind hypnosis techniques which can greatly help to lessen and sometimes eliminate discomfort and fear during childbirth. It is Hypnobabies’ Hypno-anesthesia which creates comfortable birthing sensations and an automatic deep relaxation going light years beyond any other method, (when practiced daily and as directed).

Those who wonder if they will miss out on some of the deep relaxation techniques in the Bradley Method or other classes simply don’t yet understand that there is no deeper relaxation possible than the deep state of hypnosis that practiced often in Hypnobabies. Or that this hypnosis actually “re-trains” the inner mind and becomes a part of our Hypno-students’ inner programming and therefore an *automatic* response from the inside out, when it is needed most – during their baby’s birth. The added benefits of Hypnobabies’ very successful somnambulistic hypnosis techniques which can also help to eliminate pregnancy discomfort, fear, nausea, backache, insomnia, pre-term bleeding, etc. make Hypnobabies such a wonderfully advanced choice.

Childbirth Education: There is no need to take any other kind of class or course for childbirth education since Hypnobabies is a 6 week complete childbirth education course. We cover Nutrition, Prenatal Exercise, Staying Healthy and Safe, Comfort in Pregnancy, Birth Plans, Consumer issues (3 classes on Birthing Choices), All Stages of Birthing, Optimum Baby Positioning, Abdominal Lifting, Positional Comfort Techniques, Breastfeeding, Postpartum and New Baby Care and much more!

Important Hypnosis Information:

Hypnosis is generally not recommended for people with a history of mental disorders such as psychosis, certain mood disorders, or seizures.

If you or your Birth Partner (since they will be experiencing hypnosis too) have a history of any of these medical or mental issues, you should not undergo hypnosis without first talking to your mental health care professional or physician and acquiring his/her approval.

Ready to enroll in your Hypnobabies class? Please click on the Hypnobabies-Classes enrollment link below and it will take you to your online enrollment form. You will need the following information ready for your online enrollment:

  1. Your FULL Name and e-mail address
  2. Your Birth Partner’s FULL name and e-mail address
  3. Your Hypnobabies Instructor’s FULL name and e-mail address
  4. The date that your Hypnobabies class starts

You and your Birth Partner will receive separate e-mails regarding your online class enrollment and you’ll both need to follow the directions for your electronic signing. Once you’ve both completed signing the form online, we can forward it on to your Hypnobabies Instructor who will complete the enrollment process with you.

Enjoy your Hypnobabies class!