Hypnobabies Birth Story: Sage Corinne

“I was so grateful for Hypnobabies. We had been visualizing an easy, uncomplicated and fast birth and that’s exactly what we got!”

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“Sage Corinne was born on March 30 at 12:30pm! It was such an incredible experience for both me and Craig. I was so grateful for Hypnobabies. We had been visualizing an easy, uncomplicated and fast birth and that’s exactly what we got! My water had broken Saturday afternoon, although I wasn’t really sure that’s what had happened because it was such a
slow trickle. But by 8 pm, the practice waves I had been having all week started to take on a more consistent pattern that felt different. I listened to the deepening track and the fear clearing track that night before going to bed early at 9:30. I slept great! The pressure waves woke me up once or twice, but I was never too uncomfortable.

By 5 am I started to think the waves were slightly more intense and close to 5 minutes apart, but I still waited until 6:30 to call the doctor. When I called, she thought it would be a good idea to come in. So we woke the kids up, made a big breakfast of eggs and waffles, and got everyone showered and ready to go. By the time everyone was brushing their teeth, I knew I needed to get into a state of hypnosis pretty quickly! We left the house at 8:30 and I dropped my finger in the car as we listened to the birthing day affirmations all the way to the kids’ mother’s house and then to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 9:30 and I Craig held me as I rocked back and forth in the hall waiting for our room. When we got to our room, I spent most of the time kneeling on a couch rocking side to side while Craig gently stroked my lower back and reminded me about the hypnoanesthesia running through me. My doctor came to check on me at 11:30, told me I had dilated to 7 cm, and that she would be back in 2 hours, but I knew it wouldn’t be that long.

At noon I told Craig, “it’s soon!” And he ran to get the doctors. I felt the urge to push almost as soon as she came in, and I pushed for a little while on my hands and knees. Craig kept giving me sips of water and stroking my lower back. Then, my doctor asked if I would like to try pushing on my side because my arms were shaking. So I tried it, and pushed one more set of pushes and Sage was born! It was so awesome! I had no tearing and no desire for an epidural at any point. It was picture perfect. Thank you so much!”