I have posted many, many Hypnobabies Birth Stories here.  I think this is the first one I have posted from the Midwife’s point of view.

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  • I read a birth story once, written by a midwife about a Hypnobabies couple. But now for the life of me, I can’t remember where I found it.

    The midwife was impressed by the incredibly detailed course that Hypnobabies has. That it doesn’t set moms up for a fall because they didn’t “do it right” or “try hard enough”. She was nervous at first for this couple because she didn’t realize.

    When the couple’s water broke, they let her know what they would be doing and she was SHOCKED they even knew they could. She said they were (the first?) couple that she didn’t have to let them know what to do and not do.

    I’m going to have to try to find it… maybe it was on here?

  • Thanks!