“Flippy” Baby Turns and is Born Vaginally Easily with Hypnobabies

“Flippy” Baby Turns and is Born Vaginally Easily with Hypnobabies


Hi Hypno-Moms!

Alexandra Addison was born at 11pm on June 29th, she weighed 7#11oz and was 19 inches long.

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Here are some brief details:

Baby was breech until 37 weeks (after doing lots of tricks from spinningbabies.com, she flipped) At 39 weeks she flipped back to breech.

So, the doctors were very nervous about me walking around full term with a breech baby. With much persuasion they agreed to let me wait until 39 wks + 5 days before taking any action.

We scheduled an ECV to be followed by induction on 6/29. With help from a midwife, the dr was able to turn baby. I listened to my Hypnobabies “Turn Your Breech Baby” track the entire time and …

visualized baby in ideal position. It worked! 

One hour later, pitocin was started. I had started having pressure waves that morning on my own but nothing very strong or consistent enough. One hour and a half after Pit started, my water broke on its own. After that, I had some very powerful pressure waves. Even though I was hooked up to IVs for antibiotics (group B strep) and pitocin, I was able to move around a bit and change positions. I rocked in a rocking chair, rested on a birthing ball, slow danced with my husband.

Only 5 hours later when I felt PWs increasing I lied on bed on my right side. I felt the urge to push but we needed to wait for the Dr.

My husband put in the pushing track, Dr arrived and Alexandra was out with 3 easy “Aahs”

I can’t say enough about how the Hypnobabies tracks helped. The mind is a powerful thing. I listened to Hypnobabies’ Hypnotic childbirth #1 and #2, Birthing Day affirmations and Easy Childbirth etc. I kept thinking “open, open” with every pressure wave.

I am so happy I used Hypnobabies.