First Time Mom’s Amazing Hypnobabies Birth

First Time Mom’s Amazing Hypnobabies Birth. New family at birth center

First Time Mom’s Amazing Hypnobabies Birth

“I was able to have the amazing birthing experience I had dreamed of due to Hypnobabies. It was so peaceful, beautiful, and empowering.”

My baby is now 4 months old, but I just have to share my AMAZING birthing story. I am 22 years old first-time mom!

Couple at a birth centerI was 42+2 when baby finally decided to make her arrival. The day of her birth I listened to my affirmations on my way to dinner at my MILs house. We ate dinner then went home. About an hour after being home I was extremely sick (diarrhea) for about 2 hours, I assumed it was the pot roast lol. When I finally felt better it was around midnight and I wanted to go get something to snack on as I was in the kitchen, I felt waves of nausea coming over me and told my husband I would like to shower.

It was 12:32am at this point and while I was in the shower, I had my first birthing wave (Hypnobabies term for contraction) – I was SO excited because in my gut I just knew that’s what it was, and that baby was going to be arriving soon! I stayed in the shower for about 30 more minutes just laughing and talking with my husband about how excited we were with very mild birthing waves.First Time Mom’s Amazing Hypnobabies Birth with birth partner supporting while birthing person in tub

When I got out the waves intensified and were about 2-5 minutes apart. I called the midwife and she suggested I get some sleep (sleep??) no way! My husband laid down to watch a movie and fell asleep, so I decided to go into the living room and listen to my Birthing Day Affirmation tracks, about 20 minutes later I switched to Special Safe Place it was around 2:00am at this point- well I fell asleep listening to that track and woke up at 3:30am to my body feeling pushy!


 Pushing in the birth tubI rushed to wake my husband up and said it is time to GO! I was so disoriented from being in such a deep and peaceful sleep that I couldn’t even remember which track to play in the car- so I put on Birthing Day Affirmations again and did my Finger Drop technique (Hypnobabies technique for entering hypnosis) for the car ride (about 30mins) it was a little after 4:00am when we arrived at the birthing center I walked right in there still talking and smiling my midwife jokingly said “are you sure its time that’s a big smile!” and I said “I’m so happy to meet my baby” I told them I was ready to get into the tub due to intense birthing waves every 1-2 minutes she asked if I wanted check first to which I said was and was at 10 already!First Time Mom’s Amazing Hypnobabies Birth. Pushing on hands and knees on bed

She said I had a small lip in my cervix that needed to dissolve and just relax in the tub until my body is ready! I listened to Easy Comfortable Birth on repeat foe the next hour- I was moaning slightly but kept my breath in check and focused on relaxation. It was about 5:30am now and she came to check me again and said the lip was still there and that the water had slowed down my birthing waves so suggested I try birthing on “land” I got out and moved to the bed and my body instantly started pushing. I told my husband to switch me to Pushing Baby Out track (Hypnobabies track just for pushing) he was a nervous wreck and accidently put “Bubble of Peace” on so I just took my ear pod out and threw it on the ground feeling confident I had the tools to continue birthing without the tracks going. 45 minutes later she came out! She was stuck by the shoulders, and I could tell the midwives were nervous because she wasn’t breathing and had turned blue, but I remained calm and kept breathing and pushing baby out with each wave and breathe.

First Time Mom’s Amazing Hypnobabies Birth. New Born Baby skin to skinBaby girl was born at 6:14am on February 27th, 2022, I was able to have the birthing experience I had dreamed of due to Hypnobabies. It was so peaceful, beautiful, and empowering. Even though I did not follow all the tracks in order during birthing time nor paid attention it didn’t matter! I had been training for this and trusted myself and trusted my baby. We worked together in sync with one another. I started listening to the tracks at 34 weeks pregnant and since I was 2 weeks over, I had 8 weeks of preparation and it paid off.First Time Mom’s Amazing Hypnobabies Birth. New family at birth center