First Time Mom Victoria’s Hypnobabies Birth Center Waterbirth

Hypno-mom Victoria's newborn baby

First Time Mom Victoria’s Hypnobabies Birth Center Waterbirth

“I got in the tub on was on all fours. My body pushed again, and out popped the head. I could see it between my legs (a moment I will never forget) but didn’t see anyone around so I said, “the head!” The midwife said, “don’t worry I got it.” I pushed again.. and the baby was out! The tub was still filling up!!!”

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It was on a Saturday around 10 pm I was relaxing in bed. It was my first day of maternity leave and we had been at a wedding all day. I was feeling a lot of Braxton Hicks and just wanted to relax and start my nesting phase of pregnancy…

Then I felt a little pop down there like a balloon had burst. I felt a little liquid start to seep out so I jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. I made it just in time before a gush of water came out. My husband heard me get up and came to the bathroom and asked if I was ok … I just stared at my underwear and all I said was “I think my water broke.” He just looked down and said… “ok”. Lol!

I couldn’t believe it because it was literally my first day of maternity leave! Everyone kept telling me, “oh your first one… you’ll be late.” The first thing that came to my mind was “I don’t even have my bag packed, or snacks to take to the birth center.” So, we called the midwife… and headed to the grocery store! No joke. My husband thought I was crazy, but I knew I couldn’t trust him with the list of things I still needed.

So, at 10:30 pm I was walking around the grocery store, having occasional birthing waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions), but handling them no problem. We had plenty of time. When we got to the checkout I felt the need to sit down so I went to the car. We got home, parked, and I stepped out of the car and another gush of water came out. I remember my husband coming over to my side of the car to help me and looked down and said “wow… it’s just like the movies.” Lol!

So, we went inside and tried to settle in the for the night. We had planned the next day for his parents to come over, so he made a couple of calls to tell them my water broke. I found out much later from him that he had to calm them down a little because they were shocked as to why we weren’t headed to the hospital. We didn’t tell anybody that we were having our baby in a birth center, for that exact reason. I didn’t need any negative or concerned comments about why I should be in a hospital setting. He knew not to disturb my Bubble of Peace (Hypnobabies tool to keep negativity away). 🙂

So, the night was in and out of sleep. I played the joyful birthing affirmation track all night. I just remember going in and out of sleep with slight waves here and there. But for the most part, things were easy until about 6 am.

From 6 am to 10 am my waves progressed and got stronger and stronger. I alternated from the ball to the cat position (my favorite) to the bed (the worst place for me). I remember eating well and holding down food.

At 10 am things really started to get in gear. I remember going to the bathroom and starting to get the uncontrollable shivers. The waves were getting closer and closer, and stronger and stronger with each one. But I felt so confident in how I was doing that I didn’t think it was time to go. Even my husband thought we were good based on my demeanor. But this was our first time … so what did we know?! The midwife called at one point and because I was still able to talk she thought I still had a way to go but could come in if I wanted to. But the last thing I wanted was to make the 20 min uncomfortable drive and be told to go back. So, we stayed home.

By 11 am or 12 pm (I had no concept of time at this stage) I was feeling it! I had to get in the tub and shower myself with hot water. I was in there for about 30 min and when I got out my husband called it… waves were consistently 2-3 min apart… we were headed to the birth center. I hung out in the living room while he got the car ready. I just remember being on all fours in the living room, talking to my baby (we didn’t know the sex yet). I just kept moaning and telling my belly “I can’t wait to see you, baby, just a little longer.” 🙂

My husband called the midwife and said it was time and we were on our way. She asked how far the drive was and my husband said 23 min. The midwife chuckled. I was so focused that I didn’t have time to worry about the birthing tracks, but I knew I was handling it well. We walked down the stairs of our apartment, got in the car and made the drive, which was one of the harder parts of the day because I couldn’t move around much. But I breathed and moaned “Peace” (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) all the way there.

We beat the midwives there and had to wait at the door to let us in. I got on the table, she checked my cervix and said “ok momma, you are 9 cm!!!! Where do you wanna have this baby?” I… couldn’t… believe it! I thought I still had hours to go! In that moment, her words must’ve mentally given my body the permission it needed to let loose, because as she helped me up off the table the urge to push came. And boy did I let it out!! I scared the crap out of my husband. Up until then, I hadn’t let on that anything was uncomfortable. And to be honest, I wasn’t yelling from discomfort, it was more shock and just a natural bellowing from the urge to wanna push.

I said I wanted to be in the water so the midwife told the birth assist to get the bath going. I walked down the hall and got to the other room where they had me sit on the toilet while they got the tub ready. I got the urge again and moaned even louder. I remember my husband telling me to relax and kinda freaking out, lol! He didn’t think this was going to happen this fast. Lol!

I got in the tub on was on all fours. My body pushed again, and out popped the head. I could see it between my legs (a moment I will never forget) but didn’t see anyone around so I said, “the head!” The midwife said, “don’t worry I got it.” I pushed again.. and the baby was out! The tub was still filling up!!!

I flipped over carefully and relaxed in the hot water. The midwife placed my baby on my chest. My husband was right behind me just outside the tub saying, “oh my God… we have a baby.” We couldn’t believe what just happened. The midwife asked, “do we know if it’s a boy or girl?” I cried and chuckled and said “no!” Lol! So, she pulled the baby away from me and we saw… it was a boy!

Canaan was born. 5 lbs., 4 oz, 21 inches long. He laid there on my chest and at one point opened his eyes and looked at me, then looked at his dad, looked at me again, and closed his eyes (the second moment I will never forget). It was so precious.

To this day, I tell the story and people can’t believe it. Thank God my husband was there the whole time as a witness. He loves telling the story too and proving people wrong. Thank you Hypnobabies for this amazing program and helping women regain their belief in natural childbirth. It can be done! The mind and body are so powerful. Thank you for helping me believe in myself.