First Time Mom Tranita’s Hypnobabies Hospital Induction

First Time Mom Tranita’s Hypnobabies Hospital Induction

“On the next wave, I pushed and embraced every sensation with wonder because it wasn’t what I expected. It felt amazing!”

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Disclaimer: We did not complete class 5 or do maintenance. Did not do birth partner activities. Thought we had more time

So! Team green Turned…

Ok, let’s get to the story.

I was having Practice birth waves (Braxton Hicks) which developed into prodromal birth waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) early Sunday morning. They were like 2-4 mins apart and lasted like 30 sec. I’d been on pelvic/bed rest due to an irritable uterus for about 15 weeks and since I turned 36 weeks it has been lifted. Since I was no longer on rest, I decided that I would walk when I had the chance. My husband and I were going to stores, doing last minute pickups and throughout the entire morning, I was having those waves. I was literally stopping traffic in aisles lol the discomfort wasn’t too bad, but I did have to do some focusing. Around midafternoon they just stopped

We had some sex that night. I woke up to pee so many times I couldn’t count. Then at around 5 am Monday morning, I’d gotten back into bed after a peepee run and I don’t know if grunted or what, but fluid kind of spewed out of me. I got up to go pee again. Then I was thinking “maybe it was just leftovers from last night… I did clean things up enough…” got back into bed it was almost time to get up. My husband got up a few minutes later and so did I. I started telling him what happened and more started to leak out. I was in denial though. He asked me was I ready and I cried a little bit and said “I don’t know! ” with a rag between my legs.

Called my doctor and she wanted to confirm so she told me to come on in at 9 when the clinic opened since I had an appointment already later on that day. This is around 6 am. We started to pack things up, put stuff in the car and my husband stopped by his job until the clinic had opened. I didn’t have any pads to catch the fluid so… I used one of my baby’s cloth diaper prefolds worked like a charm.

When we got to the clinic around 10, they did my last ultrasound to make sure things were ok and took my vitals. My doctor checked my cervix. She needed a baseline to make sure I was progressing. We’d already discussed it prior to. Let’s do a flash back really quick.

I have a bunch of fibroids inside and outside of my uterus. Some had amazing blood flow, some could have potentially been in the way where baby couldn’t descend and all of them could have prevented my uterus from waving like it should in order to push baby down. My doctor did not want to do a C-section on me because of where the fibroids were. We needed a vaginal birth.

So when I came into the office and my waters were no longer intact, she knew that that check would be one of few that would be done because they did not want to put me at any more risk of infection. I was about a half cm. She sent me to the hospital and told me to use nipple stimulation/pump to induce birth waves. The next options would be Cytotec or Pitocin. Cytotec would not be an option for me. She also called the hospital and told them I was coming and to have a pro natural birth nurse waiting on me.

On the way to the hospital, we made a pit stop. See, I was supposed to have a home birth, but due to the fibroid situation, plans changed. I’d fallen in love with my midwife team, so I made sure to keep them updated and usually called them first lol she made sure to tell me to eat a high protein meal before I went in. We bought a whole rotisserie chicken, hummus and pretzels and I had some crackers. I ate a leg quarter then we still took the rest of the chicken up to our room. I was determined not to starve. That was the second-best decision of my birth. The first was choosing Hypnobabies. I’ll get to that later.

We got checked in, they wanted to hook me up to the saline lock. My doc and I had already discussed that as well. Since I had so many fibroid issues, it was important that I be ready in case I hemorrhaged and needed medicine to stop any bleeding.

My Hypnobabies came in handy. Anyone who knows me knows that hospitals, injections, blood draws and needles can have me acting a plum fool. So, I turned on my Fear Clearing track (Hypnobabies track to release any fears) and allow someone to stick me not just once (and I didn’t even look! I always look), but twice. They had to place the catheter in for the lock and then draw more blood for the lab for if I needed blood. I was quite fascinated with myself. I even told my husband he could leave me to go pick up our breast pump.

The hospital would not provide us with one to use for the purpose of induction. Third best decision I made was having that breast pump. Anyone who’s having a hospital birth, take your pump with you just in case you need it for the purpose I needed mine for. I hadn’t even opened it yet.

I was given a birth ball that really didn’t work out because it was a bit too small. But I still used it until someone was able to come change it out. I got to work pumping on and off. One at a time, 15 mins on each. I switched it up when my nurse suggested I do 15 on each then break for 30. I continued to eat when I was hungry. I drank LOTS of water.

Hypnobabies was amazing during the first stages of my birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor). I was able to sleep through birth waves multiple times listening to the tracks and would wake up rejuvenated on my own ready to pump, use the birth ball and walk the halls to help baby move down. I sat in the tub a few times and it really helped. Fell asleep there every time. My nurse made sure to remind me to relax my pelvic floor. That was one of the most difficult things to do because it involved being intentional throughout the birth waves. By the next day, I’d have it down.

I allowed the nurse to check my cervix at 8 pm Monday evening to see if I’d progressed. I was at about a 2-3 and she could feel baby’s hair. She offered to stretch the membrane, but I wasn’t ready for that. I kept doing my routine. At I think midnight she checked again, and I was at about 5-6. I allowed her to stretch my membrane to 6 (or what her fingers measured at 6). Might I also add that she allowed me to wipe with a wipe that helped minimize the transfer of any bacteria every time. My temp was also checked periodically (to monitor for infection) and baby was monitored 20 mins break 40. At one point sitting on a birth chair made baby’s heart rate drop. When my nurse changed shifts, she left me with another amazing nurse whom I’d met before.

I slept from about 6 am Tuesday, until probably 7:30-8 am. I did use a sleep mask and listened to my Hypnobabies track. Apparently, my doctor and new nurse had come to check on me and was astounded that I was asleep and let me get some rest. I woke up on my own ready to go again. Didn’t really have an appetite but I tried to eat a banana. I took another bath hoping it would help baby move down. Pumped some more and we noticed the baby’s heart rate drop with each back to back wave. I was having them, but they weren’t strong enough. I took one last hot bath then my nurse checked me around 11am and I was just at 6 fully from her finger measurements. We discussed Pitocin. The plan was to start at the lowest dosage and see what happens.

I was given the sugar water in my arm and then at 11:30 am the Pitocin Drip started. Those waves were really becoming intense. The toilet was my friend, and it was hard because I had to be unplugged from monitors in order to go to the bathroom. Two times I peed in the bed on the absorbency mat. It got harder to do that because my brain was saying no. I wasn’t comfortable on the birth ball anymore. I hated the bed and had to lower the bottom half and stay on my knees.

Pitocin was bumped to the next dosage an hour later. By this time, I was very very very very vocal. I made sure to be intentional about my facial expressions and tried my hardest to keep my tone low. Couldn’t do high pitches. I stopped listening to my Hypnobabies tracks. I instead listened to a relaxing track I’d fallen in love with on a loop. There were a few instances where my words wouldn’t form. I was still alert and aware though. I started to shake uncontrollably and felt extremely uncomfortable and my husband pulled the emergency tab in the bathroom. Nurses rushed in. By this time, I was naked naked. Clothes had become uncomfortable. They had to bring warm blankets for me.

At around 3, my nurse asked if I wanted to be checked again. I said yes. I was still at a 6, BUT this time, I was like 98% effaced. She said paper thin. I wasn’t disappointed but more so determined. I couldn’t be in that bed anymore. I wanted to walk and move. The waves were coming back to back with about a minute in Between. One of my Hypnobabies tracks has affirmations that 20 mins will feel like 5. I think that’s what was happening by this time.

My husband was a trooper. He kissed me, made me feel beautiful and sexy (even smacked me on the booty a few times- how appropriate ), tried your help me stick to Hypnobabies, pushed my hips in during pressure waves. He did an amazing job. The hip thing really helped!!!

So, it’s around 3, my nurse got the birth chair ready for me to sit on because I didn’t want the bed. It’s a stool with a hole inside. After a few waves of sitting there I felt something shift. Like to the point where I couldn’t keep quiet during a wave and my legs would work right. I couldn’t sit anymore. Kept telling myself that “it’s only temporary. It’s only Temporary.” I told my husband he needed to make me a pallet on the floor. I wanted to be on the floor extremely bad. He and the nurse made me a space close to the monitors. Within a few minutes, I was hyperventilating which caused the baby’s heart rate to drop so she told me I had to get up off of the floor and into the bed because I needed oxygen. “I can’t.” She said, “yes you can.” But I really couldn’t. I had begun to feel pressure, but I think I was questioning it because it didn’t feel like the description of having to poop. It felt like the need to push and I wasn’t telling her because I didn’t know exactly what it was. I kept losing the sensation. Then all of a sudden her and my husband picked me up (all 220 lbs) and put me in bed. She gave me the oxygen while I was starting to push.

See she’d just called the doctor to tell her that I was 6 cm, but I was effaced at 3. This all started happening at around 3:40! All of a sudden, a thousand nurses came into the room. Not students, nurses. I’m in the bed holding back grunts trying to breathe through the next waves and not push baby out like they’re saying because the doctor wasn’t there yet. I told my husband to put on the final Hypnobabies track Pushing Baby Out to push baby out. I couldn’t even hear the words. I just knew that voice. I was so alert and aware and Unafraid. I was asking questions in between waves. They asked if I wanted my head back further and I said no. I told them that it didn’t feel right in a certain position. One nurse pulled my leg up, so I was in a somewhat side laying position. My nurse could see baby’s hair and my husband was talking me through it. They called the hospitalist because my doctor wasn’t there yet. I still remained calm. She introduced herself. I already knew who she was. She had doubts. I didn’t want her, but I remained calm. Then I looked over at the door and what do ya know, my doctor suited up and ready with her jolly self. They were saying not to push, and I was trying not to. I started breathing through it. They said baby’s heart rate was dropping. I looked at the monitor and say that it was in the 80s. They were suggesting I push outside of a wave.

My words: “I’m trying to get my mind right. Hold on”

I was not about to push through without a wave although my doctor was doing perineal massaging. Baby was still in the 80s and I knew whoever I would meet would be fine.

On the next wave, I pushed and embraced every sensation with wonder because it wasn’t what I expected. It felt amazing! When I did feel the “stretching” it felt like a band aid being ripped off really quickly and that was it. I felt the head come out, then the shoulders and body and nothing hurt. I was amazed. I could do it over and over again. On October 8 at 3:58 pm, Baby came out in 1 push weighing 6 pounds, 9 oz and measuring at 20 inches long.

They put him on my chest, and we didn’t know who we were meeting at first and then my husband opened his legs and said “It’s a dingaling!” We got a Baby boy! The cord turned white pretty quickly and he was able to cut the cord.

He yelled at us for about 30 secs and then was fine. I cried because I couldn’t believe I had done it. I had a baby despite all odds against me. People doubted but I didn’t. I knew God had me. God shocked the whole floor. I didn’t have any more pressure waves because the Pitocin was stopped before pushing. My placenta wasn’t budging. I could hear doc saying that the fibroids were probably in the way. So, nurse came over to push on my belly and it released. My placenta was very small once it came out. Most likely why the cord turned white so quickly. It was A

about the size of a medium-large hand. I have a miracle baby. Those fibroids were most likely taking most of the blood supply when the placenta was forming.

He pooped on his way out. Had a head full of hair and poop lol

They pushed on my belly some more to make sure I wasn’t bleeding excessively. They could feel so many different fibroids inside of me and they all were so impressed. They left me on Pitocin just in case I did hemorrhage. I got checked every 4 hours during my 2 day stay. Made sure my uterus was going back down to size with no problem and checking my vitals. I didn’t get much sleep. My adrenaline was on 1000 after everything and I didn’t really crash until about 12 hours later. I still couldn’t rest well because I don’t like hospitals and kept waking up to check on my baby even though dad was there.

My doctor said that she wouldn’t recommend I get the fibroids removed because I’d have to get C-sections after. She also said that in the future, I’d most likely not have to get Pitocin because my uterus knows what to do now. She said I should be able to have a home birth next time!

Welcome Samuel to the world!

He is a breastfeeding baby too! Working on the latch though. Milk came in yesterday at the hospital.

****I do want to mention also that I thought I had given up on Hypnobabies when I was in the throes of Pitocin. I was stomping and hitting the bed a few times and now looking back, I see that I never really lost control like I thought I did. It wasn’t just the hypnosis that helped, it was the education as well. I did also read the recommended Ina May’s Guide to childbirth. Major help. My switch was always in the middle unless I was listening to the Deepening Your Hypnosis track (Hypnobabies track to deepen the level of hypnosis) and asleep.