First Time Mom Smiled Throughout her Birthing Time!

Our Instructors at Hypnobabies Twin Cities in Minneapolis, MN shared a birth story with us about a first time mom who smiled in between each “birthing wave” she had, and she needed a reminder to use her Hypnobabies techniques!

This mom says:  

twincities smilingmom 1
“Up until this point I was not really using much of my Hypnobabies and was sort of struggling with my waves. I kept trying different positions but nothing was very comfortable. Jason finally said to me, “Why don’t you listen to one of your Hypnobabies tracks.” So I got on my birthing ball, set up a bunch of pillows, got all situated and listened to the “Deepening Track” (my favorite one!). I did put my switch in the center position so I was able to talk to Jason and wiggle around. The track absolutely relaxed me and put me into the right mindset. I felt I was in control.”

(Editor’s Note: This is key.  In order for Hypnobabies to help you have an easier, more comfortable birth, you have to choose to USE the tools during your birthing time, just like this momma did!)

Later on in her birth story our Hypno-Mom says:

“I started getting “pushy” feelings shortly after getting into the water, around 11 am, so I got out pretty quickly, the midwife checked me (this was only the second time I was checked) and said it was time to have the baby! Jason switched my track to “Pushing Baby Out.” I didn’t have anything to play the tracks out-loud, I just stuck with my headphones. I listened to the track about 5 times, I kept saying to Jason “Babe, repeat the track” and at one point the midwife said “I really want to know what she’s listening to.” They were all very surprised at how calm I was in-between waves. I would just completely relax and drink water.I  made jokes and didn’t stop smiling when I was between my waves. I was told it is unusual to see someone still happy and relaxed in between waves once you near the end of your birthing time but I didn’t see any reason to be worked up in-between waves. That was my time to relax, drink water, prepare for the next wave and get excited because my baby was on his way!”

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