First Time Mom Nesa’s Hypnobabies Birth Center Water Birth

“The whole experience was everything I had hoped for. First time mom, relatively short birth time. No tearing. No interventions, no medication. No stress or worries. Just me, my partner and my baby riding the waves to the big moment.”

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My birth story begins on my guess date (Hypnobabies term for due date), Tuesday September 11th.
I noticed after dinner I was getting pressure waves (Hypnobabies word for contraction) that were about 20 mins apart. I knew it wasn’t much progress but thought it would be a good idea to let the birthing team and Midwives know things were happening sooner rather than “eventually”. . . 

At around 6 am, I get told to go in for a check at 8 am by my midwives. The drive there was uncomfortable, but I was listening to the hypnosis tracks and zoned out for most of the bad traffic while my significant other Jav drove. Unfortunately for us (and I totally should’ve seen it coming) my midwife Mary was counting my waves and feeling my belly while I was riding them and concluded it just wasn’t time yet. 

After we got sent home, I was very upset, so I decided to call my instructor Melanie and then listened to some more Fear Clearing (Hypnobabies hypnosis track for releasing fears), and Birthing Time Affirmations to get me calm, back in the zone, and just spending the day vegging out on the couch. . . 

Around 11 or so that night I start noticing the pressure waves getting closer and closer. . . Thinking about that morning, I just forced myself to try and ignore them, refused to time or count them (because, we don’t give birth by numbers anyway! 😋) and get some sleep, instead of getting my hopes up again. All night the discomfort got more and more annoying. Finally, at 4 am I woke up Jav and told him I couldn’t ride the waves alone anymore … I needed some more help.

We notify the midwives, head to the center in what seemed like deja vu traffic and we opt to do a cervical check around 6:30 am since they still believed I was too calm to be in my active birth time.

When my midwife Pauline said 6 cm, I cried tears of joy – because that meant we could stay!!! After some breakfast and settling into the room by putting up little affirmation posters, salt lamp, and diffuser and my relax tattoos. . . it was about 8ish am before we started walking around the building to get things moving along. I noticed once we were outside I couldn’t make it more than a few feet before I felt another wave. Jav helped me through each one by using the Relax cue (Hypnobabies cues for deepening hypnosis) and physically swaying my hips through the waves. 

By the time we got back to the entrance of the building the hot Florida sun had really worn me out. . . We had every intention of walking another lap around the building after cooling off in the room. But by this point it was maybe 10 a.m. and the waves were coming in strong. Jav was right there with me being the best birth partner ever. He was very encouraging and due to lack of time, he was never able to get the scripts out, but he improvised beautifully using every tool we learned that he could think of every few minutes. The “Relax and Release” cues were my favorites. After we figured out my groove, time just flew! My waters gave way at 11:45 a.m. while sitting backwards on the toilet and they started filling the tub right away. I got in close to 12:30 PM and remember worrying about the rest of my birthing team not making it in time.

The final stage was the only time I started to feel out of focus and control. By this time Jav and I were both too concentrated with each other to fiddle with his phone for the tracks and all my sister could do was replay the track that just has the hypnosis music but no words . . . The crowning felt like a stinging sensation as my perineum was stretching and the midwives kept telling me to reach down and feel the head, all I wanted though was for them to let me concentrate.

My doula Debbie, realized I was in a calm zone but needed a little extra motivation and jokingly asked if I wanted to listen to Diana Ross “I’m coming out.” I over enthusiastically agreed, and it seems Baby Ivan needed the extra fanfare because he officially decided to join the party about a minute into the song at 1:50pm on Sept 13.

I truly truly believe with the education of Hypnobabies, our instructor Melanie Valle, and the giant support team I wanted . . . I was able to enjoy the birth of my first born, the way I always imagined it. The whole experience was everything I had hoped for. First time mom, relatively short birth time. No tearing. No interventions, no medication. No stress or worries. Just me, my partner and my baby riding the waves to the big moment. I later, upon reflection, realized the birth center was actually my safe space because that’s exactly where I wanted to be for the birth of my baby. I kinda feel like a fanatic when I talk about it, but I’ve been highly recommending everyone to research Hypnobabies for their babies. 💕💖💕