First Time Mom Kym’s Hypnobabies Birth

First Time Mom Kym’s Hypnobabies Birth

“I listened to Fear Clearing (Hypnobabies track for releasing fear), Special Safe Place, and then the Birthing Day tracks and spent the evening in bed breathing through the waves. When Adam woke up the morning of October 9th, I told him it was time.”

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Let me first say how amazing this program is and how wonderful the support group has been for support, thank you! Two years ago, I packed up my life moved from Los Angeles to Tecate, Mexico where I was offered a job teaching at a health and fitness resort. I was 44, had given up on relationships or the idea of ever having a family, and was so burnt out and unhappy. But everything changed when I got there, away from the stress of the city, and I met Adam, who had escaped the rat race of NYC.

We fell in love and to our surprise we discovered I was pregnant January 31st, 2020. I wanted this baby suddenly more than I ever wanted anything in my life, but as you can imagine BOP, I was not given much encouragement from doctors. A girlfriend of mine who had a totally natural Hypnobabies birth at 41 told me about Hypnobabies, so, very early in my pregnancy I started listening to the Joyful Affirmations every day. I cried the first time I listened and heard “my baby is safe inside me now”.

With every doctor appointment I was told she and I were doing great. Adam remarked on how calm I was. When Covid shut our resort down temporarily, Adam and I and only 8 other staff members were allowed to stay living there, on 4000 acres of breathtaking nature, and I had a very peaceful pregnancy. Through Hypnobabies I found “spinning babies”, we did the exercises and were able to flip her over when she was in the breech position. I also was introduced to “HUG your Baby” and took the newborn care and breastfeeding zoom classes with Jan.

Adam proposed on my 45th birthday and we had a beautiful county clerk ceremony with just us and her in my belly. In September, at 36 weeks we moved off the resort to our new home in Rosarito Beach, and I was worried she’d come before we were settled in, so I listened to the Baby Stay In (Track to help prevent preterm birthing) track. Then we got all settled into our new place, and my guess date (Hypnobabies term for due date) came and went. At this point, I switched from my San Diego doctor (who had suggested induction at 37 weeks solely because of my age, there were no other issues), to a doctor in Ensenada who was fully on board with my birth plan. I was listening to Come Out Baby (Hypnobabies track to encourage baby to be born) and was struggling with managing inquiries from enthusiastic friends and family. I turned off my phone and all social media.

At 40 weeks and 6 days I decided to do the membrane sweep, and successfully used my hypnosis during the procedure. Sure enough, that evening at 3 am my waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) started. I listened to Fear Clearing (Hypnobabies track for releasing fear), Special Safe Place, and then the Birthing Day tracks and spent the evening in bed breathing through the waves. When Adam woke up the morning of October 9th, I told him it was time. Unfortunately, we had a very bumpy 45-minute drive through mountain roads to get to the hospital. I had my headphones in and my eyes closed as the pressure waves increased and I did feel the need to vocalize with occasional “ahhh” sounds, but it was none of the stereotypical things you see in the movies with me yelling at Adam or screaming. I was definitely in the zone.

When we arrived, poor Adam accidentally yanked the headphones out of my ears when he opened the car door. Then I had to walk a block, no parking at this hospital! At this point I did struggle to keep my hypnosis; my birth team wasn’t there yet, and my Spanish is limited. When my team did arrive, I was disappointed to not get more encouragement to stay the course of my original plan. It could have been the language barrier, but I just didn’t feel as supported as I wanted. However, I DID feel empowered, and connected to my baby. I made the decision to have an epidural, but I felt it was the right decision for me. I declined Pitocin as I wanted to see what might happen without it.

I stayed connected and focused on my baby and few hours later I had not dilated past 4cm, and I requested a cesarean. I had not planned on it, nor had I done any research on it, (and I’m a big researcher), but I felt instinctually it was the way she wanted to be born. It turns out she was head down but face up and also an impressive 8.5 pounds. They let Adam pull her out of me at 3:45 PM and put her directly on me. The hospital staff, surgeon and anesthesiologist were caring, and did their best to stick with other parts of my plan, like the delayed chord cutting and no bath.

The three of us were taken right to my room for bonding very soon after. It was magical and peaceful and oddly perfect, even though it wasn’t my original plan. She is in excellent health. I completely credit Hypnobabies for keeping me calm and connected, and confident about my decisions. I hope, rather than discouraging, my story inspires you to know that even if plans change you can still have a beautiful birthing experience, as I did. Hypnobabies gave me more presence in every aspect of my life and encouraged me to advocate for myself in a way I never had. I’m proud of myself and so in love with our little miracle, Eden Sage.