First Time Mom: Brandy’s Comfortable Hypnobabies Birth


First Time Mom: Brandy’s Comfortable Hypnobabies Birth

Thank you to Hypnobabies Instructor Julie Byers for sharing this story with us!

“At 8AM (after two pushes) I calmly told my husband, “heads out.” He had been watching me from the sofa and was unaware that I was even pushing. He jumps up and says, “WHAT?!”

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I come from a very supportive family when it comes to natural birth. My grandmother always told me she didn’t experience “pain” during childbirth, only “pressure”. My mother was not as fortunate, but she always encouraged me to give natural birth a try before deciding to go the other route. When I was younger, I always thought I wanted to be knocked out for my birth because I have an EXTREMELY low pain threshold. But, as I got older, (and wiser) I saw that medicated birth began to scare me more than natural.

When I got pregnant, I committed to myself and my baby to try to make the best decisions for our birth. I came across hypnosis for childbirth and it peaked my interest. I chose Hypnobabies because of the amount of useful information you get that is well beyond simply learning to breath and relax. In the class, we learned different tools to use at different stages of your birthing time. I started using the finger drop technique on my back pains that I had in the third trimester.

The day before I went into labor I worked a 9 hour shift at work ( I would joke with people and tell them I wanted to work until I popped). At 4:30 AM, my water broke and I called my midwife to see when I should come in. She asked if I was having any contractions and I said, “not that I am aware of.” She decided I should come in to make sure I did indeed break my water (good thing). They tested me to make sure my water broke, it did. They hooked me up to a monitor and told me I was definitely having contractions, and they were curious that I didn’t feel anything at all.

I bought a relaxation album that reads bible scriptures and prayers of comfort and reassurance for birth in a way similar to Hypnobabies. I was waiting to use Hypnobabies tracks for the BIG waves. When they got me into the birthing room at 6:30AM, I asked my midwife how long it may take before I start feeling contractions. They told me if I was not in full blown labor by 12PM that day they would start a gentle dose of pitocin. They said the baby should be in my arms by 8AM the next morning. For the first time, I was scared. Natural birth, no problem. Pitocin terrified me!

The midwives were having shift change so the person that came and checked on me was a nurse. At 7:30 AM, the nurse came in to check on me and I was squatting by the bed because I started to feel pressure waves and I felt like squatting was productive. During a wave she asked me about changing my gown and I said I was most comfortable in my own clothes.

At about 7:45AM, I told my husband, “Get the nurse I feel like he is ready to come out but I feel like its too soon!” Nurse came in and rubbed my back and said, “Your midwife is on her way just give her a few minutes and she will look at you.” After my husband got her two more times and she just told him, “She is a first time mom so she is going to feel like he is right there. But, if the baby was coming you would both know it for sure.”

I decided, since nobody was coming, to get on the bed on my hands and knees so he would at least not fall on his head on the floor! At 8AM (after two pushes) I calmly told my husband, “heads out.” He had been watching me from the sofa and was unaware that I was even pushing. He jumps up and says, “WHAT?!” He comes over just in time for me to give a final push and he got to be the first person to hold his son! I pressed the call button and told the nurse, “We just delivered a baby in room 5!” Six people came rushing in baffled, it was awesome. I turned around and said to the nurse, “I told you he was coming!”

From the time I felt the first bit of pressure, to him in my arms was an hour and a half.

I have no clue what our birth story would have been without Hypnobabies, but when I tell it to people the looks on their faces are priceless. With all of the fear that culture feeds us about birth, it was worth every penny to just surround myself with the positive energy of like minds. It was worth every penny to have a teacher that could tell her first hand experiences with POSITIVE birth stories. It was worth every penny to learn about the real process of birth that doctors want to treat as if our bodies need help to birth. And, it is worth EVERY PENNY to realize how to completely surrender to your own body and trust that it knows EXACTLY what to do! Using hypnosis on migraines and other sorts of ailments is an added bonus too!