First Time Mom Births a 10 Pound, Posterior Baby!

Our wonderful Hypnobabies Instructors at HypnobabiesTwinCities in Minneapolis/St. Paul MN shared this birth story with us:

Baby Owen’s Birth:

twincities owensbirth
My pregnancy with Owen went smoothly overall, especially with the excellent prenatal care at Morning Star. Birth Center  When we heard that Karla taught Hypnobabies classes, Nathan and I agreed that we wanted to go that route.  The class required a large investment of time and effort but we felt very informed and prepared by the end of the class.  We also felt such wonderful support from Karla as well as the two other couples in the class. 

I had been having pressure waves for two weeks as we approached Owen’s guess date. I knew they weren’t the “real thing” yet and I felt impatient for his arrival, though prepared and fearless. We had given the midwives our birth plan which asked for lots of privacy and quiet.  I felt respected and supported by everyone potentially involved in the upcoming birth…

In regards to our decision to use Hypnobabies: I guess in the end we didn’t have as much of a true Hypnobabies birth as we could have, but I am completely fine with that.  I got what I needed from my preparation and that’s what matters to me.  I think that for me, having a positive attitude about the idea of birth and being able to go into my birthing time without fear were the most valuable things that I got from Hypnobabies.  For Nathan, it helped him feel confident that he had the education and tools he needed to help me during my birthing time.  I loved the pregnancy and birth affirmations.  I liked the practice that I got with being relaxed and the idea of reframing sensations in my mind so I wouldn’t tense up or tell myself that I was in pain.  Hypnobabies also helped me feel empowered by giving me a great education about pregnancy, birth, and all my options.  I felt much more in control.  

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