Featured Hypnobabies Instructors

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Welcome to our Featured Hypnobabies Instructors page! Here we honor those who have provided excellent service to their Hypnobabies students and our Hypnobabies organization. Each instructor below has their own Hypnobabies web page so please click on their “MORE ABOUT…” links for more information about them.

In Harmony Birth & Hypnotherapy with Karen Zamperini & Nancy Kelly
Wayne and Philadelphia, PA

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                  Karen                                              Nancy

Karen: 610-710-1042, Karen@inharmonybirth.com
Nancy: 267-980-2878, Nancy@inharmonybirth.com

We are Karen Zamperini and Nancy Kelly. Together, we are In Harmony Birth & Hypnotherapy Services. Have you ever wished you had a duplicate of yourself? As two mothers trying to balance work and family, we have found something even better: a harmonious partnership!   We live close to each other, have the same interests and goals, and our kids even share birthdays! The ways we are different are complimentary, and we learn from each other every day. We are inspired by the women we serve, and we love to walk with families on their journeys through birth and parenthood. We have discovered how fun the business side of this work can be, now that we have each other supporting our efforts.

Hypnobabies Classes: We currently offer group classes on the Main Line in Wayne, PA at Tarlow Chiropractic and at Cloth in Philadelphia.  We are available for private classes and Home Study Advantage sessions within an hour or so radius of Wayne, PA.


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Kimberly Gross, CD(DONA), HCHI, HCHD, Student Midwife, NCM
kim griff

Long Beach/Los Alamitos, CA

Hypnobabies Instructor
Midwifery Skills
Neonatal Resuscitation Provider
Healthcare Practitioner Level CPR
Lactation Education
Prenatal Yoga Instructor Training
Birth Advocacy Training
Spinning Babies
Colic Calm

When I became pregnant with my son Griffin in 2002 I realized I had found my life’s calling. I became passionate about the field of childbirth and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible…


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Jamie Wagner, HCHI, CLEC

jamie wagnerProvo, Utah and the surrounding area
Choose A Peaceful Birth

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Classes
Hypnobabies is an amazing way to prepare for your baby’s birth!  Students are taught self-hypnosis techniques which allow them to feel calm and confident about their ability to have a peaceful and comfortable birthing experience.  Students are also instructed in a variety of pregnancy and birth-related topics so that they can make informed decisions regarding their pre- and post-natal care.  Class is informative, fun, and empowering.  I love being able to bring this amazing program to couples in my area.  Class is taught in Provo, UT.

Breastfeeding Classes
I am excited to be able to teach moms (and dads) how to have a wonderful breastfeeding experience through a one-time, two-hour class held in Provo, UT.  Learn positioning and latch, benefits of breastfeeding, how to resolve common breastfeeding concerns, what to expect when starting out, and much more!


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Anne Ferguson, HCHI, HCHD, CD(DONA

anne ferg
Bywater Birth, LLC
Minneapolis, MN and surrounding suburbs

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor
Certified Hypno-Doula
Certified birth doula


My services include:
Hypno-Doula services (entire Twin Cities metro area)
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Classes (taught in Minnetonka, MN)
“Home Study Advantage” classes for families using the Hypnobabies home study
Breastfeeding Classes (taught in Minnetonka, MN)
Placenta Encapsulation Services (Minneapolis and it’s suburbs).


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Nicole King DiBella, HCHI, HCHD, CLC, IPES, ICI

nicole king bordered

Atlanta, Gwinnett and Athens, Georgia


Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula
Certified Lactation Counselor
Independent Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
Independent Certified Instructor (Baby Signs)

I offer a wide variety of pregnancy/birth/natural parenting-related courses/classes/workshops in Atlanta, Gwinnett and Athens, Georgia. Usually, a couple will find me during their pregnancy and discover the wonderful Hypnobabies program. As a Hypno-Mom two times over, I have had the opportunity to utilize my Hypnobabies training in both hospital and home birth settings. As I tell prospective students: “Hypnobabies is the only way I know how to give birth!”


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Marinda Lloyd CD, HCHI, LC, HBE, SC (sleep consultant)

The Doula House L.L.C.

marinda 2013Serving Provo, Salt Lake City, Sandy & Park City, Utah

The Doula House strives to help women create their birth experience in a space of positivity, harmony, and joy. we strive to instill in women a belief in their own God given abilities to have the kind of birth they wish, without the presence of fear, pain, and suffering. The Mission of The Doula Hosue is simple: We strive to be nurtures, educators, and supporters. Assisting each family through active listening, positive attitude, and unconditional love.

We offer:

Hypnobabies Hypnosis for Childbirth classes: Hypnobabies is one of the most powerful tools an expectant couple can have in their arsenal. This really helps to prepare mom and her partner for a great birth experience, one that is full of joy and empowerment. We offer group and private classes.

Bringing Baby Home Series: This course helps to prepare you for what comes after baby! The everyday of caring for a newborn, calming their cries…Every time. We take each couple through a thorough breastfeeding course, this is not your typical hospital course. This is designed to help really educate and prepare a new mom for breatfeeding. This class also covers safe baby wearing and cloth diapering.


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