Featured Hypnobabies Instructor Nicole King – Atlanta, GA

nicole king bordered

nicole king bordered

Nicole King DiBella, HCHI, HCHD, CLC, IPES, ICI
Atlanta, Gwinnett and Athens, Georgia



Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula
Certified Lactation Counselor
Independent Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
Independent Certified Instructor (Baby Signs)

I offer a wide variety of pregnancy/birth/natural parenting-related courses/classes/workshops in Atlanta, Gwinnett and Athens, Georgia. Usually, a couple will find me during their pregnancy and discover the wonderful Hypnobabies program. As a Hypno-Mom two times over, I have had the opportunity to utilize my Hypnobabies training in both hospital and home birth settings. As I tell prospective students: “Hypnobabies is the only way I know how to give birth!”

As we get to know each other over the next several weeks, a mutual connection may be felt and I may choose to support a nicole king relax borderedcouple during their Hypnobabies birth. Sometimes I am not the best fit for a couple, for any number of reasons, and I have a few local Hypno-Doulas that I refer services to. I am really looking forward to offering training to more doulas in my area, as soon as the new Hypno-Doula training program is completed! Until then, I offer local doulas to attend a class series for free to see the fully comprehensive course and materials each of her potential clients receives when attending my Hypnobabies class.  

I also offer Nourish Your Newborn Breastfeeding Classes and Newborn, Now What?! New Mom and Baby Care Classes. These can be taken along with a Hypnobabies class if a couple so chooses. I find that some families prefer the live instruction over the self guided resource found in the InJoy Web Enhanced Parent Guide that is included with our Hypnobabies class materials. So, in each of these additional classes we will spend about 3 hours going in depth about topics such as: how milk is made, common breastfeeding challenges, how birth affects breastfeeding, returning to work, pumping, partner’s role in breastfeeding, postpartum care for the new mom (covering both physical and emotional aspects), routine newborn procedures, newborn appearance and new baby care (bathing, swaddling, sleeping, etc.) and more! These classes are open to the general public and Hypnobabies class is not a prerequisite. Look for locations in Atlanta, Gwinnett and Athens, Georgia.

Since this topic is not talked about at length in the Hypnobabies curriculum, I facilitate a free discussion on the decision to circumcise. There is no cost to attend, and each family will go home with 80 pages of reference materials including well written articles and research papers on the topic. Each ‘class’ includes video presentations along with open dialogue. On my website, look for Is It Wise To Circumcise? under Resources to learn more. Held in Atlanta, Gwinnett and Athens, Georgia.

For families that want to learn to communicate with their babies before they can talk, contact me about the Baby Signs Program. I offer a one time Parent Workshop to teach new parents the how-to’s of Baby Signs, complete with take home resources to get started right away. I also encourage parents of babies 6 months and older to engage their children in the very comprehensive Sign, Say & Play Class that is a weekly series, combining songs, signs, and parenting guides for child development and of course great resources to further the Baby Signs relationship. Start a group in your neighborhood near Atlanta, Gwinnett or Athens, Georgia.
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I have been trained in:
Optimal Fetal Positioning by Gail Tully of SpinningBabies.com
Rebozo for Strength by Gena Kirby of Progressive Parenting
Komyo Reiki Shoden (Level 1) by Dana Young of Drakonfly Reiki
Placenta Encapsulation and Pospartum Wellness by Amanda Johnson of Full Circle Encapsulation

I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor by the Academy of Lactation Policy & Practice.

When I took my own Hypnobabies Class in 2009 to prepare for my daughter’s birth, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to be involved in this field of work. I carried my 3 month old baby from Georgia to California to attend my training with Kerry and Carole and was thrilled that just a few months later I was teaching my first class!

Since then, I have had another child and added many more services as my personal experiences and passions lead me. It was after my own struggles, triumphs and concessions in my own breastfeeding relationships that I decided to learn more to support and educate other nursing Moms. An undeniable bout with Postpartum Depression led me to learn more about Placentophagia (consuming placenta), and now I am so honored to help other women adjust to Mommyhood in a more balanced way by offering to encapsulate their placentas for them.

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My older child shows me often how what I do to help the community will serve her well as a young woman. She ‘has babies’ a few times per week, nurses her babies (Mommy Milk) and brings me ‘ Mommy Medicine’ that she makes from pretend placentas. She is a hoot! She and my son both enjoy wearing their baby dolls in slings and carriers, and when I see them with their babies I hear that they are picking up on all the right things I do. Because at the heart of it all, I am a MOM. Trying, learning and growing to be the best that I can at it. And sharing what I learn with you.