Featured Hypnobabies Instructor Marinda LLoyd

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marinda 2013Marinda Lloyd CD, HCHI, LC, HBE, SC (sleep consultant)
The Doula House L.L.C.
Serving Provo, Salt Lake City, Sandy & Park City, Utah

The Doula House strives to help women create their birth experience in a space of positivity, harmony, and joy. we strive to instill in women a belief in their own God given abilities to have the kind of birth they wish, without the presence of fear, pain, and suffering. The Mission of The Doula Hosue is simple: We strive to be nurtures, educators, and supporters. Assisting each family through active listening, positive attitude, and unconditional love.

We offer:

Hypnobabies Hypnosis for Childbirth classes: Hypnobabies is one of the most powerful tools an expectant couple can have in their arsenal. This really helps to prepare mom and her partner for a great birth experience, one that is full of joy and empowerment. We offer group and private classes.

Bringing Baby Home Series: This course helps to prepare you for what comes after baby! The everyday of caring for a newborn, calming their cries…Every time. We take each couple through a thorough breastfeeding course, this is not your typical hospital course. This is designed to help really educate and prepare a new mom for breatfeeding. This class also covers safe baby wearing and cloth diapering.

Lactation Support  group and one on one: We are certified lactation consultant, and are some of the most sought after lactation specialist in Utah. We have helped moms to over come breastfeeding hurdles that other consultants have missed.

Birth Doula Services: What better way to feel supported and empowered during your birth than by having a professionally trained birth doula assisting and supporting you and your partner through the entire birth. We are trained in advanced birth support included natural birth preparation.

Newborn Care Specialist: This is the advanced version of a postpartum doula. We are trained in supporting the mother and baby during the immediate postpartum. Support includes newborn care, sleep support, caring for multiples, and helping mom feel supported as she transitions into parenthood.

Certified Sleep Consultants: We are certified to support parents work with their baby to help get them sleeping better. This is done private to allow for a custom sleep coaching for your and your baby.

marinds new logo7Please contact Marinda at 801-548-2917 or thedoulahouse@gmail.com