Featured Hypnobabies Instructor, Jamie Wagner – Provo, Utah

jamie wagner

Jamie Wagner, HCHI, CLEC
Provo, Utah and the surrounding area
Choose A Peaceful Birth
jamie wagner
I am pleased to offer:

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Classes

Hypnobabies is an amazing way to prepare for your baby’s birth!  Students are taught self-hypnosis techniques which allow them to feel calm and confident about their ability to have a peaceful and comfortable birthing experience.  Students are also instructed in a variety of pregnancy and birth-related topics so that they can make informed decisions regarding their pre- and post-natal care.  Class is informative, fun, and empowering.  I love being able to bring this amazing program to couples in my area.  Class is taught in Provo, UT.

Breastfeeding Classes

I am excited to be able to teach moms (and dads) how to have a wonderful breastfeeding experience through a one-time, two-hour class held in Provo, UT.  Learn positioning and latch, benefits of breastfeeding, how to resolve common breastfeeding concerns, what to expect when starting out, and much more!

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I never thought being a “birth junkie” would be one of my callings in life, but ever since I took a Hypnobabies class during my first pregnancy, I was hooked!  I have loved learning about how amazing women’s bodies are in being able to create, sustain, birth and nourish a baby.  I love being able to share that passion with those around me and those that I teach.  Working to empower other women in the beautiful power that they have in being mothers has really enriched and blessed my life and my wonderful family.

All of my students have become dear friends, and I really believe that it is because we get to share together in something as sacred as preparing for the arrival of a new baby to this world.  It gives me such joy to be able to share what I know and to learn from so many amazing people in such a special capacity.  Teaching has also blessed my family (I have an adorable husband, a curious 4 year-old boy and a lovely 18 month-old girl) and I couldn’t do any of this without their love and support and encouragement.

I hope to continue throughout my life to be able to teach and empower women and their birth partners in this very important and special time of their lives—to welcome a new member into their family, whether it’s a first baby or an eighth!