Fast and Peaceful Hypnobabies Birth of Melody

Fast and Peaceful Hypnobabies Birth of Melody

“I kept my Easy First Stage track playing and for each wave I held on to Greg’s neck and swayed my hips gently as we made our way out of the house. Even though these were very powerful waves I don’t think I made any noise through most of them like I did for my firstborn.”

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Melody is here, safely and peacefully! ❤ I really put Hypnobabies to the test with a quick and intense delivery. Everything went great and I’m so glad for Hypnobabies! I was 40+1 and she was born 03/11/17.

I had been having birthing waves off and on for a few days. Yesterday was chock full of waves but nothing really intense and they didn’t build consistently. They faded by bedtime and I got a great night’s sleep. I woke up feeling energized and even tried to “dance the baby out.” At 7 pm I started getting good strong pressure waves. Since this had happened before I tried a lot of different positions to see if anything made them less intense or fade away. They were 10 minutes apart initially so even though she’s my second baby I figured I had awhile. My favorite moment was when I leaned over the ball (pillows under my knees, swaying my hips – loved this position!). My toddler asked if he could paint on mama (pretend paint!) while I was in the position. I smiled thinking of how I visualize hypno-anesthesia being painted on my cervix and said sure! He stroked my arm with the clean paintbrush and I asked him what color the pretend paint was. You’ll never guess what he said – orange!!! He doesn’t use orange in his art very often so this “coincidence” made my heart so happy that I asked my husband to take a photo.

Soon I knew I needed to use Hypnobabies to be able to relax through the waves as they became more powerful so I went upstairs for some quiet and listened to my Deepening track. By 8 pm my waves were 8 minutes apart and nothing made them fade (unlike practice runs). I took a shower and the hot water felt so nice on my back and lower tummy. My waves were 5-7 minutes apart and quite powerful now so I told my birth team this was probably it. I got out around 9:20 and suddenly my waves were 3 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 2 ½  minutes apart! I told hubby we’re going now! Haha! I kept my Easy First Stage track playing and for each wave I held on to Greg’s neck and swayed my hips gently as we made our way out of the house. Even though these were very powerful waves I don’t think I made any noise through most of them like I did for my firstborn (I used low ahhhhhhhs for every wave with him I think). Right before we left I felt flushed and nauseous but didn’t become ill at all. I realized later that was my transformation moment!

By 10pm we arrived at the hospital. As we walked in to the lobby I had another wave and was very surprised it was a pushing wave! This was the first time I felt a little scared, only because I thought there was no way I was fully dilated so soon and I didn’t understand what was happening. I thought I should fight the urge but I decided to just go with it and listen to my body not my head. I knew I could trust my body! I had another pushing wave in the elevator, and one in the wheelchair. In the birthing room I got up on the bed and had another pushing wave as the nurses tried to fit me with the monitor; I’m not sure they ever got it on! The very next wave, I said something about her coming out. Suddenly there was a big gush as my waters broke, then they told me she was crowning and then to push her body out, then at 10:11 someone said “Look at her!” and my perfect baby was laid on me! As I pushed her out I was saying out loud, “It’s stretching, it’s stretching” to remind myself that it was just a powerful stretching sensation. I’m sure the nurses thought it was an odd thing to say but it helped!

My phone was still playing easy first stage out loud by my head, my best friend held my hand and encouraged me, and my husband was right there with me. As I snuggled my brand new baby, I kept saying “Oh my God!” even though I never ever use that phrase, because I was just in complete disbelief that I had just birthed my baby. It felt like a total surprise because each new step came so quickly! But I was so calm and confident. I gave the nurses my social security number seconds before pushing her out because between waves I was completely clear headed and fine. The waves were so powerful but I just worked through them with my Peace cue and some swaying and the confident knowledge that it would pass in a few moments and I was just fine, nothing to fear. Now it’s all over- she’s sleeping in my arms and everything is fine. ❤

If I can do a three hour birthing time with calm and peace, y’all can absolutely be successful in your births too. ?    It truly works. No fear, no theatrics, just… birth.






A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.