External Cephalic Version…EASY with Hypnobabies!

123 Headphones Mom 8 Head Back

123 Headphones Mom 8 Head Back

External Cephalic Version…EASY with Hypnobabies!

At 34 weeks, I found out Baby M was breech, and to say I was stressed 
is an understatement.  So I did some research, and tried to find all
 of my options.  I tried elevating my hips (broke my ironing board!), 
played music in my lower belly, and ordered the Turn Your Breech Baby
CD.  Then I called my acupuncturist.  Went to see her 3 times, and 
while she got the baby to be very active, she never turned.  So then I
 called the chiro and had him try the Webster technique last week, and 
I was scheduled for another visit with him this past Monday.

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I also had my 36 week OB appt that day, so when I went in, my OB said, …

“She’s still breech, and if we’re going to turn her, we need to do it 
today.”  I knew I was willing to try to ECV, but I was like, TODAY?
 Um, OKAY?

So my husband and I had all day to weigh the options, and in the end,
we said, “Let’s do it.”  I did NOT want a C Section, and the ECV
 seemed to be the best way to get me a natural birth.

Before the hospital, I listened to Fear Release and the Turn Your 
Breech Baby CDs.  We went to the hospital around 3:30, and they 
monitored me and the baby for 30 minutes. I put on my Deepening CD,
and the nurse came in a bit later and said I was registering as 
“asleep” at the nurses station (great confidence booster, yay, it 
works!).  Around 4, they wheeled me down to the Ultrasound, and it was 
time for the version.  I kept myself in Center Switch, and my husband 
said later that it looked like I was high/out of it.

The ECV took only about 3 minutes.  My OB tipped the table so my head
 was lower than my feet, and he gave me a shot to relax my uterus.
Then he used his fingers to lift the baby out of my pelvis and then 
turned her a bit.  After every turn, he watched her heartbeat (the US
tech held the US to me belly the whole time), until she was head
 first.  The actual turning of the baby was no big deal.  The only pain 
was with his nails digging into my skin, plus the shot and lying at
 that angle made me light headed and wanting to barf.  I also yawned 
like crazy.  I got really sweaty, so the doctor had to use the blanket
 to give her the final turn, which was sweet relief b/c no more

After I was done, they monitored us both for an hour, and they said 
her heartbeat was strong, no problems.  I had a few contractions, but
 they went away before bed time.

I’m so glad we did it, because I can finally relax and get back to
 concentrating on my Hypnobabies.  For those two weeks of wondering, I
 would do the CDs and practice my finger drop, thinking it might all be 
for naught.  Now I’m excited and really starting to visualize this birth!

So far, she’s stayed head down.  Please stay that way, Baby Girl!

Originally posted on November 24, 2008