Here are some tools and inspiration for you!   

Having a natural vaginal birth with twins is possible, here is an amazing video with many moms of multiples who had natural births to inspire you.


Here is another inspirational video from a mom who had a homebirth with her twins. 

Hypnobabies has a wonderful CD with 2 scripts on it for moms of twins. 

Birthing My Twins Naturally-CD

Having Twins..and a vaginal birthing?? (YES YOU CAN!) By popular demand, we have created a CD just for YOU, with 2 tracks to enhance your pregnancy and easy vaginal twin birthing.

Track # 1 – Birthing My Twins Naturally is a deep hypnosis session with many enhancements: bringing your babies’ movements into your hypnosis session as deepening and comfort techniques, suggestions for carrying your twins to full term, and your babies *both* being head down and in the perfect position for an easy, comfortable, vaginal twin birthing. There are many confidence building suggestions and cues for you to use as you prepare for your babies’ entrance into the world, including a visualization of the birth itself, and one for being much more comfortable and relaxed throughout your twin pregnancy.

Track # 2- Twin Birthing Affirmations. This wonderful track has no hypnosis inductions – it was designed for you to be able to play it anytime – in your car, while falling asleep at night, during the day…. at any quiet time. The purpose of affirmations of any kind is to keep positive, affirming statements coming in from the outside, at the same time deep hypnotic suggestions are training your inner mind with a new belief system (track # 1). Affirmations neutralize any negative thoughts, comments or influences that you may be exposed to on a daily basis, allowing your confidence level to increase every day, which is *so* important as you prepare for your babies’ vaginal twin births.

This is also now available as an MP3 download!

Here is a link to a great birth story of a mom who used the Hypnobabies Home Study and had her twins in a hospital

Here is a link to another positive twin hospital birth story too

Hopefully all this information can encourage you to do the research and find a care provider who is supportive of your desires for a natural birth!

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