First Time Mom’s Amazing and Empowering Hypnobabies Birth

First Time Mom’s Amazing and Empowering Hypnobabies Birth

“I was deeply in hypnosis by this point. Soon after getting into the water, I had my first pushing pressure wave, which was intense but amazing.  I started to envision my baby “sliding down my birth canal like a slide.”

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I was only aware of the time when my water broke and when my daughter was born. I made a concious effert not to look at the clock or ask the time. So the times written in my story I got from my birth chart.

 I have known since I was little that I would have my children naturally.  My husband and I live in Colorado, but I grew up in Texas, where my mother had 3 of her 4 children, with a midwife, in the birth center that she has now worked at for 25 years.  We had a midwife here in Colorado, but my primary was a midwife in Texas, that I have known since my early childhood.  Growing up around midwives gave me a unique perspective on childbirth.  It was never a question of “Will I have my baby naturally?” merely a question of “What program will I use?”  My husband and I initially looked into hypnobirthing, but my midwife suggested Hypnobabies.  She said she had seen more success with the Hypnobabies program.  After doing some research, and seeing a water birth video that blew my mind (“Easy, Peaceful Homebirth (Elovie Extended)” a woman using the Hypnobabies program), we decided that Hypnobabies was the right program for us.  I started the home course at 26 weeks, and tried my best to follow it 100%.  I didn’t practice my finger drop technique as much as I wanted, but I trusted the program from the start, and didn’t stray.  I kept away from negative birthing stories, and filled my mind with stories and videos of amazing Hypnobabies births.

At 37 weeks, we drove down to Texas to get ready for our little girl to arrive.  A wonderful friend offered his home to us, which was about 30 minutes from our birth center.  We graciously accepted.  We were there about 2 weeks, when my due date of November 24 came and went.  I was not anxious or worried, I knew our baby would come when she was ready, and I had faith in the Lord’s perfect plan.  My husband and I were getting great practice; I used my Epi-no to stretch, while my husband used his ques to help me relax.  This was very helpful, as I was able to practice, while feeling some of the sensations I would face in the near future.  Thanksgiving morning, I felt a practice pressure wave (Braxton Hicks contractions), and I remember telling our baby “You’re not allowed to come today, you can come tomorrow.”  I had no further pressure waves that day, and she didn’t come, as I had asked.

The next day, November 28th, my husband and I spent most of the day shopping, and I was starting to feel as though I’d be pregnant forever.  That night, we had the house to ourselves, and we were watching “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  At about 8:50 pm, I was lounging on the sofa in my PJ’s, with the movie almost over, when I felt something warm on my legs.  I remember sitting there thinking “Hmmm… that feels nice… wait, I’m not peeing!”  I sat up quickly, and gave my husband a knowing and excited look, and then I quickly waddled to the bathroom, shooting another goofy glance at my husband, while in my mind I was asking him “do you know what just happened?”  Of course, he did, I wouldn’t have done well in a game of poker with that face.  I wiped to see if there was any bloody show, which, there wasn’t.  My husband came into the bathroom, and I suddenly found myself very nervous.  This was no longer practice, it was time for the real deal, and it was time for me to meet my daughter.  My husband reassured me that I would do great, and used his hypnosis cues to help calm me.

We called my mom, who came over right away.  We called my midwife, who asked if I was having any pressure waves, which, I was not at the time.  She said it may be some before things kicked in, and we agreed to keep her updated.  We finished the movie, and waited for my mother to arrive.  I felt a few light cramps, but wasn’t convinced that I was in my active birthing time.  I was still nervous, so, when my mother arrived, we all decided to do a Fear Clearing hypnosis session.  It was very helpful in calming my nerves, and letting me be more excited about what was to come.  I was starting to have what felt like mild period cramps, at irregular intervals, we talked about what to do next.  I wasn’t feeling them in my abdomen, so, I decided I wanted to take a nap.  At about 11:00 pm we asked my mom to take our dog to her house, and let her know we’d keep her up to date.

I tried many different positions to try to get comfortable enough to sleep, but I had discomfort in my lower back, and nothing was working.  I found myself very frustrated.  I was trying to use my switch, but I was having a hard time, and wasn’t able to get into hypnosis.  At about 11:45 PM, I started to have regular pressure waves, 1 minute every 15 minutes, these didn’t feel strong at all.  At about 1:20 AM, My husband ran a warm bath for me, and helped me into the water.  He got the “Easy First Stage” track playing on my headphones.  This was just what I needed, and I was finally able to get into hypnosis.  This also seemed to get my pressure waves coming more quickly, about 1 minute every 4-5 minutes apart, and they were starting to get intense.  My husband let our midwife know that the pressure waves had really elevated, and at about 1:50 AM, we decided it was time to head to the birth center.  I got out of the tub, and got ready to leave.  While we were getting ready, I really needed my husband to lean on every few minutes, during each pressure wave.  That made getting ready very difficult.  (Make sure you are as ready as you can possibly be, in the moment, time flies).

Just after 2:00 AM, we were headed to the birth center.  The drive seemed to go by very quickly; I was saying my Peace cue out-loud through each pressure wave, which really helped.  When we arrived, I consciously moved my Light-switch to the center.  One of the assisting midwives asked me “Are you ready to have your baby?”  I nodded yes, but my husband did the talking for me, as I was pretty deep in my hypnosis.  My pressure waves were coming every few minutes, and I was still experiencing quite a bit of discomfort in my lower back.  The assistant midwife walked us into one of the birthing rooms while they were filling the tub.  She had me lean on a birthing ball, and applied counter pressure to my lower back.  She showed my husband what to do, and he continued applying counter pressure, which relieved a lot of the discomfort.  I was very anxious to get in the birthing tub.  I could feel my body becoming pushy.  My husband helped me to the bathroom, were I had to lean on him through a pressure wave while I was trying to urinate. Around 3:00 AM my midwife arrived and I remember opening my eyes to look at her and ask, probably for the tenth time, if the birthing tub was ready. She assured me that it would be ready soon; I just knew how wonderful that warm water would feel.  After spending some more time leaning over the birthing ball, I stood up and just leaned on my husband. I said out loud, “I can do this,” to which my midwife reassured me that I was indeed doing it. The pressure waves were becoming more intense, but it never felt like anything I couldn’t handle, they were just becoming stronger. After another trip to the bathroom, the tub was finally ready. My husband asked if I wanted to put on the sports bra that I intended to wear in the water, but with my body feeling pushy I just wanted to get in.

Around 3:30 AM I was in the tub, and my body relaxed even more. It was amazing to feel so weightless; I did not even feel my back discomfort anymore; I was deeply in hypnosis by this point. Soon after getting into the water, I had my first pushing pressure wave, which was intense but amazing.  I started to envision my baby “sliding down my birth canal like a slide.” They had candles lit in the room, and everyone was talking in a whisper like I had requested.  I had my “Pushing Baby Out” track playing in one ear. The whole atmosphere was just what I had envisioned. I was on my knees leaning over the side of the tub; my husband was on his knees on the ground in front of me.  I opened my eyes to see my mother enter the room, I said hi to her twice before closing my eyes again, grabbing my husband’s hands and ahhing through a pressure wave.  All the pressure waves from this point on were pushing pressure waves. At about 3:45 AM, my midwife whispered in my ear that she was going to check me. She said out loud a few seconds later that she felt the baby’s head, and whispered to me that I was very close. I became excited at the reality that I would meet my little girl soon, and amazed that all I felt was tightening and pressure, but no pain at all. I started to feel sick, and burped a few times. Looking back this was probably when I went through transition, but it all felt the same to me, just intense pressure with each pressure wave.  The waves were right on top of each other, and my body started to push down with such force that I was in awe of it.  All I had to do was relax, and my body handled the rest. I was visualizing my baby crowning now, and saying out loud in between waves that, “my perineum is stretchy.”  I had to ahhh through each one, and my midwife suggested that I do a deeper ahhh sound. I remember thinking each time I ahhh’d deeply that I sounded like a man, and that made me laugh in my head. My husband was wonderful, letting me have his hands, whispering my cue words, giving me sips of water and replaying my “Pushing Baby Out” track when it would stop.

After vocalizing out loud once more “I can do this,” my midwife whispers that now I needed to concentrate. This let me know that I would soon be holding my baby.  I let my daughter know out loud that it was okay to come out, I was so ready to hold her.  My mom started to cry after I said this, and I thought that was funny.  My midwife asked if I wanted to feel my baby’s head.  I wanted to, but I couldn’t imagine moving from my position.  I didn’t have long to think about it because the most intense pressure wave came and I had to hold it back from pushing her out right then!  My midwife started to support my perineum, and I felt intense stretching.  I felt someone else giving me counter pressure on my back, and they were applying it a little too hard.  To my surprise I politely said, “That’s too hard.” She apologized and I replied, “That’s ok.”  Looking at my birth chart, this happened a minute before I birthed my daughter. Only with Hypnobabies can you be so calm and polite, lol.  I felt my daughter fully crown a minute later and decided for the first and only time in my labor to actively push.  In the same minute her head and body was born.

At 5:00 AM, November, 29, 2014, my daughter, Ember Ruth Rogers was born.  I had been on my knees the whole time, so I tried to sit down.  My midwife told me not to sit yet or I would sit on my baby.  I turned around to sit, and there she was.  My midwife laid my wide eyed and beautiful daughter on my chest, which was a little difficult because her cord was so short.  I vaguely remember my husband behind me crying, my mom as well, I could not believe I had done it.  Ember had a little trouble breathing, she had some fluid in her lungs, but at 5:07 she cried for the first time.  She sneezed a few times and did not have a continual cry.  She was too busy looking around at everything, and at me.  We stayed in the tub for 30 minutes, it felt more like 10 to me, before my mom clamped and cut Ember’s cord.  The cord had not stopped pulsating but my back was starting to hurt again due to my placenta not wanting to come out.  I handed Ember off to my husband.  Nauseous and shaky I got out of the tub, and into a bed.  My midwife had to help guide out my placenta as I pushed it out.  I needed two stiches, not due to her size, but to how fast she was born.  I was finally able to have my own herbal bath with my baby, after helping draw many of them since I was a child.

Giving Birth to my daughter was the most amazing and empowering experience of my life.  Besides some discomfort in my back, her birth was not painful.  I honestly only felt pressure, while it was the most intense pressure I have ever felt, it was not painful.  My midwife was absolutely perfect, and helped give me the birth I wanted.  My husband was the best birth partner; I can honestly say I could not have done it without him.  I cannot thank Hypnobabies enough for how well it prepared me, and the confidence it gave me in my God given ability to give birth to my daughter naturally.  I have told every pregnant woman I know about it, and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a peaceful, calm and awesome birthing experience.  I am now six months pregnant with our second and have started my home course again.  I’m looking forward to going into my second birth with an unshakable belief in the Hypnobabies program, and I can’t wait to bring another child into this world as peacefully and lovingly as my first.