Ellie’s Birth

I always love it when I find Hypnobabies Birth Stories on blogs.  I love to link to them too.

Here is the most recent Hypnobabies Birth Story I found.

  • This is so funny! I clicked on this post because my daughter’s name is Ellie and turns out this is MY own post! 🙂 I never got around to submitting my hypnobabies birth story to you guys bit it looks like it made it here anyways 🙂 I am glad!! I hope it encourages other mamas out there, especially post-dates mamas!

    Ellie turned 13 months yesterday and I had to go back and read her story again!! I also wanted to add that if you go back further in my blog, you can read about my experience going postdates (42 weeks and 6 days!) and all the natural induction techniques we tried! She came when she was ready 🙂

    I am so thankful for the hypnobabies program and can’t wait to use it again!!

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