Here is an excerpt from another great birth story. 

“so, the day of january 3 began at 1 a.m. early morning when contractions/waves began and ended that late night with baby landing in john’s arms. john caught the baby and also cut the cord. i’m not sure if it was the ragin’ cajun’ spicy shrimp dinner and fried hush puppies from dinner the night before that began labor or the storm. ‘john, i think this is it,’ i said, the time was 3 a.m. from 3 to 6 a.m., contractions/waves went from 20 minutes apart to 4 minutes apart, which was so sudden that my doula got out of bed, drove from her home in mission viejo, and arrived at our house at 7:30. when she arrived, she set about making breakfast, we talked, chatted, and did our hypnosis. we later called davi my midwife and john and carole went about setting up the house for birthing. that’s when carole called phone tree lady kathy, i believe, as kathy called back and i was near tears to hear her sweet voice, knowing that you were all alerted for the big event ahead. again, a huge thanks for your blessings.” …

Read the rest of Dylan’s birth story here: Dylan’s Hypnobabies Homebirth

(Warning, there is a swear word in the post, when her water breaks and startles her.)