I have been wanting to write and post this for months. This was my 1st pregnancy. I have two older kids through adoption 6 & 3 years old, so I have not had time to post our story until now. David Kai is now 4 months I guess better late then never 🙂

Two weeks before my due date I went to my usual Dr appointment and she had told me I was 90% effaced and station 1 but no dilation. she I needed to start to contract and then the baby would come (she knew I was doing Hypnobabies so I as so surprised she used the word contract)anyway the hospital where we were delivering has a 98% epidural rate and a friend of ours was a pharmacy rep and confirmed this, so I knew it might be a challenge to have natural childbirth but I was up for it. …


I left the office and decide to walk before getting my kids from school, I ended up at Costco buying supplies and then I felt totally exhausted, this was on a Tues. Wed eve my hubby and I were watching a movie and I started to get crampy, I went to the bathroom to find the bloody show. I started screaming to my husband, oh no not tonight, I am too tired I need to rest.

He was all excited & we called our doula (we had two) and she called our 2nd doula she said to try and sleep it could still take a while and to listen to my cds and time contractions and call her when ever we need to. I tried to sleep but contractions kept coming and my husband was sleeping through them. So I had to keep punching in the time on my i-pod ( a very cool stopwatch feature) finally at 5am I feel asleep and woke up to more contractions about 10 minutes apart.

We called our friends to pick up the kids after school so we could labor at home for as long as possible. I tried to rest but was too excited and then the labor stalled for a few hours so I started to clean the house. 3pm our doulas called to check on us, by 11pm contractions were back in full force the doula team arrived. We had candles and our water fountain going, Hypnobabies playing in the background it was really quite relaxing.

By 3Am we headed to the hospital only to be turned away since I was only dilated to a 2 they realized my cervix had scar tissue so the nurse did some sort of stretching and rubbing of my cervix to get dilation going and sent me home. I refused the sleeping pill they offered and tried to sleep to no avail, I was up all night and by 11AM doulas were back at our house I was getting tired…. but after a few minutes with the doula and my dh massaging my back and feet I was very relaxed at one point you could have asked me if I was at the spa or in labor and I would have said at the spa, the Hypnobabies put me in such a relaxed state it was as if I was having an out of body experience I was so relaxed, I think because I was at home with a GREAT support team!!

We headed back to the hospital by 3PM Friday afternoon hurray!!! I was dilated to a 6 I could get a room. That is when it got difficult all the extra people and so much medical stuff made it more of a challenge but I was determined and doula’s were amazing I could not have done it with out them, they really kept me focused and on track DH was nervous but was so helpful too.

A lot was blurry at this point until they finally told me I won myself a ticket to get a doctor I was fully dilated. Then there was no Doctors available! AHHH I started to panic who will catch this baby? I knew the doula’s could do it, if we needed them too……then we got a doctor

( I am a yoga instructor)

The Dr was a high risk OB who just happened to be a yoga student of mine from my family yoga class. Hurray!! I was so relived, she kept the lights low and our aromatherapy going and soft music on. at this point I did get a bit vocal at the end of every push but it helped me work through the pressure waves and I knew he would slide right out after 40 minutes of pushing David Kai arrived. I was so tired I could not even cry I just was very still watching him. It was amazing, Hypnobabies was wonderful. I felt so relaxed.

Our son did terrific and latched on right away. The following day when they did all his tests, hearing etc… they were amazed at how well he did and I believe it was from the relaxed state that Hypnobabies put me in and the fact that I had no drugs in my body to effect him, the nurses were so shocked to see me walking around all dressed and mobile the next day I felt great!

Thank you Hypnobabies and to my awesome birth team! 🙂

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