Cool Experience with “Turning Your Breech Baby” CD

Hi everyone!
I had the coolest experience with the Turn Your Breech track the other night and I had to share.
I’m now 23 weeks with the triplets and having brief weekly ultrasounds to check cervical length since a shortening cl (under 2.5cm) is one of the big indicators for preterm birth and indicates bedrest. The babies positions had been the same for quite some time, babies A & B (Reagan and Ryder) were vertex, with Reagan’s head right on the cervix, Ryder off to the side. Baby C, Ruby, is above, transverse. We only need Baby A to be vertex for a vaginal birth.
At last week’s u/s Baby A showed up breech! Its early still, but there’s a totally different dynamic with 3 in there and they get set in their positions much earlier than a singleton so I was a little freaked out. Obviously ECV wouldn’t be an option and even Webster and moxabustion have minimal positive results with multiples, especially the more babies there are (I’m a research freak so I looked into it immediately).
I was trying not to stress about it too much, but I could definitely feel her feet on my cervix all week, little leg movements, not big head movements like I had previously.
So I listened to the Turn Your Breech track the night before my next u/s because I knew I’d feel better if I could see her positioned head down again. Well, sure enough, the next morning I was feeling head movements again and the u/s showed her to be vertex, woohoo!

Morgan Cornwall, Hypnobabies Instructor in Idaho

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