Cohen’s Hypnobabies Home Birth Story

New family just after birth

Cohen’s Hypnobabies Home Birth Story

“It was 3:46pm. I was so, so happy to meet you. You were so wet and slippery since my water had broken not long before. It felt unreal that you were finally here. And the midwife confirmed that you were indeed born posterior, sunny side up.”

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Birthing Couple standing and hugging with midwife supportingBefore you were born, I kept visualizing and putting out intentions for a daytime birth. I really didn’t want to birth in the middle of the night. The weekend before you were born, I began having practice waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) more frequently, every hour. I barely noticed them at first, and by Sunday evening they required a touch of focus. I continued to have these stronger practice waves on Monday.Birthing couple on bed with doula giving sip of water

Monday night I had them every hour and they were strong enough that I wanted to listen to my Hypnobabies tracks all night. Around 5am Tuesday morning, they became more frequent; every 20 mins. Daddy woke up shortly after this and began getting ready for work. I was not convinced this was the beginning of my birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor), as I had been having practice waves frequently all weekend. He left for work around 7:30am. Shortly after part of my mucous plug came out, however I still wasn’t convinced this was my birthing time.

birthing person laying on side in bed with partner massaging backWith Aspen, my water broke before I had any other signs of early birthing time. At this point I was still having waves every 20 mins, so I had Nana come over to help get Aspen breakfast; I didn’t feel like I could get out of bed. At this point I called Daddy and told him I thought he should come home, so he did. Around 10:30am, I called our Doula Katie and she suggested trying the Miles circuit to try to get some waves that were closer together. Literally 5 minutes after getting in the first position, my waves were consistently 6 mins apart for quite a few waves in a row. After this, Katie came over.birthing person kneeling and pushing on bed while midwife checks on baby

At this point, I decided I could switch from my practice tracks like Visualize Your Birth to my early birthing tracks like Easier First Stage (Hypnobabies main birthing day track). I also could no longer time my own waves; they required all my attention. I had thought this birth would be easier than my first because I had Pitocin the first time due to my water being broken for 24 hours. I was wrong. You were posterior and my waves were very strong because of this. Between waves, you were really moving a lot trying to get into a good position and that was almost as uncomfortable as my waves. I relied heavily on my Hypnobabies practices. I wasn’t able to practice as much this time around with Aspen around, so my hypnosis wasn’t as strong. However, it helped me tremendously.

midwife showing new parents the placentaEvery time a wave would come there was part of me that wanted it to go away and that I didn’t want to do it. But I immediately focused on saying Peace (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort), smiling, thanking my body for bringing these waves that opened my body so my baby could be born. These waves were so strong I could hardly walk 10 steps to the bathroom, but I felt very calm. I had thought about getting in the birth tub; the warm water did sound nice. But the thought of walking down the hall to the other room where it was, getting in, and drying off when I wanted to get out sounded like too much.New parent just after birth getting a sip of water from older child

I was on the birth ball at this point and my waves were still very strong. I believe I was in Transformation (Hypnobabies term for transition) at this point; I could feel you begin to get lower now and when I breathed through my waves, I began to feel a bit pushy. I was relieved to hear that the midwife would be here in 15 minutes. At this point, I started to believe today may actually be my birthing day. The midwife arrived around 2pm. About the time the midwife got there was about the time I got on the bed and took off my clothes. I told the midwife I believed you were posterior, but she didn’t think so. This is when I started to push.

New family just after birthEven my pushing waves were stronger than with Aspen. It felt like it was taking forever for you to be born although it really only was 45 minutes. I kept feeling to see how close to being born you were. I was excited to be able to feel your head even though you weren’t quite low enough yet. I was so ready to meet you. Right after this, my water finally broke. After pushing on all fours for a while, my arms and legs were shaky, and I rolled onto my side. I was listening to my body on how to push when the midwife suggested my pushes would be more productive if I held them a little longer. I tried this because I was so ready to meet you. Shortly after this you were crowning. The stretching felt very different this time compared to with Aspen. Right before you were born, the midwife said you needed to be born with the next push. I believe your heart rate was low. I made sure you were born in the next two pushes.Grandma and new baby with older grandchild helping

It was 3:46pm. I was so, so happy to meet you. You were so wet and slippery since my water had broken not long before. It felt unreal that you were finally here. And the midwife confirmed that you were indeed born posterior, sunny side up. Aspen was so excited to come in and meet you. After the placenta was born, the midwife said your umbilical cord was on the small side. That is why during those last few pushes I needed to get you out; your cord was getting compressed and wasn’t thick enough to get you everything you needed in those moments. We are so thankful you are here; happy and healthy and we cannot wait to see who you are and who you become. We love you with all our hearts.

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