The Hypnobabies Instructors in our directory below are trained and certified by Hypnobabies, but are not employees of Hypnobabies.

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State/Province: Nebraska
City: Omaha
Zip Code: 68132
State/Province: California
City: Huntington Beach
Zip Code: 92648
Upcoming Classes: Classes in Huntington Beach, 4:00pm-7:30pm Sunday July 23rd - August 27th Sunday September 10th - October 15th Sunday October 29th - December 3rd Sunday January 7th 2018 - February 11th 2018 Classes in Orange, 6:00pm-9:30pm Thursday August 3rd – September 7th Thursday September 21st – October 26th Thursday November 9th – December 21st (No class on Thanksgiving) Thursday, January 11th 2017 – February 15th, 2017
State/Province: NC, North Carolina
City: Asheville
Zip Code: 28801
Upcoming Classes: Registration Now Open! Asheville: Sundays 1:30pm to 5pm || Sept. 8 through Oct. 13 || Nov. 3 through Dec. 15 (skip Dec. 1) || Jan. 5 through Feb. 9
State/Province: Minnesota
City: Minnetonka
Zip Code: 55345
Upcoming Classes: Always visit for the latest class info! Sundays, Sept 8, 2020-Oct 13, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm, Sundays, Nov 3, 2020-December 15 (no class 12/1), 5:30 pm- 9:00 pm, Sundays, December 29, 2019-February 2, 2020, 5:30 pm-9:00 pm, Sundays, February 14, 2020-March 22, 5:30 pm-9:00 pm
State/Province: Texas
City: Austin
Zip Code: 78746
State/Province: District of Columbia
City: Washington
Zip Code: 20019
Upcoming Classes: 2018: January 7th-February 11th (Sun, 10:30am-2:30pm); March 25th-April 29th, 2018 (Sun, 10am-1:30p); June 3rd-July 15th (Sunday, 10:00a-1:30p)
State/Province: Florida
City: Palm Bay
Zip Code: 32907
Upcoming Classes: November 3
State/Province: Utah
City: Kaysville and Salt Lake
Zip Code: 84037
Upcoming Classes: Next Hypnobabies classes begin: July 25- Aug 29 || Aug 17- Sept 21 || Sept 24- Oct 29 || Sept 28- Nov 2 || Nov 30 - Jan 2
State/Province: Kentucky
City: Florence
Zip Code: 41042
State/Province: Utah
City: Murray, Sandy, Holladay, Salt Lake City
Zip Code: 84093
Upcoming Classes: April 10th-May 15th
State/Province: California
City: Tustin
Zip Code: 92780
Upcoming Classes: SEPT/OCT: Sundays, Sept. 22nd - Oct. 27th 1-4:30pm; Mondays, Sept. 23rd - Oct. 28th 6-9:30pm ~ NOV/DEC: Nov. 10th - Dec. 15th 1-4:30pm; Mondays, Dec. 11th - Dec. 16th 6-9:30pm ~ JAN/FEB 2020: Jan. 12th - Feb. 16th 1-4:30pm; Mondays, Jan. 13th - Feb. 17th 6-9:30pm
State/Province: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Zip Code: 85379
Upcoming Classes: Classes beginning February 3rd 2018. Contact me for future classes.
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