Christians using Hypnobabies?

Although they have read or heard wonderful Hypnobabies birth
stories and would love to have aMom with Question Mark Smaller peaceful, comfortable birth experience, some Christian moms are hesitant to look into Hypnobabies for fear that hypnosis conflicts with their faith. They may feel that it is too “new age” or they will be disconnected from or unable to control their mind or body. We have had quite a lot of Christian moms that have used Hypnobabies and had beautiful, joyous, prayerful birth. We have included direct quotes from some of them below as well as some information on hypnosis.

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Hypnosis? Let’s clear up some misconceptions about hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and since we are all in various states of hypnosis throughout our normal day and night, it is familiar and safe for all of us. In Hypnobabies, moms learn to enter self-hypnosis and in every script they listen to, they are reminded that THEY are in control. They can enter or exit this relaxed state at any time. So they are completely in control.

Christian moms thoughts:

I never found anything in the program that would undermine any of my Christian beliefs. It actually helped me to love and appreciate myself, and the gift of having a child so much more, because I was focusing my mind on it regularly. Besides, we must CHOOSE to use the tools that allow our bodies to relax easily, it’s not like it’s forced upon us. This same kind of programming happens to us throughout our lives anyway, this is just purposely choosing to make it all positive about childbirth. ~ Layla T.

Christ said that to, “love thy neighbor as thyself” was the greatest law second to loving God himself. You must have love for yourself in order to do this. The whole program is based in loving, respecting and showing gratitude for yourself and your baby. I see nothing to worry about! ~ Lauren H.

Personally, I am a Christian and personally find no conflict in using hypnosis for childbirth. In fact, I have found that the Hypnobabies program helped me to become in better touch with my reliance upon God and the amazing beauty of how He created me to give birth to my babies. I also felt more connected to my body and birth and in control of myself during Bryson’s birth!

My favorite scripture is “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 I feel that Hypnobabies helped me to have the power of knowledge of normal birth, increase my love for my body and baby and helped me have a more control of my mind in preparing for and birthing my baby. ~ Sheridan R.

Hypnosis is a Natural State

Hypnosis is something that we all already do many times a day, so it’s a very natural thing in our lives and is not an “altered state”. We are automatically in hypnosis when driving, swimming, doing other sports, sitting in church or a lecture, reading, watching television or movies or on the computer (a screen of any kind) and when waking up or going to sleep. In Hypnobabies we are simply guiding that process in a very positive way to create an easier, fear-free, comfortable childbirth experience.


What is on the Hypnobabies audio tracks?

Hypnobabies moms are encouraged to listen to the scripts at least once while alert so they know what they are hearing. (Many moms fall asleep during the scripts and don’t “remember” what is on them.) Everything on the scripts are all very positive and uplifting messages about your body, baby and birth. Here are a few mom’s comments about what is on Hypnobabies’ audio tracks:

1. I know it’s common for Christians to be anti-hypnosis out of the fear that your mind will be open to negative influence. I did some research and found out that all hypnosis really is self-hypnosis. No one can force you to do anything that is against your beliefs. Anyone who is concerned about anything on the Hypnobabies tracks can simply listen to them in a conscious state (while washing dishes or whatever) to make sure that they are comfortable with all the suggestions given. There has never been anything on the CDs or in the scripts or materials that goes against my Christian values or beliefs. I actually view hypnosis as a gift from God since I’ve found it to be a wonderful tool. 🙂 ~ Karen P.

2. I’m also Christian and have never had issues with hypnosis. (I have two Hypnobabies with another one on the way.) I’ve viewed it as more prayer-like meditation. I also feel that the Hypnobabies program has helped me trust in God even more. He made my body perfectly so that I can give birth, when I trust my body to do its job, I am really trusting that God made everything perfectly. Just my thoughts. I also like the suggestion to listen to the tracks while doing something active first so you can hear the whole thing and make sure there isn’t anything that offends you in it… I personally have never felt that anything on the Hypnobabies tracks was contrary to anything I believed. ~ Marilyn M.

3. I don’t see any conflict with it at all. In fact, I think it’s more Christian to do what you can to bring your little blessing into the world in a calm manner free of drugs. The argument in the church against hypnosis historically is that it leaves your mind open to negative influences. There’s nothing on the Hypnobabies tracks as far as I know that would conflict with your beliefs–if I heard anything that conflicted with my beliefs I wouldn’t be doing it. ~ Patti S.

New Age?

Some hypnosis programs do lean towards a “new agey” feel, however, Hypnobabies is very mainstream in its orientation.

After I had my first successful Hypnobabies delivery, I came upon a copy of the Mongan Hypnobirthing book at a resale shop and bought it thinking it would make a nice additional resource for my next birth. When I became pregnant again, I started reading it, and was pretty much shocked at what I read.

The whole earth mother, goddess within, and rejection of the Eve story as a fabrication of men to keep women oppressed, line of reasoning behind why a woman can birth naturally and use hypnosis to help her achieve this goal was a big turn-off to me.

I am forever grateful that this was not my original introduction to hypnosis in birth, because it totally falls in with the types of negative preconceptions that Christians have toward hypnosis and the like and I am afraid I would have rejected the idea as not in line with my personal values.

I think Hypnobabies has done an incredible job of empowering women to embrace their innate ability to birth their babies and find the strength within themselves, without relying upon ideas that *some* will find offensive. ~ Frankie J.

Hypnosis is similar to meditation, which is well-supported in scripture:

Do they think hypnosis is too New Age? I am a Christian AND I went to Seminary, and I don’t see any problem with it. Hypnosis is like a deeper form of meditation – and meditation is mentioned many times in the Bible as a good thing. There are passages of the Bible that talk about meditation, removing grief or fear from the mind, and putting away pain from the body (because isn’t that what we’re doing with Hypnobabies?) ~ Jennifer W.

Incorporating your beliefs into Hypnobabies

From Hypnobabies founder and director, Kerry Tuschhoff: “Many of our moms are Christian and have had wonderful success with Hypnobabies while incorporating their beliefs onto the scripts and hypnosis practice as well as adding prayer into the actual hypnosis when giving birth. I have come to realize that that women know what they need and will find it in Hypnobabies, adapting it perfectly and serenely to their own religious or non-religious belief systems. They always do.

When I am in my Special Place, it’s always me, the baby, and God behind me supporting me. I have recently begun to get involved in my faith again and I view this whole process of pregnancy, birth, and the hypnosis preparation for it is very spiritual. It’s like God is there(literally in my special place with me), telling me that he created me for this very process to bring this new life(again that he created) into the world with peace and love. ~ Kimberly F.


  • can i copy/paste and link to this??

    I must add, that verse is my absolute favorite. And the scripture reference is inscribed in my highschool graduation ring. =)

  • maestro_mommy
    May 20, 2009 4:32 pm

    I also have found Hypnobabies to be in line with my faith. Besides the Scripture quoted above, another passage is fitting:

    Philippians 4:8 — And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

  • Penny Murray
    May 29, 2009 1:11 pm

    Great article! When I am using the hypnobabies method, I am in a constant state of prayer. As a Christian, hypnobabies has helped me to depend on God for my birthing experience. This is HOW I am able to relax so deeply.

  • palespring04
    May 29, 2009 1:26 pm

    I’m also a Christian, and find no problem using Hypnobabies and hypnosis during my birthing.

    Before I started Hypnobabies, I found that I was becoming bitter towards my care provider. I was not happy to be with an OB, but have no choice due to my past medical history (apart from pregnancy). I was afraid he would pressure me into inventions I wasn’t comfortable with, that I would conflict with nurses, and that my previous poor experiences with his office staff would continue. I had real trouble letting all this go and being at peace.

    I started Hypnobabies by listening to the affirmations the morning of my anatomy ultrasound. I was so calm and at peace throughout the appointment, even though we had to wait over an hour (and me with a full bladder!). This pattern has continued with each of my appointments. I’ve come to peace with my birthing and with my ability to stay calm when the OB suggests any test or intervention.

    I thank God that He’s given me this tool to use throughout my pregnancy and in my birthing.

  • RaeAnna Goss
    May 29, 2009 1:56 pm

    I actually just had this talk with my mom yesterday!!! I loved the readings you gave and your clarification of the “new age” conception. I also was turned off by some of the reading in the Mongan book. Everything I’ve read so far in Hypnobabies is scientific – not religious.
    Sometimes I have imagined my special place to be at the foot of the cross or in His presence. What better imagery? I’m thankful for my faith and can’t wait to meet our special gift in a few weeks!

  • My husband was concerned about my using hypnosis because of the some of the things mentioned in this article. But he trusted me not to do anything that would go against our faith. I read the Mongan book first and realized it was not what I needed or wanted. Definitely too new-agey.

    Hypnobabies was the complete opposite. I, too, envisioned being in His presence and it helped make my bubble of peace and special place that much better. Prayer was definitely a part of my Hypnobabies practice. I credit the ability to combine the the scientific aspects of deep relaxation with my prayer life as one reason I had a successful Hypnobabies birth.

    My labor was 4 hours and my daughter was delivered 16 minutes after we walked into the hospital (and she was posterior) The doctor didn’t make it in time. I was completely calm during the whole process. It was wonderful!

  • I’ve had both of my babies using the Hypnobabies program, and I never found them in conflict with my Christian faith at all. In fact, I always have felt that being able to use the program to acheive natural childbirth was the perfect way to be a good steward – respecting my body and it’s ability to give birth naturally as God intended. Plus, you can really tailor the program to your own needs and beliefs, so I often found myself acknowledging that it was ultimately God that was in control of my birthing, just as I had the power to make my own informed decisions about the birth (whenever I heard the suggestion that I was in control of my birthing time).

  • Great post… Although I have to say I was shocked about the Mongan book reference. Not saying you’re wrong or anything… its just that I must have blocked that part out when I read it lol. There’s a little bell ringing in my head saying it sounds familiar, but… yeah didn’t stick with me. It does make me glad I went the Hypnobabies route though now that I think about that.

  • Many moms buy the Hypnobabies Home Study set and incorporate scriptures and other Christ Centered thinking into their practice. The Hypnobabies Yahoo Group is a great support group and there are moms on there who have shared ideas on how they did that.

    There is a Hypnobabies Instructor who has created some CDs that incorporate scriptures. They wouldn’t replace Hypnobabies, but be a good addition.

    I hope this helps!