Cherice’s Hypnobabies Induction of Baby Gracie

Cherice’s Hypnobabies Induction of Baby Gracie

“I went from 4.5cm to 10cm in 1.5 hours. I got into position, my husband started our Pushing Baby Out track (Hypnobabies hypnosis track just for pushing), and together we pushed my little girl out in just 30 min. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had! Pushing felt sooooooooo good!”

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On 11/26 I walked casually into my doctor’s appointment and was shocked when my blood pressure was taken. I had gone from a perfect reading all pregnancy to suddenly having high blood pressure and my doctor was concerned about preeclampsia. She was ready to induce me the next day, but I said no. I wanted more time to think about what was happening and consider my choices. We waited a week and decided that we’d move forward with the induction for my and baby’s safety.

So, for that week I did everything to encourage my cervix to soften and dilate in its own. I ate dates, drank raspberry leaf tea, used primrose oil, got a massage to encourage pressure waves, soaked in a myrrh bath daily and used clary sage essential oils. I also listened to Come Out Baby (a supplemental hypnosis track to encourage baby to come) everyday along with Fear Clearing (Hypnobabies hypnosis track for releasing fear) and Deepening your Hypnosis (Hypnobabies track to deepen hypnosis). Doing these things calmed me and made me feel ready and at ease with the decision we were making.

So, on 12/4 my husband (birth partner) and I checked into the hospital and set my space up. We had everything we needed for a successful birth. I had my headphones, speaker, birthing ball, comfy clothes and my essential oils. I received a saline lock and they began to monitor me and baby before the induction process began. To my surprise I was having pressure waves on my own. This encouraged me that she was ready, and we were doing the right thing.

At 9:30pm I received a dose of Cytotec. Overnight I had mild pressure waves. At 6:30 am I woke up and went to sit up and gush…my water broke! Things were moving along great. At 8:30 am the doctor started the Pitocin and my waves began to get going a bit more. I was only dilated to 1cm, so I knew this was going to take some time. I started My Birthing Time Begins (Hypnobabies track about all the hypnosis techniques that can be used for birthing) and calmly went through each wave. I followed this with playing Birthing Day Affirmations out loud. I walked and sat on the birthing ball to encourage things along. I was checked at 11:30 and was just 1cm and a wiggle. At this point I decided I no longer wanted to be checked until I requested it. Knowing the number and how slow things were progressing was too discouraging to me. Instead I played my tracks and was able to get in such a hypnotic state that between each wave I was taking a quick cat nap. My family smiled as I snored between each wave 😂.

At 4:30 I made the decision that I was ready to get checked. At this point I was 4cm. I knew I could do this. Things were picking up and getting very intense. I was having horrible hip aches, but I knew I could do it. All my birthing sensations were in my hip flexors. As I was walking the room I would hang on my mother during each wave. The only position that somewhat relieved my hips was on my birth ball. So, I sat and rocked. My husband and I tried the abdominal lift and tuck a few times, but I couldn’t relieve the pressure in my hips. During this time, I was playing Deepening Your Hypnosis on repeat. During my Hypnobabies training this was my favorite track because of how it made me feel, and it showed up big on this day for me.

At around 11pm I had the urge to go to the bathroom. While sitting I felt this need to push. I remember thinking, “I’m there? I’m in transformation (Hypnobabies word for transition), I’ve made it!” I requested to get checked. I was checked and was completely defeated. I was only at 4.5cm. This devastated me. My brain began to swirl. I was losing focus. I started to worry that a c-section would be inevitable and that all this work was for nothing. I was freaking out…and the waves were so intense and the desire to push was so big. I didn’t understand.

I was ready to give up, get an epidural and relax. And this is where my birth partner and team came up BIG! They looked at me and told me “NO, that is not what you want.” My husband looked at me eye to eye and said, “you can do this, you know you can.” My mom reminded me that the waves aren’t stronger than you because you are the waves. And my sister told me, “you are a strong woman and can do anything! You need to get back in hypnosis, focus, and get through this.” I still have chill bumps just thinking about their encouragement and words, I could have never done it without them.

Then my doctor brought in “the peanut”. This birthing ball shaped in a peanut was placed on the bed and was laid between my legs, opening my hips and helping baby get in better position. For the next hour and a half, I laid in this position working through each intense wave, and again without my birth team I couldn’t have done it. My husband held my hands and read me the hypnosis birth prompts. Back in my training I never thought I’d need him to read these, but omg did it make a world of difference hearing his voice telling me Reeeeeelax and Peeeeace (Hypnobabies cues for deepening hypnosis and instant physical comfort). He would read the birth prompts until a wave would come.

My urge to push was so strong that I had to practice a special breathing technique in order to not push. They were worried that since I wasn’t dilated if I pushed it would bruise my cervix and cause more problems. So, I hehehehe’d and hohohoho’d during each wave. My husband would hold my eye contact and breath right along with me. Matching him breath for breath is what got me through this urge to push and not being able to. After an hour and a half my mother suggested I get checked. At this point I was anticipating maybe a 6…but I remember it so vividly…my doctor looking at me and saying, “I think we’re ready to push!” I gushed with excitement. I even told her I loved her 🤣. I went from 4.5cm to 10cm in 1.5 hours. I got into position, my husband started our Pushing Baby Out (Hypnobabies hypnosis track just for effective pushing), and together we pushed my little girl out in just 30 min. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had! Pushing felt sooooooooo good!

I owe my natural birth to my Husband, mom, sister, and maw in law. Their support during my 19-hour birthing time was pivotal to my success. And the tools of Hypnobabies gave me the strength to make it happen. I will forever cherish my Hypnobabies practice and vow to use it for any other children we have!

My biggest lesson … don’t deny the support of your birth team! At first, I thought I wanted only my husband there, but in the moment, I needed all of them!

AND… you can do Hypnobabies with induction!