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Twins born by cesarean, mom still used Hypnobabies to help!

It’s been a month since my babies arrived. I have been a little sad about my hypno-journey being over, as I did not get to experience a natural birth, and that really disappoints me.  We do not plan to have more children.  It has been a little difficult for me to even look at the …


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Expecting Twins?

Here are some tools and inspiration for you!    Having a natural vaginal birth with twins is possible, here is an amazing video with many moms of multiples who had natural births to inspire you. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E-wULAaD50] Here is another inspirational video from a mom who had a homebirth with her twins.  Hypnobabies has a wonderful CD with …


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Twin Homebirth Video

Another amazing video to inspire moms of twins! Danielle’s Twin Homebirth


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Inspirational Video for Multiple Moms

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E-wULAaD50] At least one of these moms did the Hypnobabies Home Study.  Maybe more did.  But regardless, this is a very important message for multiple moms.  You can have a vaginal birth!  You can have an un-medicated birth as well!


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Having Twins? These MP3s are is just for you!

Having Twins..and a vaginal birthing?? (YES YOU CAN!) By popular demand, we have created a set of MP3s just for YOU, with 2 tracks to enhance your pregnancy and easy vaginal twin birthing. Track # 1 – Birthing My Twins Naturally is a deep hypnosis session with many enhancements: bringing your babies’ movements into your …


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