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Words DO effect our pain level.

Some people wonder if it really matters what words people use during birth? Well science has proved that it DOES! Words Easily Trigger Painful Memories


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L&D nurse uses Hypnobabies for Her birth!

First a bit of background.  This is my 2nd birth, my first was 2.5yrs ago at a very conventional hospital that had a 98% epidural rate!  This was ok with me though since I knew no other way to manage the pain.  I was induced with pitocin due to pregnancy induced hypertension, had an epidural, …


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Wonderful Article on the Power of Words

Dr. Siegel wrote a wonderful article on the power Doctors words have on their patients. As doctors we are not trained to communicate and understand the power of our words as they relate to a patient’s ability and desire to survive. It is also not only doctors but all the authority figures in our patient’s …


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A Midwife’s Experience with Hypnobabies

Here is a lovely letter a midwife wrote about Hypnobabies… Despite the fact that I have been attending births for fourteen years, my first experience with Hypnobabies happened only a year ago…and I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Why not?  Because I’d had previous experiences with “hypno”-classes and the subsequent …


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Pregnant Moms are more hypnotizable!

A study done in Australia shows that moms are more hypnotizable while pregnant.  This is great news for moms wanting to use Hypnobabies!


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Midwife, and Hypnobabies Instructor’s Experience with Hypnobabies

I have been a Hypnobabies instructor for a year now and would like to share some of my experiences. I have taught three classes (actually in the middle of one). I am a home birth midwife and all of my Hypnobabies students have been my clients, except for one couple planning a hospital birth. First …


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Man hypnotizes himself for operation

There was a cool article in the BBC News about a man who hypnotized himself for an operation on his hand.  This man had been practicing hypnosis for many years, so was able to do this himself for this operation.  I have heard of others who have used hypnosis for different medical procedures using hypnosis, …


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Hypnobabies Testimonital from Misty, M.D

 I just wanted to say what an awesome program Hypnobabies is – and encourage anyone trying it for the first time.  I haven’t posted on the group really, though I enjoy reading.  So I thought I could share my Hypnobabies journey and maybe help others like you’ve all helped me. My first, ds, was a …


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