A Midwife’s Experience with Hypnobabies

Here is a lovely letter a midwife wrote about Hypnobabies… Despite the fact that I have been attending births for fourteen years, my first experience with Hypnobabies happened only a year ago…and I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to it.  Why not?  Because I’d had previous experiences with “hypno”-classes and the subsequent …

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Pregnant Moms are more hypnotizable!

A study done in Australia shows that moms are more hypnotizable while pregnant.  This is great news for moms wanting to use Hypnobabies!

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Midwife, and Hypnobabies Instructor’s Experience with Hypnobabies

I have been a Hypnobabies instructor for a year now and would like to share some of my experiences. I have taught three classes (actually in the middle of one). I am a home birth midwife and all of my Hypnobabies students have been my clients, except for one couple planning a hospital birth. First …

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Man hypnotizes himself for operation

There was a cool article in the BBC News about a man who hypnotized himself for an operation on his hand.  This man had been practicing hypnosis for many years, so was able to do this himself for this operation.  I have heard of others who have used hypnosis for different medical procedures using hypnosis, …

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Hypnobabies Testimonital from Misty, M.D

 I just wanted to say what an awesome program Hypnobabies is – and encourage anyone trying it for the first time.  I haven’t posted on the group really, though I enjoy reading.  So I thought I could share my Hypnobabies journey and maybe help others like you’ve all helped me. My first, ds, was a …

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