Caleb’s Hypnobabies Birth Center Waterbirth Story

Caleb’s Hypnobabies Birth Center Waterbirth Story

“They couldn’t believe it. Just 30 min prior the midwife had told me I was only 5 cm and here I was holding my son after my waterbirth. The birth assistant wasn’t even ready. They both applauded me and my husband.”

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It was 3 am, and I had just put our 2-year-old back to sleep from waking up in the middle of the night. I slipped back into bed and tried to get comfortable, as I rolled over I felt a little pop down there. I knew instantly from my first birth that my water had broken. I hurried to the bathroom so the water could spill out in the toilet. My husband woke from the light and without seeing me said: “did your water break?” 🙂

new parent holding baby in tub after waterbirthWe paged the midwife and got ready for the day; we were going to have a baby!! Things progressed very fast this time compared to my first birth. Within 15 min I was already getting the shivers and feeling nauseous. I went to the bed and my husband pulled out his app to time my birthing waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions). They were already less than 15 min apart. Because I was progressing much faster than the first time we wanted to go to the birth center much sooner. So, we called the midwife and said we were on our way. By 5 am we were out the door.

The car ride was difficult staying in one place but I kept my Easy First Stage track (Hypnobabies main birthing day track) on the whole time and just focused with each wave. The waves were much closer together and were progressing much faster than I had remembered the first time.

We arrived at the birth center around 530 am and the midwife checked me and said I was only 3 cm. I couldn’t believe it. Based on what I remembered from my first birth experience I thought I was much further along. Nevertheless, I didn’t let it get in my head. I knew this was progressing fast. The midwife suggested we go outside and walk around.

So, for about an hour we walked around outside in the courtyard, even went up and down stairs, and listened to the birthing track. Pausing every now and then for each wave; but for the most part, staying in motion through each one, and repeating to myself “open, open, open” to help my cervix progress.

By 7 am I had to pee so we came back into the center. The waves were 3-5 min apart. I spent the next hour on the birth ball and on all fours on the bed. By this time, I was really in the zone. There was a shift change with the midwives and I remember looking up and seeing them talk to me but didn’t respond. They could tell this was a different stage. My pressure waves were right on top of each other.

745 am I had to go to the bathroom again and while I was on the toilet I felt a tiny urge to push. I told my husband and he went and told the midwife. She and the birth assistant came into the bathroom and she asked to check me. I was only 5 cm! I couldn’t believe it!! There was no way I was feeling what I was feeling and not ready to go. Again, I didn’t let it get in my head.

8 am- my husband asked if I could get in the tub. They didn’t want me in earlier because I was only 3 cm dilated and didn’t want it to affect my blood pressure. They said yes and began getting it ready. I hung out in the bathroom a little bit and then slowly made my way back to the room to undress. I remember leaning over the bed as more waves came and feeling small urges to push again. My husband got the wireless earbuds so I could wear them in the tub. Just before stepping in the tub I changed the track to Pushing Baby Out (Hypnobabies track just for pushing). I didn’t care what they said. I knew in my mind he was coming.

I stepped into the warm bath at 825 am. It felt so nice and relaxing. I let my body float as a birthing wave came and with the slight urge to push again. My husband asked if I wanted to get on all fours as I did with my first, but deep down I knew It wasn’t going to be long, so I just shook my head. Another wave came and I must have given a look as If I was trying to push. The midwife looked at me puzzled and asked, “are you trying or is your body just doing it?” I said between waves “it’s just doing it.” She leaned over and reached down to check my cervix and said “oh! Ok, go ahead!”

In that instant… it was the extra bit of permission my mind needed to let loose. Another birthing wave came, and the urge to push, and with the words in my ear “push… push…” I began pushing harder. I reached up to grab the bar on the wall, and my husband was holding my other arm keeping me above water. After a total of three pushes my son was out at 830 am!!!

They couldn’t believe it. Just 30 min prior the midwife had told me I was only 5 cm and here I was holding my son. The birth assistant wasn’t even ready. They both applauded me and my husband. They shared of other women that came in using the Hypnobabies method but didn’t use it effectively as we did. We stayed in our Bubble of Peace the entire time, had no distractions and didn’t let their timeline affect ours.

I’ve told so many moms this story and they can’t believe it. Luckily my husband was right there and heard every word and can vouch for it.

Caleb Jace Torres is my second successful hypno-baby. Born April 21, 2018. A day I’ll never forget.