Bringing Birth Back The Rise of Cesareans And The Movement To Safely Prevent Them

Thank you to Linda Harris for allowing us to share this informative infographic.

Historically, cesareans were a last resort to be used only when a mother was beyond help in order to save the baby. The death rate was 100%. Today, while they have saved countless mothers and babies, they are so commonplace that they comprise 1 in 3 births (32.8%) [1,296,070 out of 3,952,841 births – 2012]. The World Health Organization stands by their claim that only 10 – 15% of births are justified by a cesarean. Members of the medical community, armed with new research and standards, are helping families to bring birth back!

In March 2014, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommended changes in practice: [5]

1. Allow more time for labor

  • First stage-early:
    • Extend early first stage of labor up to 6cm dilation (instead of 4)
    • No time limit (instead of 20hr [first birth] and 14hrs [2nd+births])
    • allowing oxytocin be administered for at least 12–18 hours after membrane rupture before deeming the induction a failure.
    • If labor is induced (22.8% of the time), use cervical ripening methods (such as misoprostol, dinoprostone, prostaglandin E2 gel, Foley bulbs, and laminaria tents)
  • First stage-active: Labor arrest should not be diagnosed except for mothers who fail to progress…
    • with ruptured membranes
    • at least 6+cm dilated (instead of 4cm)
    • at least 4 hours of adequate contractions (instead of 2hr).
  • Second stage:
    • No maximum time length.
    • Labor arrest should not be diagnosed during second stage until at least 3 hours of pushing (instead of 2hr) [first birth] and 2 hours (instead of 1hr) [second+ birth].

 “Big babies” have to be much bigger to validate a cesarean!

  • At least 9 pounds, 14 ounces in women with diabetes
  • At least 11 pounds in women without diabetes
  • Weight measurements late in the pregnancy can be imprecise

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