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My name is Carole Thorpe. I am Hypnobabies VP. I have been active in the natural childbirth community for over 35 years. I assisted hundreds of women in childbirth long before we were known as doulas. I was a birth assistant to an MD/OB, who owned and operated a birthing center, and who also "caught" babies in couples homes.

I taught many hundreds of his patients preparation for natural childbirth classes. I taught them the anatomy and physiology of late pregnancy and the birthing process. I also taught them how to manage or cope with any discomfort during their birthings by using breathing techniques similar to those taught by both Bradley and Lamaze, and taught their birth partners to employ touch or verbal relaxation cues, and I taught moms how to create their own guided imagery scenarios to be read to them during their birthings in order to give them mental respite from their contractions, and how to use external focal points to distract moms and diminish any perceptions of discomfort.

I encouraged them to trust their bodies and their baby's journey through the birthing process. I personally assisted over 300 of those traditionally prepared women as they gave birth to their babies without drugs or interventions. I assisted women who were peaceful, physically relaxed and in control of their birthings, and who were empowered by the outcomes. I gave birth to four children this way myself. I'd venture to say that the majority of those who gave birth naturally this way, wouldn't say that they enjoyed their baby's birthing per se, or that it was physically pleasant. Maybe they were delighted that they achieved their goal of an unmedicated birth, and most of them were empowered by the fact that they endured, or that they managed or coped with the pain of childbirth. None of them said it was easy or comfortable, or that they enjoyed their babies' births so much that they'd like to do it again the very next day.

Today I hear my doula clients say such things as, "My birthing day was the most amazing day of my pregnancy, NO PAIN!...I would do it again tomorrow", (moments after giving birth to her first baby). One recent mom said, "THAT was IT? It was SO EASY...I so want one more!" (the instant her baby slipped out of her body and was brought up into her arms). And, I heard a high-risk OB say (with tears in his eyes), "In my 15 years of practice, I've never seen another woman give birth with such dignity, such grace and such control". …
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Our cleaning lady didn't show on Thursday - not sure why.  So, my house was a bit of a mess.  I was feeling kind of crampy and tired on Friday, so I stayed home from work.  Nesting kicked in full force - I cleaned the kitchen.  Including the revolving spice rack and the cabinet doors.

Later that evening, pressure waves started and were 10-12 minutes apart.  They weren't coming any closer together, so I went to bed and tried to get some sleep, which didn't really happen.

At 7am on Saturday, I got up.  Timed pressure waves again and they were 5-7 minutes apart.  I ate breakfast, made Morgan some french toast and called my doula.  Brian called his mom to come take Morgan.  I was initially feeling like the Hypnobabies program wasn't working, until I talked to Jean (my doula) and she remarked how calm I sounded.

She showed up about an hour after I called her (9:30am or so).  We labored at home until waves were 2-3 minutes apart - 11:30am.  They never increased in intensity - I felt them as pressure/tightening sensations. …
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lily ann was born on monday, june 9th at 12:39am - after about 14 hours of birthing. 

i skipped church on sunday morning - because i was having some pressure waves - however, i had no idea that the baby was going to come. 

they were 5 minutes apart for over an hour, we called to check and see when the dr. wanted us to come in.  i was GBS+, so he wanted me to come in at that point. 

my doula (also my HB instructor) met us in triage. 

they admitted me soon after - and i was dilated 4 cm. 

i had never met the doctor who was on call that day - and the first thing he suggested when we got into the room was that he break my water.  we declined.  the dr. and nurse read my birth plan - and both of them seemed somewhat understanding of our preferences. … 

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My pressure waves started early Thursday morning, June 12th (not sure what time as I didn't look at the clock when they woke me up) but I finally got up after one woke me up at 6:40am. I had another one 10 min later so I decided to try and time them. Starting at 7am I started timing them and I had 4 in a row at just under 10 min apart. They stayed between 10 - 20 min apart for most of the day. I started listening to my Hypnobabies script Easy Stage One on repeat.

Between 5 - 6pm they started to get more intense and they seemed more frequent. I asked my husband to time them for me and they were coming about 6 - 7 min apart and lasting about 30 - 45 sec. I continued to breathe through them and listen to my Hypnobabies scripts the entire time. I alternated between Painless Childbirth and Easy Stage One.

At about 9pm when the pressure waves were about 4-5 min apart for an hour I asked my husband to call my mom to have her come down (she lives down the street from me). When the pressure waves were consistently 3-4 min apart and lasting close to a minute we decided to head to the hospital. I took a 15 min shower first while my mom hovered over me and my husband got everything out to the car.

We arrived at the hospital at 9:30pm on Thursday, June 12th. I was taken to a triage room and put on the fetal monitor, my vitals were taken, and a cervical exam showed I was 6-7 cm dilated. The triage nurse was surprised at this because she said I was doing so well. …
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This is the story that led me to teaching Hypnobabies. My baby's birth presented me a view of part of my mission on this earth. It opened the door to my own healing and allowed my son to enter the world in peace and love, without drugs or interventions. I look forward to being a part of many other miraculous events!

This was my fifth baby but first home/water/hypnobaby. My pregnancy was wrought with depression and anxiety. I was told by many to just go with what I knew and stick with the hospital. It was believed that I wasn't strong enough to handle a natural home birth. I put my heart and soul into making it work out. Everything related to natural birth and positive stories that I could get my hands on was devoured! It felt like my longest pregnancy because my every breath was for my baby. In the past, I would try to go on with life and let the pregnancy pass quickly. This time, I learned all I could and paid attention to every detail. Regardless of the need to medicate my anemia, depression, anxiety and group B strep, I was determined to have my home birth. When my baby presented himself breech at 38 weeks, my midwife gently and casually turned him around. I didn't even have to worry about c-section because it went so quickly and so well. …

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Hello from Manila!

Victor Emilio ("Vito"), our 5th child, arrived at 3:58 am on May 31.  Interestingly enough, when I would visualize my birthing time while listening to the Affirmations track, I always saw myself as birthing at 4 am.  The power of the mind is amazing!

My pregnancy, despite my age (41) went very well.  I was active and working throughout.  I exercised 5 days a week, doing spinning, dance and Pilates classes up to a couple of days before birth day.  My husband and I have 4 other children, ages 22 to 13, so my last birthing prior to this was almost 14 years ago.

This was our 5th drug-free delivery and our first to consciously use hypnosis during birth.  As I mentioned in my Introduction to the e-group, I apparently went into an altered mental state during my other births but was not aware how I entered it or what it was until later.  This time, with the understanding that it was self-hypnosis that helped me manage my previous births, I consulted a hypnotherapist for 3 practice sessions and listened to the Hypnobabies scripts for 6 weeks before baby's arrival. … 
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On Monday, May 5th, I went to my appointment with the midwife. My due date was on May 3rd, so she started talking about the possibility of inducing labor since they can not continue my care if I am over due too long. I did not want to be induced so I let her strip my membranes. That was not a comfortable experience even trying to relax. She said that she could feel Claire's ear.  That totally weirded my husband out. (:

After my appointment we went bike shopping for my husband. I was cramping and bleeding but nothing much was happening. When Brian got back we went on a walk. When we were starting back I started cramping. It started getting so I did not want to walk through them although I could. When we got back home we decided to go out on what may have been our last date before the baby. We went to "Color Me Mine" and painted some pottery for the baby. That was really fun!

We got back around 10:30 and I went to bed around 11:30. Around 1:00 I woke up feeling contractions but went back to sleep. By 2:00 I could no longer sleep and woke up my mom and we started timing pressure waves. Around 5:30 they were 45-1:00 minute long and only about 3-4 minutes apart and we decided to go to Orem Community. I was trying to stay very relaxed and using my hypnobabies suggestions. We got to the hospital at 6:00 and they admitted me to the triage. When they checked me I was 3 centimeters dilated. The midwife on call started me on antibiotics (since I was GBS +) and after an hour I was at a 4. …

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Amberle was born at 6:25ish on Tuesday, May 6.  I woke up Monday morning around 4 with cramping thinking to myself, if I don't get back to sleep I'm not going to have a very good time!  I plugged in my easy first stage track on my iPod and didn't wake back up until about 6:30.  Between 6:30 and 7 though, I had about 5 contraction/cramps and started wondering just how fast this birth was going to be!

As I went about my day I made sure I got some of my last minute things done such as grabbing some receiving blankets from the store, and picking up my Medic Alert bracelet from being repaired.  Monday went along pretty normally save the every 20-60 min cramps. Although by Monday evening I was pretty sure this baby was coming out, off to bed I went at my normal time after a nice long hot bath. I managed to sleep from about 22:00 to 0:30, so I got recharged a bit.  By 1:30 I decided I'd better wake up my husband, and get him to write down the wave times so that I could focus on my training.  With my first birth, I used meditation to take my mind off of the waves, and found hypnosis similar enough that it was an easy journey.

We called our midwife at 3:30 and with my contractions actively 3-5min apart, my husband was starting to think we should skip that stage and head to the hospital.  My midwife kept talking to me on the phone trying to "hear" a wave, but with my training, and tolerance there wasn't much to hear.  She asked if I'd like her to come over to check on me and I did. … 

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First I want to say I started the Hypnobabies homestudy late (about 34 weeks) and that I had a really hard time not falling asleep in them. Toward the end I would fall asleep to them at night and then listen to them again in the morning before I got out of bed. I tried to practice my on/off and center switch but wasn't very good at it. After going and going all week, I finally told DH that I didn't have anything planned for the rest of the time I was pregnant. "Good, let's keep it that way" is how he responds. He doesn't like being overscheduled. So Friday night we finally had a relaxing night. We watched a movie. I kept putting DH hand on my belly so he could feel how the baby was pushing or exercising. We joked that it liked to be up at night when I wanted to be sleeping. So we went to bed at 11 ish I think. If this was part of my birthing time, I was pretty clueless. I didn't think anything of it.

I woke up at 1:50 am because I thought I peed my pants. But I had to pee a lot more. And more. DH asked what was up and I said I thought my water broke. He said "just go back to bed." So I tried. But I couldn't. I didn't want to just lay there and think about it. So I went to the computer and worked on it. I put on my birthing day affirmations CD to help me be in a positive mindset. I used a computer website (thanks to whoever put that great resource up!) to time my pressure waves. They were about 5 minutes apart and 45 second long from the time I started timing them. I decided that maybe I should try to relax during the pressure waves. So I would breathe and use a "peace" cue. I was kind of disappointed because they were starting to hurt a little. But I felt like I could relax a little better doing the peace cue. So I did that until maybe 4:30 am and I thought it was time I focused and lay down to relax better and listen to my easy first stage birthing CD.

I called the midwife and woke up DH. I was trying to let everyone sleep as long as possible. I thought that I would probably give birth about 8 or 9 am because that is how long my other births were. A neighbor came to stay with my other girls so they could sleep. DH and I got in the car. I was listening to the Easy First stage Birthing CD the whole time and I think that helped me try to relax. I tried the On/Off lightswitch but never got the hang of it so I just used the  Peace" cue. DH didn't run any red lights because he said I looked
like I was doing well. He used his "relax" cue and put his hand on my shoulder while I had pressure waves. I was breathing and I felt my hands get tingly and I thought, "I think I am hyperventilating" And with every contraction I started to feel tingly in my hips.

I walked into the hospital and then got in a wheelchair so I could relax more. The ladies at the triage were so kind. They pulled out all the consent form but after they looked at me they said "you better get her back here and check her out. The midwife was there. That last contraction was the one that I thought "I don't know if I can do this anymore." I held onto DH as he comforted me. I got onto the bed and DH pulled off my pants and shoes. The midwife checked me and asked if I felt pushy. I thought "pushy, I don't know" but my body took that as a cue that it was okay to push.

The midwife, Darlene, said "she is fully dilated and at station +2. I couldn't believe it. I didn't have time to think though because my body wanted to push and all inhibition were gone. I asked that they put the bed up so I could be semi reclining. DH said that her head came out so quickly and then the next contraction her body came out. It was 6:06 am and DH said "it's a girl."

The best thing was that it didn't hurt. I didn't scream or yell like I did with my first. I was so fearful that I would tear because I had gone so quickly to pushing. I tried to do it slow. The only thing I wish is that I could have had a mirror to watch her being born. So they put the baby on my shirt. (I didn't have time to put the gown on.) They midwife checked for tears and there were none! I was ecstatic. It was over already, just when it was getting intense. DH keeps saying I looked so much more relaxed and comfortable than I did with the others.

We think all that Hypnobabies CDs helped. Even though I slept through a lot of them. They got us to a room in about 15 minutes and I went in to take a shower while DH and the nurses took care of Cienna. I still couldn't believe it was all over so quickly. I was so happy to be free of contractions. And my other girls were still home sleeping! Good thing I didn't wait until everyone had woke up on their own to get to the hospital. I can't believe how close I was to having that baby in the car. I can't believe I didn't know how close I was to having her. I am so grateful that Cienna has no problems and that I didn't have any either. With the other two there was always something we had to check up on (heart murmur, hearing, tongue tie, jaundice) and I was glad that I didn't have any stitches or any excessive bleeding like I had had in the past. I attribute that to the pregnancy tea!

All I can say is "wow," our bodies really do know how to have babies if we let them. I am so thankful for this remarkable experience and a new little daughter. We just need to figure out how to take care of her now!

Thanks for all your support and help!

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What an awesome birth - yes, thanks to Hypnobabies! I have had 4 other natural childbirth experiences and I have to say that this one was THE BEST!
I had been having some issues with my blood pressure going up. I went to my appointment with my midwife on Tuesday April 8 at 9:30 a.m. and my blood pressure was 156/94 - still creeping up. My guess date was Thursday April 10, and I was really trying to avoid an induction. We discussed our options and decided to strip my membranes (something I was also wanting to avoid) and decided that we would talk about inducing on Monday morning if I hadn't had the baby by then. Note that we didn't actually schedule the induction, my midwife was really trying to help me have the birth I wanted! I agreed to go on bed rest as well until Monday to see if that would bring my BP back down.
After my membranes were stripped, I had a lot of pressure which didn't really bother me too much. DH and I stopped at a couple of stores on the way home, and I walked around without too much trouble at all. When we got home around noon, I soaked in a nice warm bath and relaxed with the Deepening CD.
Around 3 pm I started having sporadic pressure waves, anywhere from 10 - 15 minutes apart and lasting abut a minute. They were very manageable with the Birth Guide CD, and I relaxed on our sofa. After about an hour and a half, the PWs started getting stronger, and I was leaning over the back of the sofa on my knees to alleviate pressure. It worked GREAT! I found I wanted to stay in CENTER, even though when I practiced, I always liked OFF better. … 
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Last Wednesday the 26th of March, I woke up in the morning thinking that I had just had the worst night of sleep of my life! Nothing exciting happened, just couldn't get any good sleep for the life of me. I had been in to see the nurse practitioner the day before for my 38 week, really 37 week 5 day appointment and everything seemed good.

She gave me "a prescription" to eat ice cream every day because my weight gain was on the lower end of the spectrum, 22 pounds and I am average weight to begin with. She didn't do an internal because I told her it didn't really give us an indication of anything, she agreed but made a comment that most women like to know where they are at. I said not me, this baby will decide when it is done baking!

Back to Wednesday, about 8:15 am I was playing with my 22 month old son on his climber toy with slide wearing my bath robe, when I bent over to catch him come down the slide and "gush" my water broke and a puddle was forming at my feet. Funny side note, we are in the midst of potty training and my son has accidents on the floor here and there. When my water broke, he looked at me, looked down at the floor and looked back at me …

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After a long and tedious pregnancy, where I was on some form of bed rest for half of it, we have a beautiful baby boy born on Monday, March 31!

I'd been having Braxton Hicks for most of the pregnancy. I started my Hypnobabies home study course sometime around week 25, and had been in maintenance for about 2 weeks. I practiced finger drops every day, and recently started really focusing on center after reading what some of you ladies experienced. My husband did the relax script a few times, and I was very clear with him that I needed him to help me with that during our birthing time.

Lately I'd been feeling like my body was really working. I started having stronger BH and dealt with them all weekend. Despite being 37 weeks, I felt like our child (didn't know the sex at the time, but nicknamed Baby Simba by our DS) would be coming sooner, rather than later. I did the things that needed to be done at home. My DH and I finally bought the car seat on Saturday night. We finalized our birth plan on Sunday night. Really for no good reason, as we still had three weeks. Something just prompted me to get going on it. I woke Monday morning at 5 AM with my water leaking and some good bleeding with clots. I'd had irritating cramps throughout the night, but nothing worth turning off for. Just irritating. I saw the water/blood, but did not believe I was really in labor. I honestly thought the doc would want to induce me when we went in for our 9:00 appointment. I was disappointed, but prepared.

I tried to settle down for a while, then finally got in the shower at 6:30. When I was getting dressed, shortly after 7, I realized that these cramps were coming regularly. They weren't painful at all, just irritating. And NOTHING like the BH, or what I remembered labor feeling like from our DS four years ago. So, it's shortly after 7:00, and I realize if these are birthing waves, I've had four in just over a half hour. I wake my DH again and tell him to …

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Last Saturday, February 16th, 2008, I had my 40 Week 3 Day appointment. My midwife did an internal and said I was the same as last week (3cm Dilated). Boy was I disappointed. She offered to sweep my membranes again, (Which we had done for past 3 weeks) and of course since I was tired of pregnancy and felt it as time I said yes. She did the sweep and as we were sitting on her couch visiting I started to get waves.

She had just delivered another baby at 8 am and had been up all night so she was going home to sleep for a couple of hours. When we left the appointment it was about 2 o'clock. A quick note, I had decided to homebirth about 32 weeks along in this pregnancy. I loved my obgyn but she was going to be out of town on  my due date week. She had suggested being induced a week early so she could support me in my effort for a natural childbirth. But my  whole reason for going for natural and not an epidural this time had been to see/trust my body to work on its own this time so being induced did not sound reasonable at all to me.

I found a great direct entry (homebirth in Utah) midwife and began seeing her in December. We decide to go eat lunch and see if the waves would progress. We stopped at one Costco to get gas then started heading towards Chili's. On our way there I decided to start timing waves at 2:46pm. They were coming every 5-6 minutes consistently. I decided I couldn't sit through a sit down lunch with these waves so we headed to a different Costco to eat pizza with the kids and walk around. Well we got to eating pizza but I couldn't walk they were so strong. …
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Just the facts: 
Hospital birth with MW, first baby, did not find out sex before birth, 5'8" 120 lbs. pre-pregnancy, gained 35 pounds, 
faithfully practiced Hypnobabies home study course daily from week 25 to birth, GBS + (had saline lock and was given 2 rounds of antibiotics), baby arrived at 38 1/2 weeks, from 5 cm to Baby's birth: 5 1/2 hours, had chiropractic treatment (massage and adjustment) for sciatica every other week from weeks 24-32, did acupuncture treatment starting at 3weeks (2 treatments total), success thanks to Hypnobabies resulted in drug-free, discomfort free, GLORIOUS birth!

Pre-Birth Sensations
I awoke the morning of April 30 at around 1:30 a.m. with menstrual-type cramps that continued throughout the night at the rate of roughly four per hour. My DH and mom headed off to yoga around 9 a.m. later that morning, and I emailed the Hypnobabies Moms Forum my "real thing" question, as I really didn't have any idea how long these would or could go on. The cramps were lasting from :45 to 1:50 and seemed pretty consistent, coming about every ten minutes. They were fairly strong and a good chance to practice my "off" switch and other Hypno-tools.  … 
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I did the home study Hypnobabies course and had a great birthing experience that I thought others might find helpful. I should probably say that I am about the least likely person in the world to do natural childbirth. I have a degree in clinical pharmacy and am usually all about adequate pain relief! But after the birth of my first 2 children with epidurals that really didn’t help, I knew there must be a better way. So here goes…..

Pressure waves started at 12:45 a.m. after I’d been asleep for about 2 hours. They were approximately 10 min. apart. I stayed very comfortable and relaxed. Sat on my birth ball, listened to birthing day affirmations. Got up about an hour or so later and started to pick up the family room and kitchen (I wanted the house to be clean since I was pretty sure this was the real deal, and my husband had had football party the night before leaving out dirty dishes, etc.:) I’d turn my light switch to off when I had a wave, but felt totally fine and comfortable in between. Around 3:30 I had my husband call our babysitter who came right over. I laid on the bed giving her the final instructions on getting our daughter on the bus, what to feed the kids for breakfast, etc. while my husband finished packing the hospital bag. I would stop talking during a wave, focus, and breathe very deeply. She was amazed to watch how relaxed I could go!

We arrived at the hospital around 4:30 a.m. I was dilated to 6-7 and still remaining quite comfortable in between waves. We gave the staff our birthing plan and they were very respectful. I put in the Early First Stage CD and it was extremely helpful! I spent another half hour or so with the waves intensifying and then my doctor came in and I was an 8-9 cm. … 
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I was rather skeptical at first that I could really change my view of natural and normal childbirth, but I figured, what I have I got to loose? I ordered my Hypnobabies around 30 weeks and was able to start before 31 weeks.  I really took every word of the Hypnosis reminder to heart that this will work for me and my baby just how it is meant to. I dismissed every thought of negativity from my mind, ignored my husband's reservations of the program, and blew off any pesimism (sp?) from anyone else. I really got into my Affirmations and focused on listening and relaxing through my scripts. I made sure that I didn't focus on *whether or not this was working* just told myself it was!

This really helped me to change my expectations for my birthing time. I kept waiting for things for get like they did the first time around and each pressure wave NEVER got any more than what I could handle. Things truely were calm!  And to think I only had my midwife for the last three hours of my birthing time (12 hours or so total of consistent PW's). I could have gone all the way to full dilation by myself!

I went from thinking CX's to PRESSURE WAVES and they became just that - pressure! It changed from  P... to MANAGEABLE, SHORT LIVED MILD DISCOMFORT. Hypnobabies really helped me to change my perspective and better prepared me for the natural birth that my baby and I deserved!


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I was scheduled for an induction on Friday, December 28th, primarily because I tested + for strep, and since I am allergic to penicillin, I needed 2 doses of antibiotics 8 hours apart. We went to the hospital and started the first dose around 11:30 a.m. They were nice enough to do the IV as a hep-lock so that I was able to wander around after the initial dose. We spent the afternoon eating lunch at the cafeteria (the lady there didn't believe I was a patient at first, since I was walking around in my normal clothes!), browsing the gift shop, playing cards, and watching TV. I also listened to the Easy First Stage track during the afternoon, hoping to make my contractions a little more consistant.

My MW arrived late in the afternoon, and she checked me for the first time at about 5:30 p.m. I was only dialated to 2 (from one the previous week), so she stripped my membranes to get things going. That, along with walking, helped start some contractions, but nothing too exciting. At 7:30 p.m. I was due for my second dose of antibiotics, and my MW started pitocin when they re-started my IV. She upped the pit several times over the next couple hours...I was able to stay very relaxed for the first part by watching old episodes of the Office (I love that show!), and I think laughing during labor is a great thing!

About 9:30 the pit was causing a little bit stronger waves, so I put on my Easy First Stage track again …
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Just thought I'd share the long version of Jonah's birth story, while I have a few minutes of quiet with all three boys asleep!!!

Prodromal Labor

On Saturday (the 15th) I awoke around 3 am with pressure waves, which is normally when I wake up and go into birthing time. I got them every 10 minutes, so I figured I'd time them for an hour or so, and see how close they got together before bothering to wake Joe or call the midwives. By 5, they were still 9 minutes apart, which was odd, as I usually progress down to around 4 minutes by then. So, I decided I'd try to go back to sleep, and if they got any closer, then they would wake me up. I couldn't sleep, though, because I was too excited about it being birthing day:). The kids woke at 7 am after sleeping through the night!! By 7:30am, my pressure waves just suddenly stopped. I couldn't believe it! So, I went to sleep, and then slept on and off until around 10am. They started again in the afternoon, and then stopped again. Sunday, at 3am, again, I woke with pressure waves. I timed them, and they were 8 minutes apart, so I thought this MUST be it this time. The exact same thing happened. They came, stayed for a few hours, the kids woke, they stopped. They started again in late afternoon (as in the previous day) and by 5pm, I called my midwife, …  
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The following story is that of the birth of my 3rd child but 1st Hypnobaby. My first was born vaginally after induction at 42 weeks. I was not aware at the time of the risk of multiple medical interventions and ended up with a terrible spinal headache after a bad epidural. My second was a natural childbirth using the Bradley method. This was a beautiful natural birth but I felt a little left in the dark in regard to relaxation. This time I used Hypnobabies.

Our baby boy was born Sat Oct 20 at 1:42 pm. He weighed 8lb15oz and is 21 in long. He is perfect and I can't stop staring at him. His name is Noah.

I started having pressure waves Thurs night but nicely spaced (20 min apart) and this lasted all night Thurs (not much sleep) and all day Fri. I basically went about my day with my other dds. Fri night, just when I was about to try to rest again, they picked up to 10 min apart then 7 etc.. I labored all night by myself, listening to my Hypnobabies scripts and sitting on my ball. It was very peaceful and exactly how I imagined this stage. At 8:00 am I called my mw to tell her I had been begun my birthing time. I was not sure I wanted to leave for the hospital yet and she said that I shouldn't then.

I went back to my cds and my ball. It was harder to stay focused though because at that point my kids were up and distracting me. I stayed home until 10:30 am when I started to feel a little shaky and started crying. By the time we got in the car comfortable, drove to the hospital and walked from the distant corners of the parking lot we arrived just after 11:30. I was 7 centimeters!! …
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I love stumbling across moms reviews of Hypnobabies on their blogs.  This mom does a nice in depth explanation and shares her experience.
My experience with Hypnobabies has been great.  
During my second pregnancy, before starting the hypnobabies course, I was full of A LOT of anxiety over the upcoming birth.  I was working towards a VBAC and was struggling immensely with the disappointments of last time which lead to many, many fears for this time.  My husband can attest to tons of tears being shed.  I would average a huge emotional break down once a week, crying over all the what-ifs and doubts I had.  (I said, average --- there were weeks where it was really, really bad and I would have many more breakdowns that that.)
When I discussed purchasing the course with my husband, he agreed with me that even if the course did nothing but help me feel a bit more confident during my pregnancy it would be worth the price for us.
Pretty quickly after starting the course work, I began making it through longer and longer amounts of time without crying.
I didn't even realize how effectively the positive statements were taking root in my mind initially.  I just started to feel more calm and confident in general.
In about a month's time I was making it through entire weeks feeling so good I didn't even notice I was not crying anymore, because I wasn't even thinking about my stresses.

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