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Posted by on in Hypnobabies Blog
Hypnobabies now has an Official Facebook Page

Become a Fan today!
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I thought this was a great story about how Hypnobabies tools can be used for your whole life!  It is like riding a bike.  :)
I'm currently just over 11 weeks with baby #4, this will be my 4th Hypnobabies birth (a repeat "customer", the highest recommendation I can give it!). DS was a med-free hospital birth in 2004, DD1 (10lbs!) was a homebirth in 2006, DD2 was a home waterbirth in 2008, this little one is due in June 2010.

This time around I'm facing something I've never experienced before - gallstones. Ouch!  I've had 3 attacks now, and it has been the worst pain I've ever experienced. During my last attack I went and grabbed my iPod and loaded up my "Creating Hypno-Anesthesia" track and curled up in bed with my rice sock on my abdomen. It's been about 1.5 years since I've listened to any of my Hypnobabies tracks but it was just like riding a bike, it all came back. The relaxing deep breaths, the lightswitch and the anesthesia. Before the track was over I was comfortable and asleep, and slept through the rest of the gallstone attack. (A far cry from my 1st one that kept me up writhing in pain for hours.)  

I'm still waiting for my appointment to see a doctor about the gallstones (long wait times for appointments at the local military hospital) but I'm glad I have a coping mechanism for any other attacks that come along.

~ Sonja
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I just wanted to share my experience last night that illustrated the fear-tension-pain cycle to me beautifully.

The storm sirens went off in the middle of the night (the ones that warn about tornadoes and severe storms). A few minutes later, the storm started. Lots of lightning, strong winds, heavy hail. Then I started having pressure waves. I started freaking out, thinking that I was in early birthing time. I started worrying about the safety of going to the hospital in such a storm, and how we'd get our son to my in-laws. The pressure waves started to hurt really badly, which freaked me out more, because my peace cue was not working.

I then remembered the fear-pain cycle, and how fear can cause tension, and then pain and could even cause the birthing time to stop. I took a moment to remind myself that if I was in my early birthing time, I would have plenty of time before we would have to leave the house, and that the storm would have died down considerably before I would have to do anything. Once I was able to banish the fear, the pressure waves became much better and my Hypnobabies cues and hypnosis techniques worked great!

The pressure waves wound up not being my birthing time, but they sure taught me something!

Brenda, 40 weeks

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I haven't given birth using Hypnobabies yet, but I had the chance to use the program while dealing with intense kidney stone p**n just the other day. The Deepening track helped me maintain control of the discomfort on the 40 minute drive to the hospital and the "peace" cue helped me reduce the intensity while I waited for IV p**n meds. It was a great chance to practice for when baby decides to come!


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We loved this story of a Hypnobabies Birth told from Dad's perspective. He felt like a partner, he knew what to do, it was enjoyable for him and mom! Here's an excerpt:

"When my wife had her first contraction, rather than rush off to the hospital in a panic, we used our relaxation and hypnosis techniques at home for awhile. Our doula came over and helped, too. When we went to the hospital, my wife was at 8cm and completely calm (our nurse Cindy commented that she had never seen a woman so calm at 8cm). In the birthing room, we dimmed the lights, turned on the relaxation CD and read hypnosis scripts to reinforce the peacefulness of the moment. I was able to help my wife through the entire experience, and knew exactly what to say and do to help her stay calm and comfortable. The hospital staff was amazing — rather than being skeptical about the hypnosis, they were supportive and respectful. Dr. Murphy in particular was so encouraging and kind and positive. Never once did my wife yell at me or scream in pain. I even have a picture of her at 9cm in the bathtub, smiling. After just 3 pushes, my second daughter was born! 

Our nurse said later that she'd never seen a more peaceful natural birth. Our second birth would make for some pretty boring television, but for those looking for an alternative to the stereotypical chaotic and stressful birth, I can't recommend it highly enough!"

Read the entire story here:  Shaelyn's Birth Written by her Dad

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We just had a lovely discussion on the Hypnobabies Moms Forum about the power of birth. 

T said,
"I have been thinking about this for a few weeks. I hope my thoughts come out somewhat clearly (placenta brain and all). I practiced with #2 almost perfectly. I had a pain free birth. It was fast and furious, less than 2 hours. I pretty much started in transition from the get go. I was intimidated and frightened by the POWER I felt. I wasn't in pain (although I wasn't completely comfortable because I was overwhelmed). Nothing hurt at all. But it was as if the power of the universe was coursing through my abdomen and I was afraid. Until my dh got to my side and began saying and doing all the right things (about an hour into labor he got home from work) I couldn't let go.

I just share this little piece with you because I think I somehow missed that it could still be intense and powerful without being painful, and the fear that I had could have turned painful instead of just feeling powerful."

M responded,
"I think that's a really good description of what it's like. It actually really amazes me how powerful a birthing woman really is (the trick is to embrace that power rather than fear it, I think).  I consider myself to be …

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Pushing Your Baby Out… 

By “AHHHHHing baby down”, in Hypnobabies we mean that moms are breathing, “aaaahhhhhh” to open their throats, because we know that if their throats are open and relaxed so are their bottoms. Through a process called peristalsis, our ‘gut’ which is one continuous tube, ‘communicates’ from one end (the mouth) all the way down through the digestive tract to the other end (the rectum). Whatever is going on in mom’s face, is being mimicked by her bottom. So, when mom is 'breathing her baby down...ahhhhhhhhh', she is relaxing her jaw, her throat is open, and she is relaxing and allowing her birthing muscles to bring her baby down through the birth canal slowly, and gradually. This is so the birth canal can unfold accordion-style, and open gently, and so that baby’s head can also mold to fit the pelvis slowly and gently. Baby is propelled by the force of the pressure waves, down a little, down a little more, and even a little more each pressure wave, and then baby slips back a bit when the pressure wave ends, in a gradual, “two-steps down, and one-step back fashion”.
Mom breathes, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, and relaxes and allows her body and her baby to do all the pushing in the beginning. She allows her body to do what it already knows how to do, inhaling relaxation, and then exhaling and saying “peace” while powerful hypno-anesthesia automatically flows down and out ahead of her baby to exactly where she needs it in her bottom. This is similar to what women who have epidurals experience, …
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Posted by on in Hypnobabies Blog
Sophia's Birth Story - Beautiful Hypnobabies Waterbirth with some pictures too.
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Talita Pearl was born September 11, 2008, at 3:29 p.m. 6 days after her "guess date." The labor and birth were not like anything I had visualized or expected, but were exactly what she needed to come into the world safely and healthily.

"A few days after Talita's birth my midwife read the literature on short tight cords and discovered that my birthing time and actual birthing were "textbook" for that situation. Slow, easy labors and a longer pushing stage allow the cord to adjust with each wave and each push. Also the best position to use is lying on your left side. Exactly what I had done instinctively! I am totally amazed at nature’s wisdom and how if we just trust our bodies, they know what to do for our babies to be born safely and naturally."   read her story below ...
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Posted by on in Hypnobabies Blog
I had a slightly similar experience that was SO COOL for me.  I've  always struggled with fear and often have nightmares where someone (usually with a very evil feeling) is trying to scare me out of my mind.  Well, during the late stages of my last pregnancy I did a lot of  listening to Hypnobabies scripts while falling asleep at night and one night during one of these dreams, I suddenly said to myself, "This is stupid!  I don't have to take this anymore."  And I woke up. 

I didn't feel scared or creepy like I usually do after waking up from one of those dreams.  As I got up to go to the bathroom I said over and over, "I am not a victim!  I am not afraid!"  LOL!  I realized then that it is my choice as to whether or not I let myself be a victim.  I totally credit the Hypnobabies scripts and affirmations getting into my consious and subconsious mind giving me this empowering change of attitude.  I haven't had another dream like that since this experience.  Hypnobabies has made me a more confident woman in lots of other areas.  How's that for a great side benefit??

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Posted by on in Hypnobabies Blog

Jackson Dylan was born at 3:48AM on April 10, 2008. He weighed 9 lbs, 7.9 ounces, and was 20 inches long.

I don't even know where to begin. I can't really say when my birthing time started. I'd been having wildly irregular pressure waves for a couple of weeks, averaging maybe one or two an hour. Some of them were normal braxton-hicks, I could barely tell I was having one unless I put my hand on my belly. Some of them were a little more intense and were followed by a minute or two of intense downward pressure. Some of them were intense, were accompanied by downward pressure, and lasted five minutes or more. I woke up on Sunday the 6th with one that was nine minutes long, and I thought for sure that "today is the day". But I got out of bed, ate a little bit, and nothing else happened. I went to yoga class, thinking, "wouldn't it be cool if I was thatwoman who went to yoga class in the morning and had my baby that afternoon." I had one pressure wave during class, which I'm pretty sure was brought on by the pose we were doing, but that was it. …

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Posted by on in Hypnobabies Blog
Another great birth story we found on a Hypnobabies mom's blog. This is Tami's story of her Home Birth after Cesarean with her daughter Emma. Emma's Birth on the Empowering Birth Blog, which is full of great stories and information.
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Audrey, born June 14th 2:27 am, weighing 8 lbs 8 oz, and was 19.5 inches long.

This is my first post to this group, but I have been following threads daily and have really benefited from all of your advice....

After the birth of my daughter two and a half years ago, I knew that I wanted something different for the birth of our second child. I had not really prepared myself for the natural birth that I wanted the first time around, and I ended up with a long and difficult labor which was full of medical interventions that I had sworn I would never accept. After a friend had a very positive experience with Hypnobabies I decided to give it a try …
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Posted by on in Hypnobabies Blog
We always love to hear a good VBAC story, they are very inspirational to us, and we know so many moms who are preparing for their VBAC who need to hear positive stories.

Here is the link to a very positive VBAC story entitled, Gianna's Birth. The mom used Hypnobabies and at the end of her post, she gives a review of HypnoBirthing and Hypnobabies.
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Posted by on in Hypnobabies Blog
Here is an excerpt from another great birth story. 

"so, the day of january 3 began at 1 a.m. early morning when contractions/waves began and ended that late night with baby landing in john's arms. john caught the baby and also cut the cord. i'm not sure if it was the ragin' cajun' spicy shrimp dinner and fried hush puppies from dinner the night before that began labor or the storm. 'john, i think this is it,' i said, the time was 3 a.m. from 3 to 6 a.m., contractions/waves went from 20 minutes apart to 4 minutes apart, which was so sudden that my doula got out of bed, drove from her home in mission viejo, and arrived at our house at 7:30. when she arrived, she set about making breakfast, we talked, chatted, and did our hypnosis. we later called davi my midwife and john and carole went about setting up the house for birthing. that's when carole called phone tree lady kathy, i believe, as kathy called back and i was near tears to hear her sweet voice, knowing that you were all alerted for the big event ahead. again, a huge thanks for your blessings." …

Read the rest of Dylan's birth story here: Dylan's Hypnobabies Homebirth

(Warning, there is a swear word in the post, when her water breaks and startles her.)
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Posted by on in Hypnobabies Blog

Birth Story of Andrew and William

Their birth story began on September 20 when I was 33 weeks pregnant with the twins. At 2am I woke with pressure waves (PWs) that were strong and intense and 10 minutes apart. Within 30 minutes, they were 5 minutes apart so we headed to the hospital. When we got there, they checked my dilation and I was 4 cm and 75% effaced. Since it was so

early, they immediately started me on Terbutaline, antibiotics, and steroid shots. The Terbutaline didn't have any real effect on the PWs, so they next started me on Magnesium Sulfate. At that point, delivery seemed imminent. The local hospital doesn't have the facilities for babies prior to 35 weeks, so I was transferred by ambulance to a hospital about 60 miles away.

I stayed on Magnesium Sulfate for 3 days and then they turned it off to see if the labor would restart. I had PWs the whole time but they weren't "productive". I stayed in the hospital 24 hours longer and when I didn't dilate any further, I went home. It took 2 weeks to recuperate from the Mag-Sulfate so my mom stayed with me and cooked for me.

On October 14, labor started again. This time I was 36 weeks. After 4 hours of PWs that were 5 minutes apart, we headed back to the hospital. I dilated from 4 cm to 6 cm in the triage area within the first 20 minutes. The standard procedure for delivering twins is in the operating room (which I was okay with) so we headed straight there. …

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Welcome to Baby G!
She is 6 lbs 9 oz... I think... (sorry M&G if I'm off!)

My thoughts the day after:

Ahhhh... I just attended the MOST AMAZING birth! Mom decided after reading "Journey Into Motherhood" that not only was her birth going to be comfortable, but also pleasurable. She did so well... the midwives just left the three of us alone (mom, dad and me) while I read her birth prompts and we gave her relaxing massage and light touch. When she reached transformation and pushing (they just blended together seamlessly) she began making the most amazing "Ahhhhhhh" sounds and she asked me to do it with her because she felt it made them more powerful... We got into a rhythm and everytime I looked at her, she had the biggest smiles on her face. I nearly began to cry. How amazing to be a part of helping a mom not only "get through" birth, but to have an empowering and even pleasurable experience.

The midwives and nurses at the birth center (this is first HYPNOBABIES birth in 3 years) were speechless and kept telling her how easy she made it look and how they barely had to do anything. When baby was crowning they just sat because they typically see it last about 40-45 minutes. No one had on gloves or anything and baby just came slipping out.

Only mom was ready : )

She felt every sensation and described it to us...she felt her cervix opening when her daughters head was pushing on it, she felt her slip down her birth canal...everything.

Wow. just. wow. Congratulations M&G on the wonderous birth of your beautiful little girl.
Posted by Hypno-Doula, Vanessa Manz, also Hypnobabies Instructor in Pittsburg, PA

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There is a new website out of the U.K. Bigbaby.org.uk that has great information for moms who are worried about having a big baby. So many moms go to a late pregnancy ultrasound and are told their baby is going to be so BIG. We loved this quote from the site. 

"I heard a great analogy from an obstetrician once, that likened trying to predict the size of a baby before birth, by ultrasound, to trying to guess the weight of a man, sitting in a bath full of water, in the room next door by measuring his waist and thigh bone. When you look at it like that it really does become apparent how ludicrous these gross measures we use are!"

Enjoy reading about all the myths and misconceptions about birthing BIG babies!

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Vanessa's Hospital Hypnobabies Birth Story

I had a mostly easy and uneventful pregnancy.  Even the morning sickness was almost nonexistent, except for a general icky feeling in the early evenings for the first few weeks.  I was incredibly tired and hungry throughout the pregnancy, and during the last 2 to 3 weeks I was nearing exhaustion.  It was impossible to find a comfortable position and I was unable to sleep.  My mental and emotional states were suffering in those last couple of weeks.  I arranged to start my maternity leave from work a week before my due date in hopes of having time at home to relax.

About half way through the pregnancy I started practicing Hypnobabies, a self-hypnosis program for a comfortable childbirth. I had decided I wanted to have a natural drug free birth and put my faith in 6 CDs with suggestions to help me relax through labor and experience childbirth as an easy and painless event.  Listening to a CD every night was a great way to relax and it also gave me confidence in my pregnancy and my body's ability to birth a baby.

My due date was 09/09/07 but I was really hoping to have my baby on 09/08/07 because numerically I thought it would be a fun birthday to have.  It was rumored that eating eggplant parmesan would cause labor to start, so we went out to an Italian restaurant for dinner on 9/7 and I ordered eggplant parmesan.  I also had the leftovers for lunch on 9/8.  I was having contractions on 9/8, but unfortunately they were not regular or strong enough to make me think that would be the day.  On the morning of Sunday 9/9 I woke up, and after using the bathroom I noticed some pink spotting.  I told DH I thought this would be the day.  I continued having contractions that gradually.... very gradually..... got stronger and closer together. …

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On Tuesday, May 13th, I went for my 41 week check-up. 20 minutes of fetal monitoring showed the baby was doing very well, and that I was aving some pws (I had no idea). I had used the 20 min to get into hypnosis, since I figured the doc would want to do an internal exam. I was right, but she mentioned the "i" word even before checking me. At this hospital, they like to induce at 41 weeks and 4 or 5 days. But since that was a weekend, she wanted me to come in on Friday if the
baby hadn't been born yet. Her internal exam determined that my cervix was dilated 1/2cm and "wasn't favorable," though the baby's head was far down.

Now I should mention that doctors here (Estonia, in northern Europe) really only deal with high-risk and overdue situations. I had only been seeing my midwife until this point, and my pregnancy had gone extremely smoothly. Naturally, I wanted to avoid inducing if at all possible. I asked the doctor to write down the name of the tablets (Cytotec) they use for inducing, and I'm so glad I did. I looked it up first thing once I got home from the appointment and decided that if they did induce me, it would NOT be with Cytotec. Also, the idea that I'd induce on Friday so they could have a nice weekend is crazy. …
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