Birth Partner Repeats “Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations” that He Learned Second-Hand to Calm His Wife

Thanks to a mom from the Moms Forum for sharing her experience with us.  She was fast approaching 42 weeks and was worried a scheduled ultrasound may lead to an induction or cesarean.

Thanks Hypnobabies for another pleasant pregnancy moment. I was all freaked out the night before my ultrasound, imagining horrible csection scenarios. Then I realised what I was doing and decided to imagine only happy thoughts – positive “what ifs” (as suggested in the workbook). So I imagined a great u/s appointment and getting told only good things, and that is exactly what happened! The OB respected my wishes to barely use the u/s machine, he just zoomed in and out, got his measurements super quick, and was very happy and encouraging about it all and told me that if I wanted to go a bit longer that would not be a problem. Everything looked so good!

So I feel better now, and have time to recoup. DH and I are feeling empowered again, we just lost it somehow in there.  But thanks to the affirmations we recovered quickly. DH actually repeats back affirmations at me when we are discussing things, and he has only heard them second hand, as in when I am playing them cooking dinner! It is so cute, he had no interest in listening, but picked it up anyway!

Hypnobabies really is an empowering program, and it is really needed as so much do with the birth model is disempowering. The knowledge, the new way of thinking, all of that helps so much! I don’t know how Hypnobabies will affect my birth yet, but oh my, it has made a tremendous difference to my pregnancy!