A mom posted this on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group and I asked if I could share it here.  I think it shows the importance of choosing your birth location carefully.  Yes, she could have chosen a hospital MUCH closer, but she wouldn’t be having the birth she wanted there!

Hi all!  I’m just stoked after my hospital tour, so I have to rant to you wonderful women who can understand why these little things are so exciting to me. 🙂

First, some background info:  We LOVED the little hospital where my DS was born while we were living in Austin, TX. But when we moved here to the Bronx for my husband’s medical schooling, we found ourselves living directly between two huge inner-city hospitals…they are literally across the street on one side of us and across a lawn on the other side of us!  Many of our friends think we are crazy for driving a half hour to Sleepy Hollow where my midwives attend births in a small, natural birth friendly hospital. I just know that I would be miserable with the hyper-medicalized, large-scale teaching hospital experience offered at our neighboring hospitals.

Today we finally found the time to drop by the hospital we will birth at, and we loved it! All of the nurses I met were incredibly warm and helpful, and everything I want in my birth plan is standard there. But what was a HUGE and wonderful suprise is that they do water births!  I knew they have tubs to relax in, but I thought they were like most hospitals where you have to get out when it’s time to push.  When the head nurse told me that my midwives frequently “catch babies” in the tubs, I felt like I had won the lottery! 🙂  It makes me even more excited and confident about my birthing time!

Anyways, just had to share the joy!  Good to know that the “medical establishment” is slowly coming around to more mommy/baby friendly methods.

Best to all,

Take the time to research the hospitals and care providers ALL around you!  It can make a huge difference.