You become a mother starting in your pregnancy and how you are treated during your pregnancy and birth can have a positive or negative influence on you. 

Bellies and Babies Blog has a great post titled How can we expect to make mothers out of women when we treat them like children?  

One great side effect of Hypnobabies and joining the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group, is moms are finding the strength to insist on being treated with respect.  (Of course we all should be, but sometimes care providers don’t)

Some mom’s sit down and have heart to hearts with their care providers and get the support they desire. 

Some mom’s end up changing care providers to one who WILL listen.

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  • […] The moms on this group are wonderfully supportive of each other and encourage one another to trust their body and their baby and make the best choices regarding birth for THEM.  Certainly each family and experience is different.  Each culture has their different issues and traditions as well.  They e-mail questions on many different topics from hypnosis to care providers and baby friendly practices, or lack thereof.  They get support from the other moms to ask questions, demand answers and make changes if they aren’t happy with the answers; basically to empower themselves! […]