Become a Hypnobabies Affiliate and Make Money!

mom listening to hypnosis

mom listening to hypnosis

Become a Hypnobabies Affiliate and Make Money!

Hypnobabies® – Natural Childbirth at its best!

Welcome Hypnobabies Fans – you know that Hypnobabies is excellent for natural childbirth and now you can make money sharing Hypnobabies with other families and birth professionals! Become a Hypnobabies Affiliate, share your Affiliate ID link by e-mail, in Facebook and Twitter posts, and many other places. When people click your Affiliate link and purchase a Hypnobabies product, you will receive a commission of 15% of their purchase!

Hypnobabies Affiliate Program Frequently  Asked Questions:

Q) Are there any  membership or monthly costs for joining Hypnobabies Store Affiliate Program? 

A) No. Our  Hypnobabies Store Affiliate Program is completely free to join and maintain your  membership.

Q) How does the  program work?

A) You register  to become a Hypnobabies Store Affiliate , completing *all* required information on your application.  

We will evaluate all applications in good faith and will notify applicants of acceptance or  rejection by e-mail. We may reject any Affiliate application if we determine (in our sole  discretion) that the website or newsletter that has been provided to us is unsuitable for our Affiliate Program for any reason, including, but not limited to, inclusion of content that  is, in our opinion, unlawful or otherwise does not meet our Acceptable Use  Policy located in our Affiliate Program Terms of Service.

Legitimate  Affiliate member requests will be approved and will receive a personal Affiliate ID link. You can then place your Affiliate ID link on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and newsletters. When someone clicks on your Hypnobabies Affiliate ID link  on your website or newsletter, then visits our Hypnobabies Store and purchases a  product, you will receive your commission – 15 percent of their total product  sales. Commissions will not be paid on products that are returned or refunded.  (Hypnobabies does not accept product returns or refunds) You may not create  advertisements of any kind to promote your Affiliate Tracking (product) links;  only URL links are allowed.

Q) Where will I  place the Hypnobabies Affiliate ID links to promote to my contacts? 

A) You can place  your Affiliate ID links in e-mails, newsletters, on your website, blog,  Facebook page, Twitter posts and anywhere else that you can reach people to  share Hypnobabies with them. You may NOT create ads that link to our website  which are placed on any pay-per click or other sites, search engines, or  indicate that you work for or represent Hypnobabies, or use our trademark or  copyright marks. Please see our Affiliate Program Terms of Service for all of  the information on what is allowed and not allowed in our Hypnobabies Affiliate  Program.

Examples of ways  to share Hypnobabies and make money for yourself:

1) If you have a  website, blog, Facebook page that sells or provides pregnancy/childbirth/baby  information/holistic living and/or products, or one that promotes your own  doula/childbirth education/midwifery services, you probably send out a  newsletter to your customers/clients, and in every newsletter you will provide  your Hypnobabies Affiliate ID link and a small message about Hypnobabies products.  When someone clicks your link, they will be taken to our Hypnobabies Store to  learn more about Hypnobabies products. Our Hypnobabies Affiliate Program  automatically tracks if and when this person makes a purchase and your Affiliate  account immediately receives 15% of their total product purchase. Your  Hypnobabies Affiliate link will contain your unique Affiliate ID number at the end. 

 2) You can also place your Hypnobabies Affiliate ID link directly on your website, blog, Facebook  page and Tweet it out as well as other social networking such as LinkedIn, etc.  and when someone clicks on your Affiliate ID link, they will be taken to our Hypnobabies Store to learn more about that Hypnobabies product and make a  purchase.

3) If you don’t  have a website, but have the ability to e-mail friends, family, professional  contacts and others, you’ll just include your Affiliate ID link in e-mails and when  someone clicks on your link, they will be taken to our Hypnobabies Store to  learn more about that Hypnobabies product and make a purchase. 

Q) How will I know what commissions I  have made?

A) Through your Hypnobabies Affiliate  account, you will be able to track how many people have clicked your Hypnobabies  Affiliate links, how many people have made a purchase and how much commission  you have earned.

Q) How will I be paid my  commissions?

A) When you become a Hypnobabies  Affiliate, you will link your account to your PayPal account by simply providing  us with your PayPal e-mail address. We pay out Hypnobabies Affiliate Commissions  on the 7th day of each month, for the previous month’s  commissions, directly to your PayPal e-mail address. *All  Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions must be met before commissions will be  paid.

Our complete Affiliate  Program Terms and Conditions can be found by reading our Hypnobabies Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. Please  read our Hypnobabies Affiliate Program Terms of Service  page *before* applying to our Hypnobabies  Affiliate Program.

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