Welcome to Baby G!
She is 6 lbs 9 oz… I think… (sorry M&G if I’m off!)

My thoughts the day after:

Ahhhh… I just attended the MOST AMAZING birth! Mom decided after reading “Journey Into Motherhood” that not only was her birth going to be comfortable, but also pleasurable. She did so well… the midwives just left the three of us alone (mom, dad and me) while I read her birth prompts and we gave her relaxing massage and light touch. When she reached transformation and pushing (they just blended together seamlessly) she began making the most amazing “Ahhhhhhh” sounds and she asked me to do it with her because she felt it made them more powerful… We got into a rhythm and everytime I looked at her, she had the biggest smiles on her face. I nearly began to cry. How amazing to be a part of helping a mom not only “get through” birth, but to have an empowering and even pleasurable experience.

The midwives and nurses at the birth center (this is first HYPNOBABIES birth in 3 years) were speechless and kept telling her how easy she made it look and how they barely had to do anything. When baby was crowning they just sat because they typically see it last about 40-45 minutes. No one had on gloves or anything and baby just came slipping out.

Only mom was ready : )

She felt every sensation and described it to us…she felt her cervix opening when her daughters head was pushing on it, she felt her slip down her birth canal…everything.

Wow. just. wow. Congratulations M&G on the wonderous birth of your beautiful little girl.

Posted by Hypno-Doula, Vanessa Manz, also Hypnobabies Instructor in Pittsburg, PA