Be a Hypnobabies STAR…Forever…Internationally!

Hello wonderful Hypnobabies Families!

We often receive fabulous birth stories from our ecstatic moms and dads who have given birth with Hypnobabies and we are proud to share them on our website and Facebook page. Now we are offering you an opportunity to share your insights and advice with others who are studying Hypnobabies in a way that will help families all over the world. You can become part of the “Hypnobabies Team”!


We are currently in the process of updating our Hypnobabies course and we are adding quotes from our Hypnobabies students to encourage and educate other Hypno-families. We would love to have quotes from Hypno-Moms and Dads, and any other family members (or even birth attendants) who were in attendance at your Hypnobabies birth(s).

We would also love to hear from Hypno-Doulas what your perspective on the subjects below are – how did they help the Hypnobabies moms that you have served?

We need a short, two to four sentence quote on how (choose, 1 or 2 or any) the information in the following Hypnobabies course subjects *helped you*, or what they *taught you* or how you *used the information during childbirth* that allowed you to have a more relaxed, confident pregnancy and/or easier, more comfortable birthing, and/or postpartum:

• Benefits to you of taking a live Hypnobabies class or doing the Home Study (whichever is applicable)
• Our Special Place/Easy Comfortable Childbirth tracks
• Practicing the Finger-drop technique
• Practicing Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis
• Practicing Eyes-Open/Directing your hypno-anesthesia
• Using your Bubble of Peace
• Pregnancy affirmations
• Importance of practicing often
• Listening to your Deepening track
• Using our specific Hypnobabies “language”, birthing wave, birthing time, guess date, etc.
• Reading scripts together, or any practice with your Birth Partner
• Birth Partner’s script/CD/track (if applicable)
• Hypnobabies nutrition, exercise, avoiding toxic substances, stages of birthing time
• Learning about your pregnancy and childbirth choices; that *you* get to make all the decisions
• Hospital staff/birth center staff/midwife attitudes and respect – how did Hypnobabies help you gain these things in your Birthing Time?
• Creating your birth preferences
• Baby Kindness
• Optimum fetal positioning
• Info/perspective on guess dates/guess months
• Info on Hypno-Doulas
• Timing birthing waves
• Hypnobabies’ childbirth education: how birthing begins, waterbirthing, membranes breaking, hospital procedures, being responsible for your own birth, vaginal exams, etc.
• Belly Mapping
• Birth Balls
• Transformation
• Mother-directed pushing
• Listening to Pushing Baby Out Track
• Cesarean Fact Sheet
• Breech information
• Birthing rehearsal
• Mom and baby care info

Please choose a few of the above that meant a lot to you; that helped you enjoy pregnancy more and have a much easier, more comfortable birth experience. Only your first name and initial of last name will be included for any quotes we use. Send your wonderful quotes to us at and please include the following in your subject line:

Quotes – [your name].

Please also include the following in the body of the e-mail:

Your full name
City and state/province
Type of Hypnobabies course you studied (Class or Home Study)

Hypnobabies LLC has my permission to use the following quotes in their written educational and promotional materials, and any website or Internet posts.

Thanks so much,

Kerry and the Hypnobabies Team