Audree’s Hypnobabies RV Almost Waterbirth

Hypno-mom Audree on the floor holding newborn daughter smiling.

Audree’s Hypnobabies RV Almost Waterbirth

“Then in one breath, her head was born! She started crying! …. THEN her body followed a second later. She was SO SLIPPERY I felt like I was going to drop her! I didn’t, instead, I stood holding her to my stomach stunned. All I could say was “I did it. I just did it!”


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Team Green turned Team PINK! My 3rd (and final) natural baby, 2nd homebirth, and 1st hypno-baby born in our RV! I have had a hospital birth, home/water birth, and technically, a vehicle birth! 😉

Sweet girl stayed put nearly a week longer than her sisters making her birthday appearance at 38-5 weeks gestation! On and off the day prior I had mild cramps but having experienced them a few days prior and it turning to nothing I ignored them and kept on about my day. At about 5:20 that evening I noticed more consistency with the cramps but still refused to acknowledge that it may be real.

My mom jokes that it took us going to Costco and my husband cleaning the fan (last two incomplete pre-baby items) for me to finally relax and let baby come. 😂

Anyways, we went about our evening routine of dinner, showers, stories and then bedtime with my older girls. Everyone was asleep, and husband was out for his game night… a moment of silence and solitude, not something I get very often these days. It was at this point that I turned on my Hypnobabies hypnosis track “My Birthing Time Begins” (Hypnobabies track with reminders of all tools to remain comfortable) followed by “Birthing affirmations” as I cleaned dishes and picked up the house. Afterward, I decided to text my midwife to place her on alert. My births tend to happen quickly when I finally admit to being in my birthing time and for the sake of my husband and mother’s sanity someone else needed to be there. lol

She recommended for me to do the Miles Circuit to help baby get in the best position possible. I did those positions as I listened to “Easy First Stage” (Hypnobabies birthing day track) and “Special Safe Place” (Hypnobabies track that helps create a Special Safe Place) I remained in ‘center’ (Hypnobabies tool for being in hypnosis with eyes open and able to move) my whole birthing time as I simply could not keep still.

By the time I completed the Miles Circuit my pressure waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions) were coming every 4-6ish minutes, but only lasting 30 seconds. Thus, I was unsure if they were going to stick around. I woke my husband who had been asleep for maybe an hour and asked him to go for a midnight walk with me. (He thought I was joking 🙃) While we walked, I continued to listen to “Easy First Stage” in one ear (figured my inner mind was listening for the both of us) while my husband and I talked and walked stopping every few minutes for me to breathe through the waves. After a bit, I decided to call the midwife. I was STILL not convinced it was real and thought for sure I was calling her out of bed for no reason. My waves were only lasting 30 seconds at this point, even though they were averaging every 2-3 minutes. Surely, this was going to dwindle again…

I really just wanted to rest but somehow I knew if I did I would wake up in transformation (Hypnobabies word for transition) and there was no way my midwife would make it in time. I know this from my (nearly) previous experience. But I do believe it was at this point, subconsciously my body knew my midwife was on her way as it only took a few minutes for my waves to start feeling VERY productive with lots of downward pressure. That being said, my pressure waves were still very manageable and in between, I was totally cool. Walking and talking like any other afternoon walk…. maybe a bit slower though 😉.

We continued to walk for a bit longer but made our way back to the house as I was hungry. My mother woke to the sound of me rustling in the fridge and I told her the midwife was on her way. I only stopped eating and drinking long enough to lean on the counter and breath through the pressure waves, all while listening to “Easy First Stage”. The midwife arrived very shortly after at around 1 am. I did ask for a cervical check as I wanted the confirmation that I was indeed in my birthing time … 6cm but could be considered a 7. Okay cool. So, we can fill up the pool. It’s going to be a minute with the good ole RV water pressure and water heaters. At some point, prior to this, my Doula/midwife assistant appeared and everyone was busy setting up and filling the pool.

Not wanting to be in the way, I sat on my birth ball in my daughters’ bunk room, only standing when I experienced a wave. I will admit at this point my headphones were irritating me so I put the track on out loud. Things were progressing fast and my way of grounding myself through each wave was placing my head in the corner of the room. With each wave I started moaning and heavily using my “Peace cue” (Hypnobabies tool for instant physical comfort) I knew I was close. I was hot and then cold and starting to get the shakes. I called the midwife over and asked if I could get in the pool. It only had 2-3 inches of water in there, not enough for me to have the baby in, but she told me I could get in the water for some relief. I walked over leaned on the counter in my kitchen and felt a trickle down my leg. With my two previous births, I had a huge gush, this was weird. I didn’t say anything because I thought I had just peed myself (how embarrassing) 🙄. But with the next pressure wave water continued to trickle out “oh! That’s my water!”

It was then that I announced it, followed with “I’m not going to make it in the pool.” So, I stood in my kitchen next to the pool with my forehead firmly against the counter as FER kicked in. “Pushing Baby Out” (Hypnobabies track just for pushing) was turned on and I moaned as my body worked baby down. I will admit it was more intense than my last home/water birth and I remember thinking “why would anyone CHOOSE to have birth on land” lol but alas, my body took over and pushed. I simply moaned and tried my best to breathe through it all. It was at this point that my midwife reminded me to reach down and catch my baby. So, I applied counter pressure, again doing all I could to slow the intensity of my body’s pushing.

Then in one breath, her head was born! She started crying! …. THEN her body followed a second later. She was SO SLIPPERY I felt like I was going to drop her! I didn’t, instead, I stood holding her to my stomach stunned. All I could say was “I did it. I just did it!” over and over. She was born at 2:34 am. (I later learned that my midwife stood behind me with her hands further down as a safety net in case baby did slip. I also found out that it was 9 minutes from water broken to be baby being born and only THREE MINUTES of pushing… seriously it felt like it took forever!)

Anyways, I really didn’t notice prior, but my 6-year-old was there while I was pushing and as I was helped to the floor I heard my oldest start crying. She was so happy and seconds before I looked, I heard my daughter say “it’s aaaaa girrrlll” (my husband was the only person to know the sex and obviously told her a moment prior.) I looked to confirm… I HAVE THREE GIRLS!

Eventually, I was helped to the couch and then into the birth pool for a postpartum bath since we didn’t make it in earlier (my first bath in the RV 😉). Unfortunately, my photographer did not make it, so thanks to family and my birth team we have pictures! That said, my chiropractor did make it but just minutes after she was born. So, after our bath, while the midwives helped me to bed, the chiropractor gave a small adjustment to Lilly. She loved it!

Overall, it was another great birth, definitely my most intense, but still really good. I will admit that a lot of details were a bit opposite of what I had visualized through the pregnancy, but she was my third and I had been constantly warned that she was my “wild card” so I suppose she felt the need to write her own story and that she did. 9 hours from start to finish, no tears, and an hour and a half after my birth team’s arrival, my sweet Lilly decided to join us earthside. Welcome to the world sweet girl.

Liliana Grace
5lbs 15oz
19.75 inches long