Aspen’s Painless Hypnobabies Birth

Aspen’s Painless Hypnobabies Birth

We had our baby on Saturday, August 25th at 5:37 am. She was born at home into the water into the hands of her mommy and daddy.

My birthing time started about 10 pm Friday night. I had pre-birthing waves all week, with consistent birthing waves for HOURS that would then stop. When it started Friday night…I thought it might be “practice” birthing time again. I was waiting for another sign to confirm that “this is it”. I finally believed I was in my birthing time around 2 am.

I walked (paced) and stopped and did some standing pelvic rocks during the birthing waves. I rubbed my back and said “open, open, open” as well as using the “release” cue to myself. This went on for a bit, and then I sat on the birth ball and rocked on it. My sweet husband, Marc, held ice to my low back and rocked with me, reminding me to release and relax. We called the midwife to come at 3:45 am. She had another mother laboring at the birth center, but …

she was able to leave and come to us. She arrived at 4:45 am. I told Marc that I was nervous about her checking me and that I “wanted to at least be in active labor”. She checked me at 5:00 am and said I was 6.5/7 cm with the baby really low (like +1 to +2).
I decided to get in the birth tub. I started transformation/transition right away in the tub. After 2 pressure waves, the most amazing thing happened. I talked to the baby in between and told her that the birth would be gentle and easy and that we were ready for her. On the very next pressure wave…there was a change and I started to feel a lot of pressure (because after that talk, she started to be born!).

I told the midwife and she reassured me that the baby was coming down now. Then I started pushing with a great urge. I used the AHHHHH exhale technique to push her out gently. When it began to feel really intense the midwife directed me to blow. Then we both felt the baby’s head partially out (we felt hair). On the next pressure wave I pushed a bit and then alternated with breathing/blowing and then the head was out. I gave another small push and then Marc and I reached down and both pulled her up out of the water and placed her on my chest.
We were in such amazement. He started crying right away. We talked to her and welcomed her. (well, we still didn’t know it was a *her* yet). We actually held her on my chest and adored and fell in love for 5 whole minutes before we picked her up out of the water and saw that she was a girl. We were so delighted!

Her name is Aspen Alanna
She weighs 7 lbs 8 oz and is 19.25 inches long.
She has black hair and looks like her daddy but has my really long finger, feet and toes :-)