Ashley’s Hypnobabies Hospital Birth with Induction

Ashley’s Hypnobabies Hospital Birth with Induction

“I got into my bed & started listening to my hypnosis tracks, it calmed me immediately. I told my amazing nurses that I would be going within now & listening deeply to my Hypnobabies birthing day tracks, like Easy First Stage (Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks specifically for birthing).”

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I refused the offer to get induced after 40 weeks, I had some fears around the outcomes of inductions however at 41 +3, after a lot of exhausting false alarms & lot of prayer & meditation I felt in my heart that I just needed a little help. At 5 pm on September 28 I received half a dose of cytotec to help induce my birthing time and by 7 pm I was able to go home.

My first pressure wave (Hypnobabies word for contraction) hit at 9:10 pm while eating a slice of pizza with my love, Kyle & his mother. Since I had so many practice waves (Braxton Hicks) (some that lasted 12 hours then nothing) I shrugged it off & quietly breathed through it determined to enjoy some pizza after a long day.  Another one hit about 7 minutes after & I continued to try & hide it, but my mother in-law picked up on it & told me she thinks this was the real deal & I should not try to hide them but instead start timing them & do what felt right in my body.

I stood up & started to move gently around in the kitchen. I started timing them & breathing more effectively. They were already 5 minutes apart lasting about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Within another 20 minutes they were 1-2 minutes long every 3-5 minutes. I sat on my birthing ball petting my faithful Labrador at my side. Having him to touch at all times helped, with each wave I would grasp on to my dog & breathe through each wave.

I had planned to stay at home as long as possible. In my mind I visualized a candle lit house, essential oils diffusing, Hypnobabies playing, dancing with my man, making cookies for the nurses. HA! 
It’s true what they say… it does not go as planned, thankfully I was fully open to that. I knew that it was time to go to the hospital, my waves picked up so quickly. Within 40 minutes of my first wave they were only 2-3 minutes apart, they were intense & long.

I told Kyle to gather what we needed (luckily, we had most things packed) it was time for me to go within & listen to my Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks. I had a plan for when I would listen to certain tracks, but I couldn’t even focus on finding the right ones to press play. I pressed play on my oh faithful “Deepening Your Hypnosis” (Hypnobabies hypnosis track to deepen hypnosis to a much greater level) & I just let the tracks play through, not knowing what I was listening to, but it didn’t matter it helped me relax & get & stay in the zone.

It was a struggle to get to the car because my waves were already so close together. The last wave I had at home was outside leaning on my fence under the Full Moon. This was such a beautiful sign for me. I am very in tune with moon & I was feeling a little off because the cloud coverage had been so thick all week, I had not seen the moon in a while. Deep down in my soul I knew my babe would be born under the full moon so as if the intense waves weren’t enough this was what made me trust today was her BIRTH DAY. I surrendered to trust & love in that moment. Luckily, we live in a small community, we were at the hospital in our room within 10 minutes 🙏🏽

I think we got to our room around 10:30 pm & one of the first things Kyle said was “Look babe the full moon is shining into your room.” It was yet another beautiful sign, I stared up to the sky for a moment thanking God for the beautiful blissful easy uncomplicated and spiritual birth I had been praying for.

The nurse checked me soon after arrival, I was only 3 cm dilated, I was shocked because my waves were so long and close together. Shortly after we got in our room, I started to get very sick. I threw up all that pizza I was determined to eat. Then it started to come out the other end … I felt the shower would help so I got in around 11. I was in the bathroom alone with my nurse & Kyle very close by, so they could somewhat monitor me. (I’m guessing with the times as time didn’t exist for me.) 

I continued to get very sick, going back & forth from the shower to the toilet. My water broke while in the shower & things picked up even more! The waves got even stronger, I could hardly stand any more, the nurse told me it was time to get out. She checked my dilation & I was now 8 cm dilated, from 3 to 8 in 1 hour!

I got into my bed & started listening to my hypnosis tracks, it calmed me immediately. I told my amazing nurses that I would be going within now & listening deeply to my Hypnobabies birthing day tracks, like Easy First Stage (Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks specifically for birthing). Although it was written in my birth preferences, I requested the nurses to communicate with Kyle & only take my head phones off if necessary. It was at this point that I went somewhere else.

I opted to use the ‘laughing gas’ which helped me remember to take deep equal breaths in & out more than anything else. Almost immediately after getting into the bed I started to get the urge to push but they gently kept reminding me to hold back as I wasn’t at a 10 in dilation yet & they didn’t want me to tear.

I will never forget the look in my nurses’ eyes when she did the last check. This was the first time I took my head phones off which was for her to tell me I was at a 10! Her eyes lit up with such excitement & happiness which was contagious for both me & Kyle. It was go time!

Once the doctor arrived, I started pushing. The waves got even more intense as I was crowning but before I knew it, I could feel her beautiful hair filled head which gave me the motivation to push through & get her head out. At this point the waves starts to pile on top of one another, there was no break between the waves & baby’s right shoulder was stuck. Her heart wasn’t getting the time to recover between waves, so it was getting life threatening to continue to naturally allow her shoulder to work its way through.

The second & last time I took my head phones off was for the doctor to inform me of the situation & ask for permission to make a small incision in order to get her shoulder out, I said Absolutely. It felt like almost immediately after her shoulder came out, I pushed the rest of her perfect body out into the world. Aurora Viola was here and in my arms at 1:21 am! They informed me that it was just under a half an hour of pushing in total.

I’ve never been so happy or grateful in my entire life. I’ve never experienced such pure loving ecstasy as I held my angel for the very first time. All I could voice was thank you thank you thank YOU ! She was so tiny & so perfect. As she nuzzled onto my chest all was perfect in the world. The look in Kyle’s teary love filled eyes melted my heart even more. Although she was in my arms the fact that we created such a beautiful miracle felt surreal. I’ve never felt more love as I did in that moment.

I was up & walking around within an hour of giving birth. I spent the rest of the early morning snuggling with Aurora in our big comfy lazy boy under the Full Moon staring at each other & intuitively learning to feed until the moon went down & sun came up over the mountain ☀️☀️

Thank You universe for bringing Hypnobabies into my life, I couldn’t imagine birth without it. 🙏🏽