Arabella is my 4th baby and my 2nd hynobaby vbac.  It is long but I hope you enjoy it!!

During my whole pregnancy I was so sure that she was going to come in October and I was hoping that I would wake up in labor and have her by mid-afternoon.  I always envisioned birthing while standing up and then bringing her straight to my chest!  I kept thinking about how I wanted the birth to go and I am amazed to say that it actually happened the way I wanted but on Sept. 29 instead of in October.

I woke up the morning of Sept. 29 with a nice pressure wave at 6:45am.  I had been having strong waves for a few days but it was just one or two and then nothing.  So I just went back to sleep.  I had about 4 and looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:45am and since I was not very comfortable in bed I thought I would get up and see if they would stop.  This was how Jake’s labor started (I went to bed that night and had my first strong wave and just was not comfortable lying down).

I decided to take a nice hot shower and see if that would stop them.  I had 1 wave while I was in the shower and was starting to wonder if this was the real thing.  I got the kids ready for the day and downstairs for breakfast.  I had some really strong waves while getting their breakfast ready and so I called Jen, my sister.  I think I was in denial that it could actually be my birthing time since I was so sure she was waiting until October. … 
At this time it was around 830am and I was having waves about every 6 minutes.  Jen said she thought this was it and I told her I would see how things went.  I called Julie, my other sister to let her know it might be my birthing time and then I called my Mom.  I wasn’t sure if this was it and told my mom I was going to try and get some emails done for work and I would call her back in about 45 minutes.  I also emailed Dan to let him know it might be my birthing time.  I attempted to do some emails but could not concentrate because I was getting excited and so I finally just told them that I starting my birthing time and they had to deal with it.  Jen decided to come over so she could follow me to her house since we needed the minivan there so they could bring the kids to the hospital and I called mom to let her know I thought this was it.  I emailed Dan and told him this was it but I thought he had time if he wanted to finish his meeting.  He was already on his way home.

I tried to get the last minute things done but I think the kids knew something was up and they were a little clingy.  Jake had woken up very early so he was ready for a nap and so he wanted to nurse.  I tried nursing him but after a few waves it was too much.  Dan got home and we decided to go over to Jen’s house.

We got there around 11:30am and I was hoping I would really be able to get into deep hypnosis.  Up until this point I was just relaxing as much as I could during the waves but not going into hypnosis.  The waves were not painful just intense but I had to really focus to relax through them.   Once we got to Jen’s house I put Jake upstairs, he had fallen asleep on the way there, and we got the kids lunch.  Dan was ready to go to the hospital but I wanted to stay home as long as possible.  I needed to keep moving and was pacing back and forth in the kitchen.  When I would have a wave I would lean on the counter and sway back and forth.  The kids started “dancing” with me.

After a little bit, I realized that I needed to listen to my hypnosis to help me get into a good zone.  I still was not in any pain but just felt scattered from trying to get the kids all ready and get to Jen’s house and I hadn’t listen to any scripts yet.  So I sat on the couch and listened to the deepening track.  This did help me relax and I started to feel better.  After the deepening track, I had a few nice waves and I really just felt it was time to go to the hospital.  I really needing to concentrate and thought that it was getting close and if it wasn’t close that I needed to get really deep into hypnosis which was tough with all the kids.  So I told Dan it was time to go.  Julie was on the phone and said she wanted to come over but I told her I didn’t think I could wait.  We waited another 5 minutes for the brownies to be done and then I said goodbye to the kids and we left.

I had a strong wave in the driveway so waited to get in the car and then I put deepening on again as we drove the 25 minutes to the hospital.  The waves were more intense still not painful but I was thinking to myself that if I wasn’t at least 8cm I was going to be very upset.  We got to the hospital and I had about 3 waves walking from the car to the door which wasn’t very far and about 3 more walking up to the birthing center.  I had a few while signing the paperwork and then finally got in the room around 2pm.

I changed into my binzi which I loved and posed for a picture.   I noticed that I felt better if I pushed while I was having waves and started thinking maybe I am ready.  I kept telling myself I was crazy.  Finally the nurse came in to put the heplock in, since this was a vbac, and to monitor me and get some blood.  I was really feeling like I wanted to be checked but kept my mouth shut since I didn’t want to be checked and be only at 3cm.  The midwife came in while the nurse was trying to get some blood and said she would come back in a few minutes.  I was very tempted to say no just stay but again didn’t want to be wrong.  Finally the nurse finished getting everything and left the room.

I told Dan that I felt like I was pushing and he asked if I wanted him to get the midwife and at first I said no but with the next wave my body started really pushing and I told Dan to get them.  He was out the door so fast…I think I really scared him.  The midwife came right in and I had to get on the bed which I hated but she checked me and said I was fully dilated and she felt the bag of waters right there.

I got right out of bed and was standing next to it which was the most comfortable position for me and the midwife suggested that maybe I get on the bed and lay on my side so the baby would come out a little slower and they might be able to prevent tearing.  I tried getting on the bed but half-way on I had another wave and it was just so uncomfortable so I stood back up and continued pushing that way.  I felt the bag of water come out it felt like I had a small balloon hanging from me and I could feel her head coming down and going back up with each push.

After a few pushes I finally felt her head come out and what a wonderful feeling that was.  Then out came her body.  I got to lift her right up to me and Dan cleaned her head with a towel.  I laid on the bed to deliver the placenta.  The midwife was very patient and let it come out when it was ready and we waited for the cord to stop pulsating until Dan cut it.  Then Arabella nursed for about 1 hour and 45 minutes until finally I let them take her to weigh her and clean her up.  They did everything in the room and she was 9lbs 1 oz and 21 ¼ inches long.  She is so beautiful.

This birth was exactly how I wanted it.  I am surprised at how much more intense it was then Jake’s but it was also so much quicker and I didn’t believe I was in labor right away.  I did not get as deep in hypnosis as I did with Jake’s birth but I still wouldn’t say it was painful.  I didn’t feel as in control while I was pushing but I am so excited I got to feel everything this time.  With Jake I did not feel anything.  I don’t know if it was because I was so deep in hypnosis or just that I pushed for over 2 hours but I did not feel his head coming out and was sort of disappointed about that.  It was an amazing birth and I am so thankful that I found Hypnobabies!!!