So, this pregnancy, instead of opting for an epidural, I’ve decided to try Hypnobabies. There are several reasons but the most important one is the lasting side effects I’ve had from my 3 epidurals, and my desire to prevent that from worsening. (I have scarring in the epidural space. The anesthesiologist was actually unable to give me an epidural in the standard place last time and had to go up quite a ways to not cause me excrutiating pain. I have throbbing pain at the sites of the scarring when I get a migraine.)

I’ve been doing the program (we’re doing the Home Study course) for over a week now. Yes, just my second week! (It’s a 6 week course.) Already, I have found so many benefits to it. I can’t believe I never discovered this sooner.
I had pubis symphasis disfunction my last pregnancy. This time the aching pain in the hips and pelvis had started up, the hips popping every time I moved, etc. Within ONE NIGHT of listening to my Pregnancy Affirmations cd– just one night! One listen!– I woke up the next morning, heard my hips pop– and felt no pain. Instead, I had the thought, “This is normal for the stage of pregnancy I am in. My body is preparing for my birthing time.” …

So the physical state I was in remained the same– but my Pregnancy Affirmations (one of which is “my bodily functions remain normal for the stage of pregnancy that I am in) re-programmed my brain after ONE listen to re-interpret that as a wonderful normal sign of getting ready to birth my baby, not pain. Wow!

Another affirmation is “My blood pressure remains normal every day and every night.” I’d been having low blood pressure dizzy spells pretty frequently (I get those a lot when pregnant.) I haven’t had one in over a week (they were every day, sometimes twice a day, for the last month before that.)

This week I have learned the “Finger Drop Technique” to put myself into a state of deep hypnotic relaxation instantly for as long as I want, tune out everything but emergency-type input, and experience anesthesia all through my body (by turning my “light switch” off to shut down all non-essential-for-life muscles etc.) It is incredible! So relaxing, comfortable, and takes away all the discomforts, aches, etc. I am feeling. It cured my migraine the other day!

I also am healing emotionally from what I went through after Maggie’s birth (now believed to be PTSD. I meet all the criteria…) I have not had nightmares at all, or anxious thoughts or panic attacks about my birth or being separated from my baby, in the last week. This is incredible and wonderful. I can’t wait until later on in the program when I get to do the “Fear Clearing” sessions and hopefully let go and heal even more. I have been thinking only positively and with joy and loving anticipation of what a wonderful birth I am going to have, instead!
So, um, yeah, by the time I’m ready for my birth I am going to sound like a walking Hypnobabies infomercial, I’m sure. But really, this is GOOD stuff! If you’re interested you can learn more on their website, and they have wonderful birth stories on there too. I will be thrilled to be able to write mine! I’m sure I’m going to have a beautiful, comfortable birth with the help of the self-hypnosis techniques I’m learning and the relaxing, wonderful scripts from Hypnobabies.

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