First time mom who always slept through her Hypnobabies scripts, had a wonderful hospital birth and amazed all who were a part of it!

My guess date was August 30th and I was starting to get nervous about my upcoming OB app’t on August 29th, not knowing what my OB would recommend.  I had been having Braxton Hicks for about 3 weeks that would progress throughout the day while I was at work, only to subside when I got home and rested.  I kept hoping and wishing that “today was the day” and kept telling “sweetpea” that we were ready for him/her whenever he/she was ready to come join us.

I woke on August 28th around 2 am with a different sensation in my lower back than what I had previously been feeling with the BH’s.  It was more intense and crampy feeling.  I layed in bed for a few hours and decided that this was probably the day we were going to meet sweetpea as things just felt different.  I went into the living room and started to time my contractions as well as listen to my birthing day affirmations.  I sat on my birth ball and tried getting comfortable between pressure waves but the birth ball wasn’t providing me any extra comfort.

At 6:30 I woke my husband up and told him he wouldn’t need to be going into work as we would be going to the hospital instead.  I got into the warm tub and then a hot shower before getting dressed, eating some toast and drinking lots of gatorade.  My pressure waves were about 1-1 ½ minutes long and about 4-5 minutes apart.  I called the OB’s office at 8 am and the MD on call didn’t get back to me – ugh.  I waited another ½ hour and called the office back again and they recommended I go to the hospital.

We arrived at 9am and they admitted me to labor and delivery.  At that point, I was having bloody show and quickly changed from my clothes into a hospital gown.  The pressure waves were intensifying but I was able to stay comfortable thru them.  The OB on call came in and we reviewed my birth plan and he said everything on it was fine – no hep-well/IV, able to eat/drink as I wanted, mother directed pushing, etc.

He checked me and asked if I wanted to know how far along I was – I was hesitant to say yes as I didn’t want to be disappointed but my curiosity got the better of me.  I had envisioned arriving at the hospital at 6/7 cm but he told me I was at 3 cm.  Although a little discouraged, I knew things were progressing quickly based on the increased intensity of my pressure waves and was encouraged that we were finally going to meet our little one soon.  I listened to my deepening cd mostly and turned my switch to off when a pressure wave started.

Quickly after arriving, I vomited (which I never visualized in my birthing day) and my nurse said that is typical for some moms when they are dilating between 4/5 cm.  My nurse was excellent – she had used hypnosis for the births of her 4 children and was amazing in helping me to relax.  I had thought that I would like to keep moving – walking, rocking in a rocking chair, sitting on a birthing ball, sitting on the toilet – but when I tried all of these I became more uncomfortable and so I settled into the hospital bed alternating between lying on my sides.  My husband read mini-scripts and used the relax cue throughout the first stage when needed.

Time frames escape me as the last thing I was interested in doing was looking at the clock, but my guess would be around 12/1 pm, I was feeling a little pushy.  My nurse checked me at that point and said I was at 8 cm – the intensity at this point was getting ahead of me and I was having increased trouble relaxing.  My husband kept reminding me that I only had to deal with one pressure wave at a time and that we were getting closer to meeting our new baby.  I found the peace cue to be helpful at this point during pressure waves and I vocalized in a low moan as I exhaled.

Another thing I hadn’t heard about or visualized as happening during my birthing time was involuntary shaking during pressure waves.  As much as I tried to relax, turn off and go to my special place, my entire body was shaking and therefor I had a harder time I think at this point dealing with the intensity.  I quickly told the nurse that I wanted to start pushing so she told me to go ahead (they never checked me again to make sure I was fully dilated – I guess they just trusted me that my body knew what it was doing and I was so thankful for this, especially being a first time mother)!

Pushing was by far the most comfortable part of my birthing day – it felt so good to bear down and get things moving forward.  I started to push on my side but wasn’t entirely comfortable in this position.  My nurse recommended trying kneeling with the head of the bed elevated so that my backside was facing out into the room and I was able to rest my arms and upper chest on the top of the elevated bed.  I stayed in this position for the entire time I pushed and my OB delivered with me in this position which I was impressed with.  It was helpful for me to be focused on myself and not on things going on around me out in the room.

I pushed for about 1 ½ – 2 hours and no-one ever started counting or directed me in any way in how to push.  My body just took over and pushed during pressure waves – I tried to push between pressure waves but it didn’t feel right to me.  I was able to converse with the nurses and my husband between pushing but was very focused and inside myself.  The nurse and OB thought I wouldn’t tear because of the slow descent of the baby but at some point, I think I had had enough of pushing, got impatient and seriously beared down so that I could meet my baby.  I felt intense stretching/burning at this point that lasted for a very short time and at 3:55 pm, Amelia Mae was born.

My husband was able to cut the cord and the respiratory therapist had to suction her stomach right away because of the presence of meconium.  After that was done, she was given to me and was allowed to stay with me for at least 2 hours while we breastfed and enjoyed skin to skin contact. Right after delivering Amelia, the OB was pretty funny as I was still kneeling with my butt facing him while watching the respiratory therapist attend to my baby.  At some point I said “should I change position?” and he said, “that would be helpful as I’m having a hard time trying to figure out your anatomy from this angle”.  I quickly delivered the placenta (don’t really remember it as I was holding my bundle of joy and staring into her eyes) and had to be sewn up as I had a 2nd degree tear.

I had a successful first time hospital birth with no interventions and I am so thankful to Hypnobabies for this.  I was surprised by the intensity of the pressure waves and did experience some discomfort but I feel that is because I wasn’t able to focus 100% when my body started involuntarily shaking.  I also wish I had a better plan for my birth day as to what I would listen to on my ipod (I just kept going back to the deepening cd as I was looking for more relaxation but feel like I could have benefitted from other tracks as well).

During my pregnancy, I listened to my scripts religiously but always (I mean always) fell asleep while listening to them.  I always looked forward to coming home from work, lying down in my bed, turning on my ipod and waking up 30-60 minutes later feeling refreshed.  The one thing I wish I had done was spend more time practicing my finger drops and directing my anesthesia as I wasn’t as religious about doing these.  I was so thankful for the daily pregnancy affirmations – they empowered me so much and helped me relax throughout the pregnancy.

My OB wanted to keep doing ultrasounds because I was measuring small throughout the pregnancy.  I started to decline them, knowing I was healthy and that my baby was safe.  Turns out she was born at 6lbs 13oz – definitely not too small and just the right size in my opinion 🙂 We went home after 24 hours and every one was amazed at how well the baby and myself were doing.  Thank you Hypnobabies!!