Alyssa’s Healing Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

Hypno-mom holding newborn baby

Alyssa’s Healing Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

“This was the healing birth that I deserved and truly manifested through Hypnobabies. Never have I felt so empowered and confident in my abilities as a mother.”

I was introduced to Hypnobabies by my massage therapist and boy am I grateful! To preface, my pregnancy was filled with many challenges. Early on, I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, had severe iron deficiency anemia and experienced increased anxiety, especially about my health and the health of my baby. The first 7 months were some of the most trying months of my entire life. Thankfully, everything began to look up during my third trimester. Remembering the recommendation, I decided to give Hypnobabies a shot and started the online class at 29 weeks. Soon enough, I found myself in a very continuous state of zen and peace. I committed to my daily study and hypnosis practice. Listening to the tracks was my favorite part of the day and I grew increasingly confident about my ability to give birth comfortably and peacefully.

Hypno-mom holding newborn baby after healing hypnobabies birthI had always liked the idea of having an unmedicated more “natural” birthing experience. Although, I knew that for me personally, entering my birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor) with an open mind was much more valuable. I knew the benefits and risks for intervention and felt very knowledgeable from my studies. Overall, my main goal was to eliminate fear and take charge of my birth. Hypnobabies helped create just that for me. So, here’s my story!

The birth of my second daughter begins with my final OB checkup at 39 weeks and six days. Sitting in the lobby, anxiously waiting, I felt like I heard a voice telling me to get a cervical exam and my membranes swept. Immediately I pushed that thought right out of my mind! I had been pretty dead set on my birthing time happening spontaneously. Plus, I knew the risks of a sweep and just wasn’t sure. When I finally got in and saw my doctor, he recommended that I do just that…a cervical exam and membrane sweep. Gah! My reaction at first was major hesitation. However, he reasoned that because I qualified for the “Simply Birthing Suite” (a more “home-like” birthing room with a tub) and could only get in between 37-41 weeks, it would be a good idea. I thought for a moment and realized that I was prompted earlier in the lobby to do the exam and sweep. So, I decided to trust this instinct and go with it. When my dilation was checked, I was already 3 cm! As far as the membrane sweep went, I used my Lightswitch technique and Peace cue (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) which helped me remain calm since it was rather intrusive. Hypno-mom holding newborn baby after healing birth

When I got home, I told my husband the news and called my good friend because I was bursting with all sorts of emotions. A little bit later during the day I listened to “Come Out Baby” (Hypnobabies track to encourage birthing time to begin). This was my third day of listening. During the track you are guided to listen to what your baby has to say about when they are ready. This time I had the words “not right now, but later mommy” come into my mind. I took that message to heart, even though it felt vague, and tried to rest and relax. Luckily, my husband was able to be home for the majority of the day to help with our 3-year- old. Later in the afternoon he helped me do a very modified version of the Miles Circuit. After dinner time, my daughter and I went to lay down in my bed and listen to a story.

Around 6:45 pm I felt these two small pops in my lower belly. Confused, I stood up and boom, water trickled out. I went to the toilet and more came out! Ah! My water broke! I was shaking with elation and called my husband into the room. I knew it was go time. We made the decision to call L&D and see what they had to say. With my first, my water broke, and I was told I needed to be induced because of risk for infection. I really didn’t want that to happen again, but I wanted to hear what the nurses thought. Thankfully, they said I could stay at home as long as I’d like. I wasn’t having any waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) yet, so I packed the remaining items in our hospital bag while my husband got my daughter ready for bed.

Hypnobabies mom smiling after healing birthI first listened to “Fear Clearing” (Hypnobabies track to release fear) while laying down while the waves gradually washed in. I walked around our house a ton and bounced on our exercise ball. At 8:15 I started timing the waves. They averaged about a minute long and five minutes apart. My lightswitch technique was super helpful. After about an hour we were on our way to the hospital for our healing birth and said goodbye to my dad who was able to watch over our toddler.

We prayed together before going inside. I think at this point I put on the Hypnobabies Relaxation Music track. I had a couple waves on my way to triage and then was hooked up for continuous monitoring for a bit. I started listening to “Easy First Stage” (Hypnobabies main birthing day track). A nurse checked my dilation and said I was at a four. She wasn’t very encouraging and told me that’s not much progression from this morning. She basically implied that if nothing changed in an hour we’d have to go home. I was not about to let that happen! I asked for a peanut ball and the waves began growing stronger. Admittedly, it was difficult for me to work through them because I was limited with my movement, but I remained in hypnosis, and I think even dozed off a little.

At one point I really needed to pee, so I unplugged the monitor and went to the bathroom. When the nurse came back in, she said they had recorded a “deceleration” in baby, and I needed to be hooked up ANOTHER 30 minutes. I was frustrated and felt trapped in triage but focused on my techniques while listening to my Deeping track. My husband right by my side started using his “Relax” cue (Hypnobabies cue to deepen hypnosis) a lot more frequently because the waves were growing in intensity. I could no longer keep my lightswitch off and remained in center. Hypnobabies mom and newborn

After a little longer the nurse asked if she could check for progression, and I agreed. I made it to 5 and we were on our way to the Simply Birthing Suite, finally! This had to be around 11:30 pm. The waves were intense. I started vocalizing my PEACE cue out loud and my husband still using the “Relax cue” constantly. Nurses needed to place a saline lock and tried one arm, but it didn’t work of course, so they moved to the next. I kept breathing and remained calm. Soon they drew a few vials of blood, and I was free!

I asked to get in the tub right away. Once in the tub, the water felt amazing. However, the layout of the tub was awkward. I felt best leaning forward and couldn’t really do that. Plus, the water was pretty low. I think I managed about 30 min or so in there while listening to “Special Safe Place”. My husband grabbed a few snacks for himself, and I stayed focused. I had to pee again and actually poop! Waves were incredibly strong at this point. I stayed on the toilet for a long time working through them…very, very vocal, not screaming but what I’d like to call “releasing my power” LOUDLY saying “PEEEEAACCCEEE” and I began making some grunting noises and even higher pitched “woo” sounds. All of the sounds came naturally and really helped me. I remained very calm in between the waves and then released a lot out of me during them.

New dad and babyThen came the beloved birthing shakes! I had them with my first as well. And just like a partner in crime, with the shakes came some gnarly nausea. I was back and forth on the toilet and once back on, I started vomiting while shaking hardcore. I intuivitely knew at this point l wanted the epidural because I knew my limits and wanted strength for pushing. I could tell things were progressing quickly. Either before or after I asked for it they checked me again and I was at a 7! I was entering transformation (Hypnobabies term for transition), very excited and very loud. I waited for the anesthesiologist who I was happy to see. It was a bit of a struggle to remain still for him, but I did while leaning on my husband. This was around 1:30 and almost time for my healing birth.

Afterward, the nurse laid me down on the bed and I began to feel it mostly on one side, so they nudged me over to the other side. I kept loudly saying PEACE and visualized it distributing evenly. Eventually, I felt it kick in completely, but I wasn’t totally numb. I could still feel lighter sensations which was nice. I felt a bit more in control, although still shaking a ton. Pressure sensations were then closer to my pelvis, and I knew I needed to push. We called in the nurse who checked and said I was complete. Then all sorts of people trickled into the room and got everything ready.

Once my doctor arrived, I turned on “Pushing Baby Out” (Hypnobabies track for pushing) to have the continuous support from hypnosis. I expressed that I really wanted to try pushing on my side. We did that for a little bit, but eventually I turned to my back because the doctor needed to massage my perineal area to assist baby coming out. I kept breathing and doing my best to push, but baby would just not budge. The doctor told me that the scar tissue from my previous tear was so tight that she was worried I would tear through my labia! She even suggested episiotomy, but I asked that we try pushing a little longer. Even hearing this news, I felt very relaxed during this pushing phase. My husband was very supportive and encouraging, as well as all the nurses and doctor.Toddler and new sibling

Baby girl’s heart rate soon escalated to 190 and I knew that I needed to take the doctor’s recommendation for an episiotomy, which luckily would only be a very small incision. Literally a second after the cut, my sweet baby girl just slipped right out! This was the most surreal, magical moment. I felt pure bliss, and they handed me my baby! Finally! Our union, after nine long months, she was here. On her guess date, in fact!

Gracie Spring was born at 2:43 am on March 27th, 2024 weighing 7 lbs 12 oz. We were able to do immediate skin to skin and after a few minutes, my husband cut the cord. I was on cloud nine! She remained with me for a long time and breastfed well! Both of us were healthy and thriving. This was the healing birth that I deserved and truly manifested through Hypnobabies. Never have I felt so empowered and confident in my abilities as a mother. My birthing experience was exactly the way it needed to be. I trusted in my gut instincts and felt proud to experience the incredible sensations that go into birthing a child! Seriously, I felt like a warrior mama, and love to reflect on this birth often. We were home the next day and the moment my older daughter Sunnie met her little sister Gracie is one I will cherish forever.

Thank you Hypnobabies! Hypnosis has completely changed my quality and outlook on life. The power of positive affirmations and hypnosis is real. I fervently practiced these techniques along with lots of prayer, support from my amazing husband, and my deep trust in God and Jesus Christ. Now, I recommend this program to every pregnant friend I know and plan to practice it again for any future pregnancies.

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